Sunday, November 11, 2018

Netflix Binging

Time for another "what I'm watching on Netflix" post!

I am all caught up on most of the shows I have been watching and mentioned in the past. (Supernatural, The Good Place, Riverdale and Stranger Things) So I decided to give a few other shows I've had in my watchlist a chance.

1. Once Upon a Time
I am completely addicted to this show! In fact, I blew through the first season in less then two weeks. I can't believe it has taken me this long to discover it! It is such a clever twist on fairy tales especially with the way they have brought them into modern times. Hopefully the rest of the seasons are as good as the first season. So far so good on the second season!

2. Haven
Being a Stephen King fan, especially of his earlier work, I decided to give this show a chance. It's loosely (very loosely) based on one of his novels called The Colorado Kid. In fact, it really doesn't have a lot to do with it. But there are a few fun references to some of his other work, which I like.

I wasn't too sure about this show at first. It kind of comes across as one of those cheesy made for tv movie series that doesn't always have the best special effects. It is growing on me though, mainly due to the mystery aspect. Every time I think I have things figured out, another twist is revealed. And I am really starting to like Audrey and Nathan, but the jury is still out on Duke. Something about him just bothers me.

3. Sabrina
Ok, not 100% sure I am going to stick with this show, but thought I'd give it more of a chance since I'm only one episode in. It's kind of a mix of Supernatural meets Riverdale. And as I look at the photo posted and see at the top "from the Executive Producers of Riverdale" I can see why (lol). This is another one of those CW teen type shows that I didn't think I would ever watch. But after finishing two seasons of Riverdale and being able to look past some of the unrealistic annoyances, I may be able to do that with this show. Time will tell. The only thing I'm kind of uncomfortable with is they pretty much associate witchcraft with satanism, and I'm pretty sure that is not the case.

4. Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee
I've always kind of loved Jerry Seinfeld. He definitely has a carefree attitude that I sometimes wish I could emulate. I like this show because it is a unique concept. But it's kind of hit or miss for me depending on the comedian he has on that episode. And frankly, some of the shows fall flat because Jerry and his guest don't have good rapport. It's still a fun watch for me though.

5. Norm Macdonald Has a Show
Another favorite comedian of mine has his own show on Netflix. I thought it was pretty funny in a typical Norm style. Definitely not for children! Most of his guests were great and I learned some interesting facts about a lot of them! I flew through Season One without even realizing it in less than a week. I guess I can actually add this show to my "all caught up list" because it's only one season so far. But since it's new, I thought I would mention it here.

For the record, I must add that I am not a lay around Netflix binger. I mostly watch these shows while I am cooking dinner, cleaning up the kitchen, folding laundry or working out on one of the cardio machines at the YMCA. If it's a quiet day at home, I might watch an episode in the afternoon before school pick ups. But otherwise I like to stay a little active during my TV time.

So between Once Upon a Time, Haven and Sabrina, I have plenty of episodes to keep me busy for a while. Now my husband and I just need to find another good show to watch together. We just finished Sense8, but are having a hard time settling on the next one. Any suggestions? :)

Thursday, October 18, 2018

21st Wedding Anniversary!

Wow! It's been a while since I posted! It's also kind of hard to believe our wedding day was 21 years ago, lol. There are times when it really does feel as if I can't remember the time before I met Mike. We've actually known each other for over 27 years.

One of the biggest questions I get asked pretty frequently now that we have hit the 20 year mark of marriage, is how do you do it? It seems as if so many marriages are ending in divorce, how do you stay together?

Well...I feel at this point I could almost write a book on the subject. Of course I won't do that here. :)
I will say though that I feel there are a few big reasons why our marriage works.

1. We went into our marriage not even considering divorce as an option. From day one we promised that we would never just give up. Now I know that can be easier said than done if I'm going to be honest. I mean I guess no one really marries thinking that divorce will be in their future. In fact, when a marriage is just beginning, everything is exciting and new. There is no way to know what life is going to throw at you though. Just no way. Both of us have grown and changed in different ways over the years, but I think we've tried to stay connected through it all. I will admit we have definitely had some tough times which I believe all marriages endure. Sometimes the connection just wasn't there between us. But ultimately in the backs of our minds, I think there has always been that promise that no matter how tough it is, we can work it out.
Even though we have weathered a few big storms together, I am just grateful we love each other enough to realize that what we have endured has never been so bad it justified being apart for good.

