Friday, September 14, 2012

Five on Friday!

I absolutely adore Pinterest! Love, love, love it!
Today as we head into the weekend, I just want to share a few pins that make me smile.
And I hope they will put a smile on your face as well.
Or maybe inspire you to create something.
Because I know that almost everything I share with you today will most likely be incorporated onto a scrapbook page at some point :)

1. I love this because with Mike gone so much for work, it makes me think of how happy the kids are to see him when he comes home. I have a photo that I took at the airport last year...

 and the above quote would go so well with it.

2.  Anyone else? Seriously, I  have actually been better now that the kids are both in school full time. At least getting to bed before midnight. But there were times that I would be up at 1:30am thinking "what are you doing?" In fact, right now I need to get to bed ;)

3. I love these little ecards I am seeing all over Pinterest. I literally could do a whole post on this blog with nothing but ecards! And these two kind of go hand in hand for me. I am not a fan of cooking ;)  With two picky eaters and me the only adult most nights, it's tempting to eat out or order pizza. But I realize that it's just not practical or healthy, and I have been trying to plan meals at least five nights a week!

4. Um, this is so my husband. And the first time I saw this on Pinterest, I laughed so hard. I mean I feel bad for him and all, but I have never seen so much drama over milk :)

5. And another thing that I love about Pinterest. Seeing all of the toys that I grew up with! Did any of you have Fashion Plates? I loved these!
And this little tree house I had totally forgotten about. One of my favorites!

And anything Little People by Fisher-Price. All good stuff :)

Hope you have a great weekend! :)


  1. What a fun post!!
    Precious picture of the kids seeing their dad at the airport!
    Yes I remebr al of those toys if I did not have one of them my brother or sisters did.
    I forgot about some of those toys too!

  2. Thank you for the smiles on this early Friday morning. :) I love the photo of the kids seeing your hubby. I cry when I see people saying goodbye (even those I don't know) but reunions bring a big smile to my face.

  3. oh what fun!!! love the little people- my hubby saved all his original little people and i still have my school bus and house- my boys LOVE playing with them

  4. Too funny! I laugh at those ecards all the time and nod my head. Yep, they nailed it! :) And since it's Friday, pizza is totally acceptable for dinner! That's what I'm having. Have a great weekend!

  5. Mary Jo this is AWESOME!!!! I love those ecards too. I didn't have fashion plates, but I always got in trouble for snagging my sisters and playing with them! Hahahaha!

  6. Those ecards are funny, and I can so relate to the quote about staying up late and regretting it in the AM!

  7. LOL! Love those cards!!!! What a fun post :)

  8. This is such a fun post! I did have the fashion plates. I thought they were the coolest things ever!

    I love the ecards too. Whenever I see them on facebook I can't stop laughing. And the staying up late quote - I do that all the time! Especially when AJ is away. I have trouble sleeping when he is gone, plus he isn't around to say its time for bed, so I stay up until 1 or 2am, then have to work in the morning - no fun!

    As for the cereal, I do that all the time. But the worst was when I started making mac and cheese, and realized we had no milk. I may have over reacted slightly, but we did run downstairs and buy milk right away!

    I can't wait to see the layout you make with the first quote and photo! They go so well together.

  9. So late today myself,,lol. Loved those ecards, my husband traveled a ton and my kids just got to used to him being gone and soon the big welcomes went by the wayside. What a fun post :)

  10. I love Pinterest, too. Those sayings are just the greatest, aren't they???

  11. Fashion plates......would love to play with them again. Great pins.

  12. These pins are awesome.
    Love the old toy ones as well, but these ones were my younger siblings :)

  13. Yay I am not the only one who hates cooking - they all want different things, this one wants everything plain, this one red sauce this one white sauce! Ugggh! NO thanks! LOL
    great picks!

  14. I have resisted the urge to get on Pintrest ... but my willpower is almost out! I love seeing those ecards on Facebook though!! :)

    I used to LOVE my friend's Fashion Plates! I never got one, but I would love spending the night at her house, because I got to play with hers, LOL! Several years ago, my mother gave me a box with quite a few of my childhood toys that she'd saved. I think my favorite was my Weeble Wobbles playsets, and my Crayola Caddy!! I would spend HOURS arranging all the crayons, markers, paints in ROYGBIV order, making sure they were all sharpened and facing the same direction ... wow, I guess I had OCD with craft supplies even then!! LOL! :)

  15. Oh a LO with that first quote and that photo would be awesome! These are do fun. And yep staying up late is not good but I am a night owl. And I had the FP school house ;)