Monday, May 2, 2011

My first design team project for May is up over on the Scrapgal blog.
This month I created a mini-album using the canvas album from Maya Road.

I only used two pieces for the covers and then created my own pages for the inside.The canvas material made me think of the fun fabric paper from the American Crafts Dear Lizzy line that has clothes hanging on a tree. I cut part of it out to use for a cover on my "Sweet Baby Fashions" mini.
Two of the dresses on the cover are chipboard from the same line. Each page of the album is dedicated to a favorite outfit Erin wore when she was a baby. I embellished the album with a variety of fun pieces to coordinate - like buttons,  journal spots butterflies, bling and flowers because many of the outfits had flower designs :) Here are the pages...

Thanks for looking!

And I can't ignore the big news in our country and around the world today. This is a note I put up on Facebook.

"I am kind of in shock over the news that Bin Laden is dead. What he planned for our country was a terrible thing and so hateful. A tragedy that many families are still suffering for. Whether they lost loved ones on a plane or building that day or were in the military and have lost their life since. And seeing people cheering on tv that he is dead makes me feel sad in a way. I think it sends a message to other parts of the world. A message similar to the one that made me heartsick when 9/11 happened when there were parades and people throwing candy in the streets celebrating the deaths of so many Americans. I know he is only one man who is responsible for an unspeakable evil. And I know we lost thousands of lives on 9/11. And I'm truly not sorry he is gone. But like said I think we have to be careful what kind of message we are sending to the rest of the world."

I just want to say that I 100% support our military and the families who lost loved ones. I think this tragedy has had a resounding impact on our country and did more damage than a lot of people realize. Especially with our economy the way it is right now. I'm also hoping that maybe this will give Americans a little hope. But not in a vengeful, hateful way. Peace to all.


  1. oh, its precious and beautiful. congrats on the design team! Ditto on the military.

  2. I love your mini!

  3. What a great mini album!! I love it!

  4. fantastic mini! I love the canvas.

  5. Loving the mini!! And I had the same thoughts when watching the coverage last night.