Friday, November 11, 2011

Laundry Room Sign

Each of the little houses we decorated for the blog hop came with a different shaped chipboard mini-album. Mine reminded me a little of a picket fence. And with the Maya Road laundry chipboard I had received, I pictured a clothesline hanging in a backyard. :) So I began assembling a sign to hang in my laundry room.
The first step was to attach each piece to a piece of leftover chipboard backing that had come in my package to keep my patterned paper from bending. I actually didn't end up using every piece from the mini-album. It comes with six but that felt to long to me. Five seemed just right!
I then cut around the sign to remove the excess chipboard.
I covered it in Basic Grey Nook and Pantry Beaters paper because I like the blue sky color.
Here is a better look at the blue color in the paper, because it didn't look right in the other photo.

After covering each piece of chipboard in a different piece of patterned paper from the Basic Grey Nook and Pantry line, I began assembling my sign. Lots of fun to put together and it became a family project!
My four year old daughter wanted to play along :) Here is her version of a sign "just like mommy's"!
If you have any questions feel free to ask in the comments section. :)


  1. oh this is just too cute! i love the idea1

  2. That is so cool! Great job! And your daughter's sign is equally cute! :-)

  3. This sign is so cute! I love it!!

  4. ohhh i love your sign!!!!
    and also love your daughters~!!!!

  5. this is adorable...and i LOVE that your daughter wanted to make her own sign. precious!

  6. How cute! I love that your daughter contributed also ;)

  7. A girl after my own heart! Love that your daughter got in on the action! Your project rocks! Thanks for sharing! It turned out great! Happy 11/11/11!!! -Amanda

  8. This is really very cute! Perfect for a laundry room!

  9. Why do I think I have seen this?
    Love how you thought out of the box with this and made a sign for your laundry room.
    And your daughters' is so adorable.

    As for your distress ink. I mostly use mine for distressing my papers edges, but you can also change the colour of your whole paper if it isn't the right shade. Or I colour my paper to give it a vintage look.
    But I am going to try my hand at making my own background papers with it :)