Friday, February 18, 2011

Challenge Layouts!

Been hanging out at the message boards off and on over at Scrapgal today for the on-line crop which goes through tomorrow night. The theme is "Crop Your Heart Out!"
So far I've contributed two challenges and a game.
This was my 2pm challenge. Scrap a layout using at least 14 hearts :) Had lots of fun with this one!

This was the 10am journal challenge. Scrap a layout that tells a story about hearts. Whether it literally be about a physical heart (exercise, surgery etc...) or love :) I decided to share some of my thoughts and feeling regarding my dad's quadruple bypass surgery he had almost 20 years ago!
This is the first layout I ever created to talk about it.
And it's actually a scrap lift of Jenn Olsen. It was just the right design for this story. I know the letters in my title are a little crooked, but let's just say I am letting go of total perfection with my scrapbooking. :)