Monday, July 17, 2017

Scrapbook Layouts

In my last post, I mentioned that I had been working on a regular scrapbook layout that does not have anything to do with my Miami mini album. In fact, I have made two layouts recently that I wanted to share today.

I haven't subscribed to a scrapbook kit in a long time. Probably at least four years. But back in April, I started subbing to The Ali Edwards Story Kits. She is one of my long time favorite scrapbookers that I look to for inspiration, and I thought her kits would be a good way to get me back into making regular pages.
Using a few embellishments from the "Lens" kit, I made this layout based off an Instagram collage I had posted. I wanted to tell the story of how Mike and I had been playing around trying to snap photos of each other with our cameras. What came though was realizing that even though we can see life and each other different ways sometimes, ultimately we see the same thing. Love. Sappy I know, but true. I mean after almost twenty years of marriage, that we can still try to always see the best in each other even when times aren't so easy is pretty great.

I kept this layout pretty simple because I didn't think it needed a lot. The main focus is the photo and story.

Now the next layout went kind of the other direction as far as simplicity, but still the same theme. Love :)
As I said in my last blog post, back in January I posted this photo on Facebook with a little tribute to love. It had such a great response from so many people, and I just knew that I wanted to capture how I felt in a layout. So I copied my facebook post pretty much word for word and added it to my page. It's not as simple as my layout above, but using my favorite go to block design helped simplify things. Probably the part that took the longest was deciding which pieces to use on the bottom right.

One of the things I always found the least fun about sharing my scrapbook pages on my blog or anywhere online, was trying to get get good photos. But I took both of these pictures with my phone camera and only had to do a little editing. So much easier! Probably not as good quality as my DSLR, but whatever helps make the process quicker is ok by me.

If you share scrapbook layouts online, how do you photograph your pages? Phone, point and shoot or DSLR camera?


  1. Such pretty pages, Mary Jo! I use my DSLR to photo my layouts. :)

  2. Love love love these! LOVING the colors and the added journaling!!! And I use my DSLR for my pages! :)

  3. Your pages are wonderful, you are so right too, the layouts do not need many words, the pictures themselves speak volumes - your work is beautiful! It will be lovely to look back on these in years to come. Hugs, Anne xx