Friday, March 25, 2011

Ireland Calling

I can't believe it will be two years in July since Mike and I went to Ireland.
I find myself thinking about that trip a lot. Especially on days like this.When the weather is so yucky.
And I feel completely overwhelmed by to do lists.

I think there is something almost magical about Ireland at times.
Where I just can't quite get it out of my mind.
I personally found it so peaceful and beautiful there in places.
I loved all the walking we were able to do in Dublin.
I loved the countryside.
And how old places were.
I loved all the rainbows we really did see :)
And how friendly the people were.

I hope to be able to take the kids there someday.
And if not with us.
I at least hope they can make a trip on their own.
I have lots of photos sitting here from our trip that I want to scrapbook so badly.
But I'm afraid I won't do them justice :)
I've done a few layouts already.
But those were personal ones.
About my thoughts and feelings on the trip and will go in an album I am creating just for me.
But I do want to put together another album for Mike and I to share.

We'll see.
But for now. Let me just say that I miss Ireland.


  1. I would love to go there! I bet it was an amazing trip!

  2. Beautiful photo!! Is that a faint rainbow? Ireland looks so pretty - I'd love to visit.

  3. I think that you should sign up for Kelly Purkey's sketchbook 3, and get those ireland pictures scrapped. I had been holding onto really old pictures from Italy, and got a bunch of them scrapped when I took Sketchbook 2.

  4. Beautiful picture!!
    Hope you and your family will get to go back soon!

  5. The trip sounded magical. I feel that way about our trip to New York. I imagined myself living there :)

  6. Oh it looks fabulous!!!! No wonder you long for Ireland!