Monday, December 15, 2014


Do you ever pin things on Pinterest and then actually use the pins?
I hear people say, "I pin things but never use them." all.the.time.
Lately, instead of collecting them, I really like using my pins. Whether it's for scrapbooking, decorating, or cooking.
I have definitely used sketches and layout ideas from my scrapbook boards.
In fact, this layout which I have shared before...
was created because of a layout I pinned by Jill Sprott. And it was featured on the Paper Issues blog for Fan Feature Friday just this past Friday. So weird still not to be on the DT there, but a good choice for me. Like I said, in an earlier post, I haven't scrapbooked a single layout since October. Just other things going on.

Anyway, I also pinned this...
on my Laundry Room board and guess what color my laundry room is? Yep. I love that color! But alas, no chandelier. Hoping to have some white cabinets and counter space one of these days though.

And this paint color...
we did something similar in our basement. I love the gray and white combo.

Our gray is not quite as dark though.
And yesterday, I made these cupcakes...

(yes, that is my photo and a cupcake I made) from *this pin* off my Sweet Treats board. They turned out pretty well. :)
Mike loves Andes mints and when I found an andes mint cupcake recipe I knew I had to try it for him!

So I am actually not "all talk" when it comes to Pinterest. I do like to use my pins ;)
That said, I have 1,361 pins on my boards as of today. So ok, I may have only used 1% of those pins, but I love that they are there for when I am ready!

Are you a pin user, pin collector, or a little of both? For me, I think it's a little bit of both!


  1. I am totally a pin user ... I am always making stuff inspired by my pins (like half the Christmas gifts I made this year! LOL!!) ... and those cupcakes look DELISH!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. My family said they were pretty good. I haven't even tried one yet! lol

  2. I use my pins too! Maybe that's because I only go to Pinterest when I need something specific though :)

  3. I am getting to be the same way now. I went specifically looking for cupcakes. It seems I don't just browse on Pinterest anymore. Maybe once a month.

  4. I have a good excuse....! I have not been pinning for long but I don't really 'use' them as such - I must resolve to do that next year.... Your cupcake looks fabulous! Anne xx

  5. Mostly a pin collector, although I did pin a hair style that I liked and showed it to my hairdresser :)

  6. Love your LO and all the layers! Congrats on the Friday feature!!
    That cupcake looks so yummy!
    Yes I pin a few things I dont use a lot of them but I have used a couple recipes I have found but
    I don't remember the names of the recipes it was a few months ago. I love reading the pins on traveling to get ideas on snorkeling trips.

  7. Your cupcakes look delish! I collect AND use pins. The ones that get most used are food-related, but those scrapbooking pins certainly do inspire. The home decor pins end up mostly becoming a file or pile of wishes. lol.

  8. Good for you for trying out some of your pins, Mary Jo! Alexa has that laundry room color in her bathroom. I love it! The cupcakes look pretty darn good too. :)

  9. I love your cupcakes…I may need to pin that (and not make it, lol)
    I too have pinned a few grey colours for my laundry room, mind you my washer/dryer is red.
    I think I may be a pin collector ;)

  10. Your cupcakes look yum, Mary Jo! I've been trying to use Pinterest more often, so much inspiration to be found! :)

  11. Love the layout and love that you used your pins. I'm a huge pinned user!

  12. I don't have a Pinterest account, precisely for the reason that I think I'd get addicted to pinning and then never actually use my pins. However, I do sometimes end up using Pinterest ideas, if I'm searching for "how to ___", and a Google search turns up some Pinterest posts. Also, I have a friend who e-mails me links to things she has pinned, if she thinks I'd be interested. She knows my taste really well, so it's like having my own personal Pinterest assistant. So, I do like and use Pinterest, even though I don't have my own account. Isn't that funny?

    The Andes cupcake looks great. Good job on the icing; it looks professional! I am mostly baking Christmas cookies now, but I'll have to check out that cupcake recipe once the Chirstmas season is over. I think my family would like it. Thanks for the idea. :)

  13. Believe it or not I used to comb through the pin boards but never joined until last month. But so far I am using what I pin, love what you shared since it's nice to see how a pin is actually used.

  14. I am terrible about pinning and not doing, but somehow I like knowing that they are there if I ever decide to give them a