Tuesday, September 6, 2011

This Little Girl...

was scheduled for a minor out patient surgery on her foot today. For a splinter that she got back in February!
It was the oddest thing. She got it on the top of her right foot. Such an unusual place for a splinter. Took her to the doctor because it looked awful and he tried to remove it.
Couldn't get it all out and sent us to the E.R. After exams by several doctors??? and an x-ray, they deemed it to small to remove it. Generally that is a good diagnosis. Just let it dissolve on it's own. It really was tiny what was left.
But a few months went by and it wasn't going away. In fact a bump started forming on her foot where the splinter was tucked away.
So another trip to the doctor for a dose of antibiotics and more foot soaks.
In July, the doctor finally said it had to come out.
So we have been trying since July to get a surgery scheduled. And her foot actually looks much better, but she was supposed to go in today. And then she got a cold two days ago.
Surgery cancelled!
I can't say I'm to upset. A little relieved actually because I am going to have another surgeon there look at it, since the one that was supposed to do the surgery is gone for a month now.
And if it's still deemed necessary to have it removed, then we will.
But I'm hoping that maybe it's not necessary now.
I guess we'll find out next week.
And Erin is happy now to say the least :)
But what a roller coaster ride it has been the past few days here emotionally!

If you have ever had a child need surgery, some reassuring words of wisdom would be great! :)


  1. poor little thing! hopefully she wont need it now!

  2. Bless her heart! We haven't had any surgeries here, but Abie broke her arm in May, at recess, and through the whole process she's been a trooper. Our kids are so resilient, more so than we are :) she will be GREAT, with or without the surgery!

  3. oh…your sweet little one having to go through something this traumatic. I can imagine your feelings of worry and relief. the one that I know is that kids tend to move on from injuries than adults do:) she'll do really well and with you there reassuring her…she'll be just fine. take care!!

  4. Poor sweet girl! My son had tubes and his adenoids removed, and the surgery was much more stressful for me than it was for him. They are resilient and bounce back so quickly!

  5. My 2 y.o. nephew had his tonsils out and tubes put in his ears a month ago and he did great! We were all so worried, but he bounced back in no time. I know it is still so hard to see your little one go through all of this. Praying that surgery is not necessary! (((HUGS)))

  6. Oh no! I haven't had a child have surgery, but I will say that my son had a thorn go into his foot and we thought it all came out. However, it didn't and five months later it was bothering him again. We began soaking several times a day in epsom salts and it ultimately came out itself. I wonder if that could help Erin?

  7. Oh my she is a little sweet heart.
    My daughter had to have surgery on her wrist, but it was emergency surgery, so I didn't get a chance to think about it to much.

    Hopefully the sliver has or will come out itself before she goes in.
    Breaks my heart to think of her going in for surgery :(

  8. Surgeries are definitely much more life altering for parents than the kiddos. My youngest had a pin put in her arm 3 years ago and I was beside myself, but she came out of it very well. Hugs to you and your little one mama!

  9. Thanks, Everyone!
    I feel very reassured and hopeful that it's not necessary anymore. Maybe that's why it was ultimately cancelled :)

  10. Hi Mary Jo,
    When Sophie was in Kindergarten she had to have her herniated belly button operated on. That was a major ordeal. She had to be put under general anathestic. When she woke up she was extremely upset, itchy, and cranky.

    I am thinking of you.


  11. I really hope she just doesn't need it anymore - anytime our kids get worked on we naturally go into panic mode no matter how simple the procedure! I would definatley look at it as a blessing in disguise and we will pray that she wont need it later!:)