Friday, March 5, 2010

Scrapbook Layout Journal Ideas

Want to document for layouts to do in the very near future and do not want to forget.
I've been listening to the song "One" by U2 a lot lately and there are some lyrics in there that make me think of this photo from Chicago. I kind of want to wrap them around the photo...
"one life. with each other. Sisters. Brothers. One life but we're not the same. We have to carry each other. Carry each other. One."
Bedtime routine has really stood out to me lately. This is Evan's bed. He is all about comfort and routine. Ever since he was a baby. And really he does not have all those stuffed animals on it any more. This photo was taken in September of 2008. But he still lines up some against the wall (for protection). Dad's hockey jersey is also a source of comfort.
But really I just want to remember the routine we have right now. The nights Mike is not home because of work, Evan and I read books together - right now the Droon series Chapter books. It's an older series from the late '90's and early 2000's which he loves. After stories, we turn out the light, put on his music which right now is a compilation of his favorite "quiet" U2 songs, and say prayers. Then we "snuggle" for a bit. Just listening to the music and talking about the day. I always stay for the first three or four u2 songs and then leave the room with reassurances such as "I love you." "you're the best mom" "you're the best Evan" "sweet lego dreams" :0)
I really just want to remember how much I am cherishing this right now. Even the nights when I still have dishes or laundry to do, I don't take this routine for granted. I know it will not last forever.
And the nights Mike is home, he usually does stories with Evan. But when they are done, I still go in and do the second half of the routine. Music, prayers and snuggles.
And as for Erin, we also have a great little routine right now. She is in a mommy phase as far as bedtime. She just wants mommy to do stories and I think it's because I sing songs to her after stories.
This photo was taken when she wasn't feeling that great. She had a cold which turned into an ear infection. She started rocking her baby and giving her kisses saying "baby sick". It made me feel good because obviously she is learning from me, right? :0)
But that purple recliner rocker is where we have story time at night. Then I turn off the light and we rock for "one more minute" as Erin says. But it's a little longer than that. And I sing her songs. She happens to really like the Beatles right now. Especially "Take You Down" (a.k.a. Strawberry Fields) and Here Comes the song. Another favorite is "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" and Barney's "I Love You" song. I totally, totally cherish it! And I know partly it is losing my friend Kathy to cancer. Knowing that life isn't to be taken for granted. And knowing that these moments end eventually.
And these are the moments that I want to document :0)

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  1. Those are great moments to document. So important. Enjoy them.