2. Good communication is very important! It is so easy to assume your spouse means something completely different then his or her intention. If you are not careful, this has the potential to create all types of problems. These days, I am more willing to ask questions and clear the air if there is a problem or misunderstanding. I think it's better to just ask "what's up" or share how I'm feeling rather than keep it inside. We made a promise a few years back that we would be completely honest and say how we feel in a kind way no matter what, and I think it makes a huge difference. It may not always be easy, but honesty is such a big component of trust. And trust is key in a marriage.

3. There is a difference between real love and infatuation (or "falling in love") That feeling of infatuation or attraction is what draws people together and gets the ball rolling. But I believe real love is so much more than that. When you really love someone, you want the best for them. When you really love someone, it's all about loving in the good times and not so good times. It's so easy to be attracted to someone when things are on the surface and you are just learning about each other and on your best behavior. But to me real love is accepting someone for all their amazing qualities as well as their flaws. I do believe marriages can be very romantic and you can still have that "butterflies in your stomach" feeling for your spouse. I know I still get them :). But life is not always going to be easy. I think a true test of love is how well you work together when it's not so romantic.
4. If you have kids, it's ok to have date nights and go on trips without them! We love spending time with our kids, but one of the absolute best lessons we have taken to heart is that it is ok to have time together just the two of us. My husband's work and travel schedule is crazy. In fact, it can downright suck sometimes. So we know how important it is to find time to connect. We like to go out to dinner at least once a month just the two of us. When he is in town during a weekday, we try to have lunch or movie dates. In addition, I just can't tell you enough how great we are together when it's the two of us traveling. Eleven days in Europe nonstop last summer, made me realize how much I just really still enjoy hanging out with my husband! I know we are better parents for it, too.

5. The marriage wall is crucial. We both have friends and acquaintances of the opposite sex, and I think that is just fine as long as they are "friends" of our marriage. I also believe it is important to keep up what I have always called the marriage wall. It's the place that only the two of us share and nobody else is getting in! We are extra careful to keep other relationships outside of our own to people we can trust to be respectful of our marriage.

6. To be married, a sense of humor helps! I love being with someone who makes me laugh and that I hope I make laugh, too. I know I've mentioned in the past that I have struggled a bit with depression and anxiety. It's not always easy for either of us. But I remember having a really off day once and my husband, knowing my love of the tv show Supernatural and who is not threatened by my non-romantic love of Dean, sent me a few gifs to cheer me up...

You have to love it when your husband can make you smile on a particularly bad day. We have had a lot of good times over the years, and it helps to know I have him to turn to when I'm having a not so great day.

7. We are a team. I really do try to think of us as a team, and that we are in this marriage together. We are not always going to agree on everything. But ultimately this is where communication becomes important again. We do our best when we can talk to each other face to face, and really listen to each other. And don't get me started on how important it is to present a united front to your children. 100% true!
 (Yes, we love to dress up in costumes for Halloween together!)

8. We have things we love in common. It is totally ok to have different interests, hobbies, friends  and even personalities. I think it's good for a marriage to kind of have your own thing. But it really helps to find areas where you can connect. We both love listening to music and going to concerts. We love watching favorite tv shows together. We both love traveling together to new places. These are some great ways we can connect and enjoy each others company. I think if we didn't have any common interests it would be a lot harder. Not impossible, but definitely harder.

I will say though I try to take interest in my husband's love of cycling. I ask him tons of questions, read up on it myself, and totally supported him when he biked up a mountain back in June (which needs to be a whole other post I hope!) Even though I'm not much of a cyclist myself, we did go on a bike ride together in Amsterdam because I knew it was something he would enjoy. I am so sloooooow. LOL But it was an experience I wouldn't have missed for anything in the world!

Wrap up - I know there are times when staying in a marriage is just not an option. Maybe there are safety issues or a multitude of other problems that could make it just too damn hard.
That's why I'm so grateful we haven't faced anything like that. I hope and pray we never do.
But for now, we are living our life the best we know how together. Which makes me super grateful for where we are now and the past 21 years!

