Sunday, October 30, 2011

Busy Weekend and a Busy Halloween :)

So it all started on Friday :) My husband called me in the morning because he had just been given two tickets to game seven of the World Series! Of course I said yes and luckily our neighbors could babysit for us. I gave them money for a pizza dinner and bought Cardinals cupcakes at a local bakery so they could all celebrate, too :)
And the Cardinals won! It was such an amazing feeling to see them win the World Series. And such craziness afterwards. But not in a riot sort of way. Just lots of happy fans everywhere! We didn't get home until 1am, so needless to say we were very tired the next day.
Between a baby shower and a fun backyard movie night at another neighbor's house on Saturday. Plus lots of prep on Sunday for Trunk or Treat at Evan's school and the party we are hosting before trick or treating tomorrow, well it's been a busy weekend.

I can't wait to get photos of what Mike is working on for Trunk or Treat! Several parents at Evan's school (us included) bring Halloween decorated cars up to the school parking lot so the children can go out for an hour and trick or treat in the parking lot from car to car.
We are doing a Harry Potter theme this year. And at this moment Mike is assembling a giant version of a portion of Hogwart's castle. He also has a sign he made pointing to Hogsmeade or Hogwart's it's pretty cool.
He is dressing as Dumbledore, I am McGonagall, Erin is Hermione and a friend who helped us with costumes is going to be Bellatrix.
It should be a lot of fun and we should have some great photos.
Mike really goes all out. Two years ago he turned his black truck into a giant tie fighter from Star Wars. He dressed as Darth Vader and Erin was Yoda. Plus with the Star Wars Imperial theme music blaring from the radio, it was perfect!
So as you can see, the Hogwarts castle is going to be pretty great!

As for scrapbooking, I will have some new projects to share for the month of November from Scrap Gal on Tuesday. And this upcoming weekend, we have a blog hop on Friday and a "Home for the Holidays" crop as well.
But tomorrow - Halloween, am just going to enjoy and get lots of photos!
Happy Halloween!


  1. I can't WAIT to see photos of your costumes!!! That truck is really fun! And how cool that you got to go to game 7! I mean, it wasn't the Red Sox, so I don't really see the point, but.... HA! :-) I'm glad you got to do that and have such a great experience!

  2. Looks like loads of fun! Have a wonderful holiday!

  3. Sounds like y'all Halloween will be a blast! I also can't wait to see pictures of your costumes.

  4. What a busy weekend! Sounds like a lot if fun though :) Can't wait to see the pictures from tonight!!

  5. Wow - so busy - love the shot of the game, and the tie fighter is fantastic (every boys dream :)) Looking forward to seeing your photos from this year.

  6. You do sound busy! So cool that you were able to go to the game!! Happy Halloween! :)

  7. Congrats on the tickets (and the win!) What a fabulous once in a lifetime opportunity! Love the pic of the tie fighter. Awesome! Can't wait to see how Hogwarts turns out! Have a Happy Halloween! -Amanda

  8. Can't wait to see your upcoming projects!! How EXCITING to be part of the World Series - so crazy FUN to be in the crowd, I'm sure! LOL!!

  9. What an awesome Halloween truck!! Can’t wait to see this year’s truck costume!

  10. That is so cool, can't believe you got Game 7 tickets! How exciting!!

  11. What an awesome experience to get to go to game 7 of the World Series! And seriously that truck is amazing!