Monday, August 25, 2014

Blog Break Over!

I am back after two weeks off. :)
The big reason I needed a break was because we took an eight day family vacation!
We drove fifteen hours to Orlando, Florida and stayed there for four nights.
Then we drove another seven or eight hours to Gulf Shores, Alabama to stay by the beach.
The drive home on Saturday was ten to eleven hours.
So we did a lot of driving! But it wasn't too bad.
And it was worth it!
While we were in Orlando, we went to Sea World for Evan which he loved...
and the Magic Kingdom at Disney World for Erin. I would have loved to go back to Universal Studios to see Harry Potter's Wizarding World, but two parks were really all we could handle this time.
And it was worth it. The hour and a half we waited in line to see Anna and Elsa from Frozen...
Priceless! I mean those princesses nailed the characters. It was so much fun :) And Erin was sooooo happy.
And having Mike with us ten days in a row was also priceless. ;)
Evan took this photo of us at Lulu's in Gulf Shores.

And can I just say that we brought the DSLR camera with us and didn't use it once! All iphone photos this time. In fact, I think I only took five photos at the beach and that was the night we arrived and just walked down to see the ocean. :)
But I between Mike and I, we still probably took 600 photos with our cameras! I won't bore you with all of them, but I will definitely share some here and there over the next few weeks I am sure.

Today is the first day of school for the kids, which is super exciting and sad at the same time.
I really hate that summer is over, but am looking forward to a little bit more routine I think.
We did have a great summer though which I am super happy about!

Hoping to do some blog reading today. I have been lax I know, but being out of town had a lot to do with it :)
Oh and it is super hot here right now. Heat warnings and advisories. Temps in the high 90's with the heat index 100+. It's been such a mild summer so far and now it's oppressive.
How is the weather where you are?


  1. What a wonderful vacay! LOVING the photos!!!!!!!

  2. So glad you all got away for before summer ended, Mary Jo! Great photos and looking forward to seeing more. Our temps are much cooler than they should be, makes me sad that summer is almost over.

  3. Wow that was a lot of driving but looks and sounds like you guys had an amazing time. Funny about the DSLR, I am always up in arms about bringing mine but do not like my phone (Droid) picts as much so I end up bringing it.

  4. Sounds like a wonderful vacation and wonderful for Mike to have that family time with you all. My DH travelled for his job when he was a Business Agent, He was gone about 250 days a year!

    I am so glad we are retired

    Sorry I have not been around as much this summer. This year, I have found the travelling back and fortha nd all the work to set up camp and take it down, is a bit exhausting. I think it is just becasue my back is quite sore again...MRI is Sept 10th so hopefully they will say I have rebuilt enough bone for my next back surgery. Fingers crossed!

  5. So glad you have a wonderful time, Mary Jo! Welcome back! :)

  6. What a wonderful vacation!! Disney is definitely something everyone should do at least once :) I can't believe summer showed up right as the kids went back to school!!

  7. That looks like a perfect vacation, and the photos turned out GREAT. Good luck with the beginning of the school year!

  8. Sounds like you had a great trip!! :) I know so many of my mom friends feel conflicted about back-to-school time. It's probably a normal feeling! :) Looking forward to seeing more vacation pics! ;)

  9. It looks like you guys had a great vacation and how wonderful to have Mike with you all of that time! Can't wait to see some more of your pics! Zach and I are are going to Universal Studios for Spring Break and we are both pretty excited! I know how you feel about the heat....with the heat index we are lloking at 105 today...not great when you do outdoor boot camp....uuuggghhhh!

  10. Sounds like you had a fabulous vacation! We've been back in school for a little over a week and already I'm tired of the routine. I'll take those hot and lazy summer days ANY. TIME. over the homework blues. lol.

    600 camera!

  11. This looks like a wonderful vacation! We've been back at school for a few weeks now, and I'm already ready for a vacation. Fortunately, we are headed to Gulf Shores soon!

    I am so with you about the DSLR. I have totally had DSLR free - but phone pic heavy - vacations! Sometimes I feel like I can be more in the moment when I'm not behind the big camera!

  12. Glad you all have a wonderful time on your vacay!! Very cool that you were able to spend time with Mike for 10 days straight!! In sad too that school started on Monday when by too quick!
    The weather here is sunny 90 and breezy.

  13. Welcome back! Wow, that is a lot of driving. Sounds like a trip full of memories.

    In southern BC where I live it is 26 degrees celcius. Might thunder / have lightening tonight.