Would love to hear any tips you have for a successful marriage! I am always willing to learn :)

Monday, May 7, 2018

U2 - St. Louis - May 4, 2018

Whenever U2 comes to town, we always try to get General Admission tickets. The only show we did not have them for was back in 1997 right after my husband and I were married, when the band was here on their POP tour. But they didn't even have GA for that show, and it was just reserved seats on the floor.

After they had to cancel the Joshua Tree show scheduled here last September, I was sure that was it for U2 coming back to St. Louis for awhile if ever. But surprisingly we found out that St. Louis was going to be the second stop on their new tour. We were so happy to get another chance to see them here!

The morning of the concert (May 4, 2018), my husband, son and I arrived down at the venue around 4:30 am to get our General Admission line numbers. We were still pretty high up at 194-196 considering how early we made it down there. It was the earliest we had ever arrived for GA and the highest for numbers ironically. They told us to go home and come back at 7am when they would line us up again for new numbers. If you weren't back at that time you lost your spot and those behind you could move up.

When we came back we were given new numbers and made it to 163-165 for the three of us. Still pretty good though because the stage set up had plenty of room to be close to a rail. Once again they told us we could go home but had to be back by 2pm to get our bracelets. So thankfully we didn't have to hang out in line all day as we've had to in the past. We actually had a few much needed opportunities to go home and rest.

After 2pm we decided to just stay in line and were finally let in sometime between 5:30 and 6pm. We started to go for one of the open side rails next to the long catwalk part of the stage...
but at the last minute we decided to risk it and headed toward the main stage area by where the Edge usually stands. Luckily, there were spots!

And then the hardest part of all. Waiting for them to come onstage. It always seems to take forever!

There is nothing to really describe the feeling when they finally arrive and you realize that they are standing right there in front of you :)
They played The Blackout on the catwalk, but then they came back to the main stage for the next eight songs (Lights of Home, Beautiful Day, I Will Follow, New Year's Day, All Because of You, The Ocean, Iris, and Cedarwood Road) with Bono moving down the catwalk and back for part of Beautiful Day and I think Cedarwood Road.
Sunday Bloody Sunday had the whole band back on the catwalk. And then Adam and Larry returned to the main stage while Edge and Bono stayed on the Catwalk for Until the End of the World. Always a favorite for us.

They had a really cool (to me) Intermission with a cartoon type story on the screen that played along to a recording of Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me from the Batman soundtrack.

After the Intermission, they went down to the little round stage on the opposite end of the catwalk for Elevation, Vertigo, Desire, and Acrobat (which was a song Mike and I, as well as a ton of other U2 fans, have been wanting to hear live for years!) Next they played a stripped down version of You're the Best Thing About Me, and I really hope they record and release it because I loved it!
Edge and Bono stayed down that way doing an acoustic version of Staring at the Sun while Larry and Adam once again came back towards the main stage for a little break.
Then we had Pride, Get Out of Your Own Way, American Soul, and City of Blinding Lights with the whole band back at the main stage.

For their encore we heard One, Love is Bigger Than Anything in it's Way, and 13 (There is a Light). I'll speak more about the what Bono said before they played One in a little bit. But I just have to say, that Love is Bigger was one of my favorites of the night. Bono was on our side a lot during that song and really connecting with the crowd there. And 13 (There is a Light) was the perfect end for me.

It was an amazing show in so many ways, but not without it's flaws. I didn't expect perfection, because it was only the second stop on a new tour for them. There were lyric slip ups (Bono during Acrobat). And Bono even said something like "let's try that again" during one song (I can't remember which one now) that had a little bit of a rough start. There was some sound distortion and a few technical issues at times. But I don't mind that type of stuff. It makes them more human to me :) And really the first few shows of a new tour never go smoothly. That's why we usually wait till later in the tours to go, but there was no way we were going to miss St. Louis.

I could also see though how much more concentration and focus Edge and Adam seemed to need when a show is newer as opposed to how more relaxed and engaging and in tune with the audience they become as a tour progresses and it all becomes second nature.
He had his eyes closed a lot during the concert this time around.

This was 2011 here in St. Louis, but on the third leg of the tour when they had already been in North America once. Then over in Europe, South America and Mexico for the second leg of the tour and back here to North America. So lots of practice. And he was definitely all smiles with eyes wide open a lot back then. But I am NOT complaining. I love being that close to them and watching them play no matter when the concert is taking place!
 And he really does have a lot of guitars. A new one came out for practically every song!

