Friday, February 25, 2011

~ Painting ~

Well we had a big overhaul last weekend as far as bedrooms go. Mike and I finally have the large bedroom with two closets back, and Erin is moved into the "yellow" room. The one that was originally the family/tv room before she was born. The one Mike and I took over as our bedroom for a while.

I think this is my favorite photo of her "helping" dad prime the room for a coat of paint. She really was a big help :)

And here they are together. That's my scrap porch out there. Can you see Evan's head there through the left window working on the computer. Lego club I am sure :) The reason Mike and I took over that room as our bedroom when she was younger was because of my scrap room there that you have to walk through the room to get to. So yes, I am going to walk through her bedroom to get to that porch, but I think it's ok now that she's older. Here it is 11pm at night and I am out here even though she is sleeping. The light is on it's lowest setting and I haven't bothered her at all. Although I am not sure how much scrapping I can do at night. My paper cutter is a little noisy!

Here she is trying out her new "big girl" bunk beds. Yes, she wanted bunk beds because her best friend down the street (whom she adores) has bunk beds. And we need the extra sleeping space for guests or sleepovers. We really don't have any. She slept on the top that night because we didn't have the lower mattress yet. It was coming the next day. But the rule is she sleeps on the bottom for now.
I love seeing her heart pillow, and Shaggy doll, and baby with the crazy kid haircut all snuggling in with her. She was so excited. The bottom mattress has the super cute sheets and pillows with the butterflies from PB Kids. The colors are purple, green, and yellow :)
As for Evan, his room got a paint job, too. Yes, that is orange on his walls. His favorite color and the one he chose. Isn't he lucky to have such open-minded parents :)
And yes, he is still into Legos big time. I love those display shelves Mike put up on his wall. They are perfect!
So there you have it! Lots of changes here in the month of February. And I have a feeling there will be lots more in the months ahead with all this remodeling and organizing we will be doing!


  1. Oh Mary Jo that first shot of Erin steals my heart. These are such precious days for you!

  2. OH my, I bet she loved helping you paint!!!

  3. How fun with all the new colors!!
    Love those colors!!
    We went through all the painting last year and wow was it a lot of work but everything looks so much better later!
    A lot of the rooms were already with new paint but we didn't like the colors.
    Have a blessed Sunday!

  4. It all looks fabulous! Those lucky kids! I know baby girl would love it if I had to go through her room everytime to scrapbook!Love that photo of Erin! So intense as she is painting! Too cute!