Monday, August 8, 2011

And Then She Was Four!

A little over a week ago, Erin turned four. We celebrated with family on her actual birthday.

Which was really nice. Just a simple party at home. With lots of cousins, grandparents, a few aunts and an uncle, and her godmother.
But what she really wanted, was a birthday party with friends at the "puppet show". A friend from school had her party there several months ago. And it was all Erin talked about for the longest time.

So last Saturday we invited a group of school and play group friends to the local puppet theater. An amazing place really that does really great parties :) It's been around since I was a little girl. I remember going there for field trips with the girl scout troop. And then later taking preschool students there on field trips. And now my little girl wanted a party there.
Evan really loved the hand puppets! And he put on a little show for Erin while we waited for guests to arrive.

These puppets are created by the owners. And I have to admit that I remember a few of them from when I was younger. They have really stood the test of time.

This bear one creeped me out a little at first. But looking back at the photos, he kind of won me over :)

Doug working his magic on stage. And let me just say, Doug is a riot! He has worked with some amazing artists and talent. And he really has a lot of stories to tell!

The birthday girl was given the choice of posing and holding one of the puppets. She chose the little girl mouse.

She really had a great time!

Even Evan had to admit it was fun. Although at first he thought it was going to be babyish. I caught him laughing and smiling a few times.

We had a Strawberry Shortcake cake, but Doug had a special surprise for Erin. A "Charlie the puppet" cupcake just for Erin.

It seriously was not my first choice as a venue for a birthday party. But I have to say, she had a blast and so did everyone else. Even the adults were saying how much fun it was. I would definitely recommend it to anyone :)
And Happy Birthday, my sweet girl!


  1. Looks like a blast! Great photos. I love the idea of doing something a little different once in awhile. And if your birthday girl is happy, it was a good choice! :)

  2. That first pic is a WINNER! What a great idea for a birthday party too.

  3. This looks really fabulous! What a unique B-day party idea and you got some wonderful photos too.

  4. I'll bet that was fun. She's a lucky gal!!

  5. Happy Birthday to your sweet girl. Those puppets are amazing!

  6. Great photos and what a fun birthday party!

  7. oh, what an awesome party! happy birthday to your girl!

  8. What a special day!!
    She looked like she was having so much fun!!
    I wished we had a puppet place where we live!!
    Love the pictures and the adorable cupckae they made for her!!

  9. Looks like a fantastic party! HB to your little one!!

  10. What a cool birthday party! I love the photos. She looks like she had so much fun!

  11. Looks like she had a great birthday. It is so funny that Strawberry Shortcake is popular again. I had her on my cake at that age 30 years ago!!

  12. That sounds like a very fun idea. I am going to look for a local puppet show place for my daughter's next birthday :0) I used to love puppet shows as a little girl...