When it comes down to it, I thought it was a great show (mistakes and all). A lot of people were disappointed that they didn't play any songs from the Joshua Tree album. And I totally get why they felt that way. It's the album that put U2 on the map over here and many people have a huge connection to the band through it. But they just finished a whole tour dedicated to the Joshua Tree! And while St. Louis technically lost out seeing it when the show was cancelled, this is a completely different tour and I'm just glad they came back here. Bono definitely mentioned it more than once that they were happy to return and apologized for the wait.
As for politics, Bono definitely had a lot to say. And the message is one I get behind 100%. I neither consider myself Republican or Democrat, but more Independent in my political views. Somewhere right down the middle. Before they played "One", Bono spoke out:

"You can only solve these problems if you reach out to the people who you don't normally want to sit across from. So, forget the White House, left and right. Working together: That's what we learned in the One Campaign. We can work together, whatever it is: budgets, gun violence health care - it won't be solved by half the country that's for sure. And you can disagree on almost everything if the one thing you agree on is important enough. Choose what that is."

This. I'm so tired of left and right and so little compromise or meeting in the middle. People can complain what does it matter to Bono, he doesn't even live here. But it does matter. He has always professed a love for America and the idea of America. That is why Joshua Tree was even made. And right now America is a mess. And it doesn't just affect us, but other countries as well. Anyway, I'll leave it alone for now, but it was a very meaningful moment for me as someone who is just frustrated about how hurtful and selfish so many seem these days. Especially those in power.

I'll leave you with a photo of Adam Clayton because I think he is just about the coolest bass player ever!

And Larry who I have a new appreciation for now that my son plays the drums. The look on Evan's face as he watched Larry play was priceless. So he had me watching and all I could think was so amazing. To think where they came from to where they are now.

Would really love to be able to see them again on this tour - when it's a little more polished and they are a little more relaxed. Not sure it will happen since there aren't many shows left over here, but I've learned to never say never when it comes to U2. I think the next time though we would probably sit in regular seats just to take in everything. I know there is quite a bit we missed when they played at the other end, and that big screen just does not have the same effect when you are so close.

I have to say, their show here back in 2011 for the 360 tour still remains my favorite one ever. As much as I appreciated this concert for what it was, and I will never, ever take for granted any opportunity to see my favorite band up close, it's hard to top that 2011 one for me. Although I think the original Joshua Tree tour that came here is a close second along with when we saw them in Dublin, Ireland in 2009! :)

Have you ever seen U2 live? (Julie, I know you have lucky girl! lol)
What is your favorite all time concert?

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

What's On TV

We recently decided to cancel our cable tv because we realized we weren't really watching it very much. I do still like shows such as The Voice and So You Think You Can Dance. And my husband and I would often watch HGTV shows together when he was home. But it seemed as if the tv shows and movies on Netflix, Amazon Prime and Apple TV were taking over.

In January of 2016, my son talked me into watching
I remember thinking the first episode was kind of cheesy. But then the more I watched it, the more addicted I became! I finally finished watching all 12 seasons that were on Netflix in August of 2017, because my son and I were hoping to actually watch Season 13 together in real time. But this was around the time we cancelled cable and trying to watch it on the CW app was just too painful. You can't skip the commercials and had to watch the episodes within a certain time frame or they expired. So we decided to just wait and watch the new season when it comes on Netflix hopefully in May or June.

After I finished Season 12 of SPN, I was looking for a new show to watch.
And I discovered Kimmy on Netflix. Oh how I love Kimmy! Such a funny show and the characters are all so over the top, but I think they are hilarious. I am not so patiently hoping and waiting for a Season 4 to come out soon.

So while waiting for Season 4 of Kimmy Schmidt, I stumbled across...
also on Netflix. I started watching by myself, but then got my husband hooked on it too! We are always quoting certain parts from it. (what the fork!) And I think Ted Danson and Kristen Bell are simply perfect. This is another show we are not so patiently waiting for the next season to finally be added to Netflix.

Then Mike talked me into watching...
on Amazon Prime. He saw the first two seasons on his own and liked it so much he re watched them with me, so we could watch season three together. It is a little (well the best word I can think of is) raunchy at times, but that doesn't really bother us. It could be a little much for some people though. All I know is that we laughed a lot in some parts and it became another show we quote from quite a bit. Season three ended in a definite cliffhanger, so we are pretty sure there will be another one. Keeping our fingers crossed!

