Monday, June 26, 2017

Could It Be?

A Scrapbooking Post?

This past January, I went on a scrapbook weekend at a hotel only about fifteen minutes from my house. A local scrapbook store used to host what they called The Girlfriend Getaway a few times a year and some friends and I started making it an annual tradition. When the scrapbook store closed, two of the owners thankfully continued to run the event.

Of course an ice storm was predicted for that Friday and throughout the weekend. But since it wasn't too bad that morning, Mike offered to drive me there in his truck. He knows how much this little getaway means to me. :)
And I'm so glad I was able to go because I was able to start working on a mini album telling the story about living in Miami last summer.

I am breaking it into two 6x8  Daily Flash albums by October Afternoon using a combination of pocket pages and regular scrapbook layout pages. So there will be one album for each month we were down there. The one I finally finished this weekend with the June photos has 40 pages in it which makes it pretty full. And I am thinking there will be just as many pages if not a few more for July!

This is a photo of the title page I took at the crop. A friend of mine wanted me to post a picture of it on Facebook and I had to tape it to the table to get a photo that didn't have a big glare from the lights.
This is another set of pages towards the beginning of the album. I'm trying to highlight the most important moments and memories we don't want to forget about our stay down there. For our first meal we had takeout pizza from a place not too far from the apartment that became a Friday night favorite. And that pool! It was one of my favorite spots in the whole apartment complex.
This is one of my favorite regular pages from the June album. On the night we arrived, Mike drove the kids over to the beach for a quick look so I could get some of our stuff unpacked and he snapped this great shot!

And here are a few more pages I created that weekend to give you a feel for the overall look.
Definitely had to include some of Evan's fishing stories.
 And here are just some more of the day to day things we did.

I also want to add that I finished a little over the first half of this June album back in January. And then this past Saturday, I went to a 12 hour scrapbook event with friends and was able to complete the rest.
I picked up where I had left off with Father's Day.
And there is that Serenity Pool again. Have I mentioned how much I loved it? ;)
I also wanted to mention how the kids and I made a list of places to visit to keep us busy while Mike worked. So that is the page on the right, which explains how we ended up at he Seaquarium.

As you can see, I'm not sharing all forty pages. Just a glimpse, but hopefully enough to get the idea of how I designed it.
Now that I have completed June, I'm anxious to get started on July because it has some of my favorite photos like our trip to the Everglades and Evan finally catching his bull shark.

I'll be sure to share a few pages when it's done!


  1. I have been sitting here reading through all your recent posts and marveling at how much Evan and Erin have grown! You always make me wish I had scrapbooked when my son was young, you have so many wonderful memories to look back on, instead of a few odd photos!

    Also, I wanted to thank you for your visits whilst I have been doing my 'guesting', I really appreciate it! Hugs, Anne xx

  2. Love love love this mini!!! What great photos and loving the papers/collections you used with it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Love how this is turning out, Mary Jo! Can't wait to see more. :)

  4. You have such a wonderful close family <3
    I totally love your pages...nice big photos and lots of journaling :)

  5. Love your album how exciting your almost finished with it!! Im glad your scrapping and blogging I haven't in almost 6 weeks!Hope you are well!