Monday, March 13, 2017

Miami Summer of 2016

I never did come back and share photos from our time living in Miami last summer.
So here we go with a few of my favorite memories in no particular order...
Evan finally getting to catch a little bull shark!
The view of downtown Miami from our apartment complex.
Peaceful  mornings on the bay wall next to the path around the complex.
My family at the Everglades <3 p="">
 And just the two of us in the Everglades
Snorkeling and hanging at the beach every week.
Feeling more relaxed and happy than I was back in STL. This was taken on a small island in the middle of the bay that we kayaked to from our apartment.
From that same island kayaking expedition :)
My family on our Key Largo trip
 Beaches almost all to ourselves on weekday mornings
The Serenity Pool at our apartment

My family surprising me with a birthday party <3 p="">
The view from our balcony
These are just a few great memories.
I will admit it.
We were spoiled last summer.
It was relaxing, amazing and fun.
And I don't take it for granted.
In fact, I am a little homesick for it at times.
No stress. No worries. And lots of family time. :)
It was a summer we will never forget!

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  1. What a wonderful trip! LOVING all the photos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!