The next one he convinced me to watch was...
and it's another Netflix show that's a little out there. It started off one way, and I remember asking him do I really want to watch this? But then it did kind of a 180 and I became hooked and really liked the kids. It wasn't what I expected at all. Not for the faint of heart though.

One of our absolute favorite shows on Netflix that we watched together was...
which I know is pretty popular. We binge watched this together in a weekend when the second season came out close to Halloween. The only problem at first was that my husband leaves to go out of town on Sunday nights, and we ran out of time when we only had 30 minutes left in the last episode! Crazy bad planning on our part. But we got creative and when he arrived at his destination, we watched it together as we used FaceTime on our iphones! So we did get to finish it together after all.

I decided after all these other shows, I needed a new one to binge watch on my own while we wait for new seasons to come out.
And I am embarrassed to admit, after saying I never ever would, I started watching...
Yes, I did. The entire first season that is available on Netflix. It is so over the top dramatic and unrealistic in a typical CW "teen" type show. Although I have to say, I don't know very many teens who act and dress the way these characters do. Definitely not your typical Archie comic story lines. But I of course got hooked on the mystery in season one, and had to finish it out. I think Jughead is about the only character I actually like, and was totally surprised to find out he played Adam Sandler's son in Big Daddy, and one of the twins on that Disney show "The Suite Life of Zach and Cody". Anyway, I may give season two a chance, just to see where it goes.

And now I am looking for a new show. One for myself and one for the husband and I to watch together.
I tried Mad Men - and while I like the style and design of that era, it makes me glad I don't exist as a woman in that place and time. I don't think I will be keeping that one on my list.

Shows I am considering are: (and facebook friends please give me your opinion in my post over there!)

Under the Dome
The Royals
Santa Clarita Diet
Hemlock Grove
Van Helsing

So what do you think?

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

OLW - Self Care in March

Before moving on to my goal for March, I just have to say that February really and truly went by so fast that it feels as if I didn't have as much time to focus on my Self Care goal as I did for exercise in January! But I still felt that I was successful.

I talked Here about my goal for February and the Vision board assignment we were given in Ali Edward's One Little Word class. I am in the process of working on my "vision board" page which I am going to just place in my album when completed. And I will hopefully have February pages to share soon.

As for my goal of nurturing and building up my relationships, I feel that having this goal definitely helped me be more mindful of how I responded to friends and family that I am close to. I reached out to several people by email and text just to reconnect. I tried to really engage in my family's interests like my husband's biking, son's drumming and my daughter's love for pets. But one of my favorite things was actually following through and creating a Self Care basket for one of my best friends on her birthday!
I mentioned in the post I linked above, that I had seen this idea on Pinterest. And it was so much fun putting this basket together for her. She totally loved it! And I was so happy to be able to focus on her and thank her for being such a great friend. I plan on doing more of these as the year progresses.
And my January goal is still something I strive for. Exercising at least once a day! Favorites are still Body Pump class, Yoga, and...
the Elliptical at the gym. I have been trying to do an hour workout at least twice a week.

As for March, in the OLW class, Ali asked everyone to commit to doing one act every day during the month. My goal for March was originally focused on more clean eating. But I have decided my daily act will be part of that goal, and I will also be keeping a food log every day except Sunday. That is my day off.
I am using the My Fitness Pal app on my phone, so it's pretty easy and convenient. I really want to be more mindful about what I am actually eating this month. I have pretty much eliminated processed sugar and am drinking zero soda or other sugary beverages. I mostly drink plain or fruit infused water and tea. But it's still pretty eye opening to realize that some meals aren't as clean as I thought.

So by the end of March, I hope to have a pretty good idea of what my food patterns are like and what changes still need to be made. I have also been trying out more recipes that are compliant with Whole 30 
Like this one...
Breakfast Salad. My husband and I both liked it quite a bit.
I'm looking forward to trying a few more Whole 30 recipes and have some pinned Here.

It feels pretty good to be taking care of myself! :)

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

OLW 2018 - January Completed

I didn't do a lot for my January title page, and in fact I may redo the card at the bottom because I'm not 100% happy with it. I just used some foam dimensional letters and two embellishments. Photo is from when I was wearing a fun pair of exercise pants my husband gave me for Christmas to class. And this was such a great goal for me this month. I really did follow through and only missed two days when I was sick!

