Friday, October 1, 2010

Layouts and Cards

So I actually have been making scrapbook layouts here and there. The following layouts were made in September using the first sketch from an on-line class I took by Kelly Purkey. I love her sketches and the class was three weeks long with 12 sketches total. A handout to be downloaded was sent by email on monday, wednesday and friday of each week. Included in each handout was the original sketch and three takes on it by Kelly and two other scrapbookers from Studio Calico kit club.
I really like on-line classes because you can usually move at your own pace and Kelly's are always great!
My first layout, Fly Girl, was inspired by the original sketch but I kind of made it my own. It tells the story of how I originally at one point wanted to be an astronaut but became a teacher instead. I think it will be fun for my kids to read some day. And I have a feeling Mike doesn't know that story either. I really don't talk about it that much. :0) This layout will go in an 8 1/2 x 11 album I started that has stories about me I want to share with the kids.

This layout is a scraplift on Stephanie Howell's take of the same sketch. I think it's interesting how the same sketch was used but in my opinion both layouts look completely different.

Layout number three started out to be a scraplift of Stephanie Wheeler's version of the sketch, but then I kind of changed it up quite a bit because my photos were so much bigger. So it's more my design then hers :0) But again a completely different look all from one sketch! It was pretty cool to get three layouts done so quickly, well if you can call a week quickly. But for me that's quick these days! I feel like I accomplished a lot with three completely different topics, too! But all photos from the month of June.

And lastly, I've been working on cards. Lots of cards. Like the one you see above. I actually went ahead and opened a small Etsy shop you can see here
Nothing earth shattering. Just some simple cards that I like to make. But I can tell it's going to take a little time and promotion. I hate taking photos of projects. Which is why I haven't been putting many if any pictures of layouts in the scrapbook galleries lately. Just here. But if I don't take photos of the cards and post them, they won't sell. Which is what I need to go do since I've only posted five so far :0) We'll see.
Anyway, that is all that has been going on with scrapping these days.
But I hope to post some more layouts soon as I get ready to work on another layout from the sketch class and take a little break from cards!