Monday, July 11, 2011


So I don't like to post on-line about trips to much before we are going out of town, but this past week we were in Chicago visiting family and of course seeing U2 :-)
Evan went with us again and this time we were in the RED ZONE! A fabulous place to be if you are going to see U2 this tour. It's auction based and the area is sectioned off on each side of the outer stage. There is a smaller crowd in there then the general admission areas, so that was nice as well. We were in the RED ZONE in Ireland as well back in 2009 and loved it! We got there early so as you can see by the above photo, we got an excellent spot by the rail on Adam's side. That silver platform behind Mike and Evan there is the outer stage!!

Evan and I posing for the camera!

And Evan alone while we were waiting for Mike to come back from the car. The lens he originally had on the DSLR camera was to big. So they made him take it back. But they let him in with the smaller lens thank goodness :)

Bono coming towards us at one point...

and pausing to look down right at us (faint)! Seriously, he is right there!! :)

And Adam put on quite a show for our side. It was AMAZING! :)

Evan thought so, too! He couldn't believe how close they were. And I have to admit, since I have been this close several times, I think I spent more time watching Evan's reaction than the actual stage :) I will also say that once you have been this close, it's kind of hard to be farther back. 
And how fun was it that a crew member gave Evan and another little boy down further from us an official band set list! That is getting framed along with some photos and our tickets!

A shot of the big screen and the main stage.

I have to say U2 fans are incredible! Everyone on our side was so friendly! Especially to Evan. When he started to crash a bit not to long before the band came on, I went and sat with him at some seats set up at the back of the zone area. But right before the band came on, he jumped up and ran back to the railing. Everyone in our area was cheering for him!
We also spent some time chatting with two sisters who were behind us. One was eight months pregnant, but she handled it so well. I think I would have been fainting with the crowd, the heat at the beginning and just standing so long being eight months pregnant.
I know. I did it back when I was pregnant with Evan, but we had seats then thank goodness. I think that is the first time I ever sat through half of a U2 show :)
Anyway, great night and great concert as usual! One we won't be forgetting any time soon :)


  1. Awesome! Did you see this?

  2. WOW! That is seriously close! How cool!!!

  3. FUN!! I have always wanted to see U2 in concert! I bet it was amazing.

  4. Wow! You lucky stiff! That's awesome!

  5. MJ, glad you had a great time and Evan too!
    Love Bono he is so awesome and so talented along with the rest of the U2 group!!
    Awesome pictures!!

  6. Those are great photos - neat that you are sharing the experience with Evan :)

  7. woaw.......thats AWESOME!!! Would love to see U2. You snapped some terrific photos.