Monday, February 6, 2012


being a parent is not always easy. Especially when it comes under the category of "doing it for their own good"
After Evan left this morning, I came into the kitchen to find this

Yep, that is his lunch bag.
And why don't I just run it up to school for him you ask?
Because it is a goal that he is working on, and truthfully been doing a great job at it!
Part of his issues with ADHD have been executive functioning issues. Organization, remembering to turn in assignments, etc... He has come a long way because it has been the big goal for this school year.
But occasionally there is a forgotten item. Or something that needs organizing :)
He is given one chance for me to bring lunch up to him at school for the school year.
After that, it is a peanut butter sandwich from the cafeteria.
He has not had to do that all year. Until today.
I am so tempted to just run it up there! But I won't.
It would not be fair to either of us in the long run.
And I guarantee you tomorrow he will not forget his lunch.
It happens. I know. But these are the moments we learn from.
And as a parent, I have to know when I need to stick with the plan and when I can be flexible.
But knowing at some point he is going to go to grab his lunch and find it's not there, just makes me feel bummed. He is going to be disappointed. Especially since one of daddy's famous chocolate chip, peanut butter cookies is in there.

On another note, I thought Madonna did a great job with the half time show during the superbowl. It was the only thing I watched and the commercial for "The Voice". Which made no sense to me until I saw a little bit of The Voice last night :) But Madonna. Wow! Brought back some good memories of songs I loved when I was younger.

And finally, this is a card I made for ScrapGal this month. I chose all  My Mind's Eye product this month. For this card, I decided to cut up this paper...
from the Madison Avenue collection. And this sheet of diecuts...
Also from the Madison Avenue collection.

Hope you have a great Monday!


  1. i too loved madonna's performance! and what a great card!

  2. Oh, that is so hard! Maybe that cookie will make a good after school snack???? I loved the half time show and The Hubbums and I were so glad she pulled in some of the old stuff...the GOOD stuff! I just wish the game had ended a bit better...LOL! Your card is so cute! Love it!

  3. I totally feel you with the mothering thing, but you are making the right decision. I agree with Jingle, maybe the cookie can be an after school snack?

    The card is cute! Love the monochromatic color!

  4. Hang in there...motherhood is certainly have its hard times! Hugs! I'm thinking that cookie will make everything be better ;)

    Great card - love the paper & elements in that collection!!

  5. Those hard lessons are the hardest! We're going through some with my son right now too. BUt int he end, he's going to be a better adult.

  6. You are doing the right thing Mary Jo - even though it's tough.
    Love your beautiful card xxx

  7. I commend you on sticking to this Mary Jo. It's so easy to fall into the mama role to rush in and make it all better, but it is better in the long run to get those lessons for themselves too.
    Love your craftiness!

  8. Aw man, so hard but you totally did the right thing. It will definitely be better in the long run :) Awesome card today! I'm finding I don't have time to make anything lately, I need some serious time management!

  9. It is hard as a parent to not always fix everything for them isn't it.
    But you know he isn't going to go hungry.
    Your card is beautiful.
    Love the blocking.

  10. Lovely card! Yes, sometimes a bit of tough love is toughest on the parent, but worth it in the long run. Hang in there!

  11. Love how you cut apart the blocks on your card. It looks awesome. Such a hard lesson for the kid to learn, but you did what you needed to do. Stay strong!

  12. Hang in there!! I have issues Im working on dd to and its not alwasy easy. She is strong willed but doig much better.
    Love your card so very beautiful!!
    Love the design!!

  13. Beautiful card. Being a mom is hard work and knowing the right thing to do is trying :P

  14. I love your card! We got to do a little "tough love" yesterday. It isn't easy, but it's for their own good. Hang in there. We deal with ADHD, too (hence the "tough love" yesterday.)