Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A Challenge

Stephanie Howell has started a monthly blogging challenge that I think I'm going to try today.
In her own words, "it's a pretty simple challenge. blog your heart. HONESTLY. it can be silly, funny, serious, short or long...whatever you want it to be. as long as it is authentic"

Here goes :)

1. In September I started my healthy living goals. September was drink more water and no soda. Success! October, not so much. My goal was to work on sleep. Namely getting to bed by 11pm every night that Mike is gone. No staying up til 12:30 or 1am because I am exhausted and really don't feel that great the next day. I would say that I started strong, but have really just had a tough time lately. I'm like a little kid who tells mommy, "I don't want to go to bed." It's hard for me to let go and just let myself sleep. It feels like wasting time when I could be getting things done. And with Mike gone, there really is very little "free" time. I feel like I am going, going, going non-stop! I am going to make this my goal again in November though and really make the effort because I know more sleep = a happier, healthier me :)

2. Found out that Mike will most likely get the job in Joplin. What does that mean for us? Well, no longer working in Canada and a little closer to home. But still 5 hours away. So pretty likely the same type of work schedule. Home on weekends, gone Sunday night through Friday night most weeks. I keep telling everyone I am fine. It's ok. It's a job in this economy. The kids are doing great. Well, except to my real friends. The ones who love me no matter what :) But it's hard. This Joplin job is three years long. When it is completed, Erin will be seven years old and Evan will be 12. That is a long time for him to have to be gone so much. I know it's hard for him and he feels like he misses out on so much. But we are both grateful for weekends home and the occasional extra day or two to be around during the week :) Plus computer cameras to talk every night and phone cameras so I can send him daily updates. Like when Erin had her surgery! And I know we will be ok. We really have a great support network. Friends and family who are there for us and really, truly care! I will always and forever be grateful for them and can't do enough in return! When they say it takes a village to raise our children, they aren't kidding! And we belong to a great "village" :) So that always helps me in the end!

3. A lesson I have learned about family and friendship - true friends and people who love you will accept you flaws and all. They will not judge you and find you lacking because you can't give them every single thing they want. They understand that everyone is human. We are not perfect. And this is something I take into every single relationship I have and I think it makes my current friendships stronger because there are no expectations. Just friendship and support.

4. As far as healthy goals, exercise is going well. In the past six weeks, I have only missed three days of exercise. And one of those was due to Erin's surgery. The other two days, I just wasn't feeling well. And I know that will happen. But in the past, I might have let myself slip into going a few more days without exercise and that just hasn't happened...yet (lol). But I think I am on the right track this time. The days I missed exercise, I felt completely sluggish and out of sorts. The days I do exercise, I feel my mood lifted and healthier. So it is a great incentive! Adding pilates and strength training to the mix has helped a lot as well! So I am walking/jogging or doing turbo jam five days a week. And then the other two days are a combo of pilates, weight training and yoga. Although I do try to get a little bit of yoga in every day. Even if it's just me doing a short yoga routine after cardio. Yoga just really relaxes me :)

So now I am off to exercise because I know it will make me feel better! :)


  1. Good luck staying healthy! I need to add a little more of that into my life.

    You are so right about true friends. I don't have a lot of friends, but the ones I do have, are those types of friends. No expectations, but oddly enough they will be there when they need to be. They just know. (Travel Turtle/Beriuqam)

  2. I'm going to have to check out Stephanie's blog and see what this is all about! Maybe next months goal could be something other than an earlier bed time :)

  3. Sound like a real challenge and thanks for sharing .

  4. It is so hard to stick with a workout schedule...but, i am trying my hardest. I think it is great, with everything you are doing. Your husband's schedule sounds tough, but, you are an amazing mom and wife for all that you do! Hugs...i will be back.

  5. What a difficult travel schedule!

  6. So proud of you for quitting your pop intake. That is what I am currently working on as that is all I drink all day.
    Have to say it has been going well, I have been weaning myself off of it :)
    As for the excersize it is so easy to make an excuse to miss a day or so :(
    Sleep is a hard one for me as well. I am a night owl. As it is after 1:00am now, lol.

  7. Great post. It's encouraging to know I'm not the only one who struggles to get enough sleep and make healthy eating and exercise choices.

  8. what a great challenge. That whole workout thing is so tough to stay up on - I've not seen the gym since July. I do sleep enough, though!

  9. good for you for getting rid of soda. that is HARD. and for exercising...that is hard too and something i'm failing at right now. good for you.
    i know it's so hard without your partner by your side...draining really. you can always email me if you want to talk know i "get" it. :) xoxo

  10. Great post! Such a great idea from Stephanie. I will have to go check it out. Love that you wrote it all out here on your blog. Now you have that record if you ever need to use the journaling for anything or to check your progress. I am suddenly a total failure on the soda thing. As soon as I started working again it came back into my life and.....eck! I need to wean myself off again. Sigh. It's a constant battle. Have a great weekend!

  11. Mary Jo . . . thank you for sharing. I know how you feel with regards of going going going and by the time we have our own time, it's time to sleep. i hate that. i feel that way because Sam is away a lot as well. You hang in there. you're an amazing mom! *hugs*

  12. It's so hard to make decisions about work, kids, etc. But I know you can do it, you seem like an amazing mom!