I like to have different sized page protectors in my albums, and I don't know if you can tell but the purple water bottle protector is a small 4x6 size holding the 4x4 photo and two small cards at the bottom. You can see another page peeking out behind there.

Here is a closer look at the page on the left. Body Pump class was huge for me in January! In fact, my YMCA membership where I take the class is probably one of the best things I could have done for myself exercise wise. It's one of my favorite places to go these days.
Yoga was also big for me in January! I love yoga all year round, but every January I join in the annual Yoga with Adriene 30 days of yoga challenges. This year it was the 30 Day True Journey.
And here is a closer look at the page on the right. I used a screenshot of one of the workouts and then a self timer photo of myself. Yoga in pj's is now one of my favorite ways to do yoga in the evenings. There were a few nights that it really helped me relax before bed and ended the day just right.
Then I decided to add a monthly reflections page about how my goal went, which I plan on doing each month. As far as exercise, I am still doing pretty well in February. Of course not as many workouts as in January because I was doubling up a lot of days back then just to see if I could. But instead of letting exercise slide if I am too tired, I usually make the choice now to follow through. It has definitely become more of a priority and I really can't seem to let a day pass without some form of exercise. It just doesn't feel right! So I would consider my January goal a huge success!

I'm getting ready to start my pages to document my goal and progress for February, so I will have those to share soon hopefully.

Monday, February 19, 2018

Around Here

Listening  to lots of good music on Spotify and some of my favorite Podcasts

Starting a new to me tv series on Netflix
Only one episode down so the jury is still out. But I am liking it so far.
My husband and I usually watch one or two series together and we are into this one right now...
So weird in so many ways, but it's kind of got us hooked wanting to see what happens next.

Exercising at least six days a week and giving myself the option of one day off if I feel I need the break.
Just finished the Yoga with Adriene...
It was amazing and I made so much progress throughout this series! I highly recommend her yoga channel on YouTube.

lots of Hint water. No affiliate links here. I just like to share what I love, and I really do love this water. It's a little pricey, but so good and natural. It's been a great substitute for soda. You can find it at Target, too a little cheaper and on sale sometimes. But normally I just order directly from their site.

Working a little bit more than usual as a substitute teacher at a more regular position. It's a challenge for sure. I have to say that I am in awe of women who work full time. During the weeks I work 4+ days, I am still trying to find a nice balance of working outside of the home and then actually getting things done around the house. I like to have those two or three days off during the week to clean house, run errands and just stay caught up. But oh how I love being back in a classroom again! And I also love that Pinterest is a huge help with lessons.

Last week we were studying Adverbs and it just wasn't clicking. The book we are working out of isn't that great. And on top of that, it's really not the easiest concept for second graders to grasp. But I found this idea on Pinterest...

and they loved it! Anna Adverb was a great supplement to our lesson. So Pinterest for the win!

Wearing these shoes...
my black Palisades slip on sneakers by Roxy. They are so comfortable and remind me of our trip to London this past summer. Definitely love them!

Thinking I can't be the only person on Instagram with two accounts who forgets to switch over before posting. I can name at least four times in the past week or so when I posted a photo to my public account instead of the private family one. At least I caught my mistake pretty quickly each time, but I need to be more mindful of which account I am on before posting. It's kind of like accidentally sending a text meant for someone else to the last person you were texting with. I do that more frequently than I would like as well. Thankfully, it's never been anything too crazy.

And finally...
Feeling sad and shocked at yet another school shooting, this time in Florida. But also feeling angry at how some people continue to come up with the worst solutions possible to the problem. One I keep reading about is the need to arm teachers and support staff in the schools. Worst idea ever and one that avoids the real issue. This should not be the norm. We should not be turning this into something that is just accepted as reality for this day and age. Something needs to be done to prevent this from happening ever again. And arming people who are not comfortable with weapons is a huge mistake. I'm not going to go into the politics of it all right now. At some point I may get on my soapbox and make a lengthy post on my position. But for now, I am encouraged to see students and young adults finally taking a stand and telling our government, this is NOT ok. And I will be watching closely and paying attention to which of our congressmen and women actually work towards making the changes necessary to move us in the right direction. And I will be very active in contacting my senators and state reps. I promise you that.