Monday, August 15, 2011

Where Did It Go?

Summer I mean! Seriously went by way to fast. And as much as I wanted it to be a relaxed summer, we were still pretty busy. Some highlights were...

our annual Mother's Day/Father's Day brunch with the grandparents. We take a family photo up there every year. And we love having special time with our parents to celebrate. We usually go at some point in the summer around Father's day.

A trip to Chicago to visit with cousins and see fun places like the Lego Discovery Center. Evan loved the miniature Chicago landscape.

Ummm...a surprise 40th birthday party thrown by my wonderful husband Mike! I had to get a picture with a few of my favorite women in the world. My mom, sister-in-law Regina, and good friend Suzy were gone by this point otherwise they would have been in this photo!! I just don't know what I would do sometimes without such a great group of women in my life. And yes, there were men there. Spouses and my father. :)

Saw U2 not once, but twice in July. Being this close to the stage was such a great feeling!

And so glad Evan was able to go with us! And so thankful to my parents who brought him down later in the day so he didn't have to sit in line with us! I was so hesitant at first about letting him go. Especially with the whole general admission, standing part. But he handled it beautifully!
And let's just say it was hot. Excessively hot! But that is not sweat on my shirt though. Just water from a little sprayer fan :) I look pretty wilted in this photo but at that point I didn't care. Just to excited!!

Had lots and lots of play dates with friends and cousins!

A special project by Evan going on this summer. Building a mini-city inspired by the one we say in Chicago. Those blocks are glued together with wood glue. A few lego structures in there. And miscellaneous bits and pieces from around the house. I think we have an architect in the making.

This girl! My niece who had a few sleepovers with us this summer. And each time she left, we really missed her. Such a sweetheart!!

As you saw in the post below, someone celebrated her fourth birthday! Lots of celebrating this year with two parties. One for family and one for school friends!

And posted this one just because. Love it!

As for blogging, I will be taking a week break here until the kids start school. I know it's been a little hit or miss this summer. Only two or three times a week. And not as much even here in August. I just want to relax and enjoy this last week of no school with them :) Then I am looking forward to getting back to a more structured routine. I think we are ready :)


  1. Routine is good for the soul! I truly believe that.... Great photos. Looks like you had a great summer. The only thing I'm ever happy about at the end of summer is the temperatures cooling down. I'm not ready for cold (goodness no!) but it sure would be nice to have some 70-80 degree days instead of the 95-100 degree days we have all summer. It sure went by fast for me too. Blink and it's over!

  2. Looks like a fun summer! You have such a lovely family. And Happy 40th! Enjoy your last week off with your kids!:-)

  3. Sounds like a good summer :)


  4. i am with you on how fast it went! looks like you all had a great summer

  5. Great pics, especially the last one. If I blog more than once a week it's a miracle! Enjoy your week.

  6. that city structure is amazing! my boys loved the chicago skyline at lego discovery, too. very cool! sounnds like you've had a great summer. =)

  7. Great pics,, I can tell you had a great summer!

  8. What a great summer you had! Awesome pictures!

  9. You guys had a wonderful summer! I love that U2 photo. And that last photo, of course you love it! Sooooo cute!

  10. i love your family photo up there! so precious!! and looks like you're having a beautiful summer..!! send my hugs to your beautiful kids!

  11. That last photo is beautiful! Just beautiful!

  12. yes, routine is good.
    enjoy your break.

  13. You all have had a busy and fun summer! Enjoy your last bit of it! :)

  14. Love how you highlighted your summer. Good idea.
    U2 twice, boy you are spoiled, lol.

  15. Love all the pictures!!
    Love that building Evan built that is amazing!!
    IKWYM our Summer was busier tahtn what I was hopign for!!
    I did the same thing the last two weeks before school started we only stayed home two days out of 14 enjoying some more Summer fun times!
    Have a wonderful weekend!!

  16. Oh wow MJ great photos! What a lovely family you have! And I agree this summer just flew by!!!