Wednesday, May 2, 2012

WOYWW and a Beautiful Change :)

Today is Wednesday, and it's the day where crafter's from all over link up to Julia's blog at The Stamping Ground so we can get a peek at all of our work spaces :)
I am still working on my mother-in-law's album from her trip to Ireland almost 60 years ago. And I think I will be able to have it done by Mother's Day :)

All of this sharing with other crafty people has made me realize how much my life has changed since the invention of the internet. I am usually pretty slow to technology changes. In fact, my husband teases me regularly about how outdated I am sometimes :)
But I have embraced the internet and it has made a huge difference in my life.
Several years ago, I was welcomed into a private group of women who scrapbooked. We had a site called Suziebeezieland where we met regularly and chatted. It was through this group of women that I "met" Katherine.
Her two sisters, Marie and Elizabeth are the crafty types and were members of our group. So Katherine joined our group anyway even though she didn't scrapbook :)
I have always been impressed and amazed by Katherine. She is an Associate Pastor of the First Congregational Church in Western Springs, Illinois in addition to being a wife and mother to two girls.
And now she is a published author.

This is her new book, and a group of us are celebrating the release of her book by sharing stories on our blog about a beautiful change in our lives :)

Now I am not much of a writer, but I would like to say that there have been many beautiful changes in my life over the years.
But this technology thing has been a way for me to connect with amazing women. And it just makes me feel so lucky that I have been able to form relationships with women from all over the country. Women I may never have met if it wasn't for the internet!

Over the years, I have belonged to several scrapbook message boards. Some have closed and thanks to the internet, blogging and Facebook, I have been able to stay in contact with many of those women.
Looking at my Facebook page, I have to smile because 1/4 of my friends are women I have met due to scrapbooking.
Some I have been lucky to meet in real life, some I may still get the chance to meet, and some I may never meet. But we have shared a lot over the years. I have chatted with quite a few of them and have had my spirits lifted when I was feeling down. And I hope I have been able to do the same for them :)
This group of women from all over have been a huge source of inspiration for me.

So Katherine, I wish you much success with your first book. And I am so glad to *know* you and the other Willis girls :)

If you would like to check out Katherine's post on the topic and see some of the other linked stories, you can see it here.
I will say that Elizabeth Dillow's Beautiful Change story really spoke to me, since we both have daughters starting Kindergarten next year. :)

I hope you have a Beautiful Wednesday!


    Lynn 53
    One I Made Earlier Today

  2. It is hard to explain to people who don't understand what a HUGE impact the internet has made on me, too, but I thank my lucky stars every day knowing that you all are out there : ) And I'm pretty confident we'll meet up one of these days for real.

    We will have a parallel coffee date the first week of kindergarten... sigh.

  3. The internet is a beautiful change to me too!
    We are so lucky to have had this and known the "before" and the "after". Makes us appreciate it all even more!

  4. lots of goodies going on on your desk!!

  5. A lovely, creative desk with lots of fab craft goodies to have fun with :)

    Have a great WOYWW and a lovely week, hugs, Karen xx #12

  6. lovely thoughts! That album will be so perfect for mother's day!!!!

  7. i feel the same way. there are many amazing women out there and the internet has allowed us to meet them and for them to have an impact on our lives. thank you for sharing this. oh, and before i forget (again, LOL), it was so nice to see your work in scrapbooks etc. this month. congrats on the pubs. :)

  8. Honestly, most of my closest friends are 'online' friends! I think it is fabulous! Glad to hear your album is progressing well!

  9. I agree and feel the same way. Most of the fun of blogging and putting yourself out there is the ties that you make along the way.

    ps... i am jealous that your desk looks out two windows. heavenly.

  10. How cool will that be if you finish the album in time for Mother's Day? Love that! I'm right there with you on the Internet. There aren't a lot of people by me that scrapbook so the Internet has really helped me connect :)

  11. Oh Mary Jo I am so very lucky to *know* you and very much hope we get to meet in person one day!! Thanks for sharing :)

  12. ...a beautiful crafting space you've put before us, how wonderful with light at both sides...I hope you finish this rather special gift for your mum, thank you for sharing today...Mel :) #34
    Love your craft chair!

  13. It's amazing the number of crafting contacts that can be made through the internet and various clubs and forums etc - the internet has certainly opened up our access around the world. Hope you get the album done - love your workspace - thanks for sharing - Hazel, WOYWW #10 x

  14. It does look like you are high up in some trees through those windows...

    good luck to your friend with her book... a lot of work...


  15. A lovely crafty space - your MIL will be so pleased with the album.
    Bernice #138

  16. I love the view from your desk. How do you get anything done.

  17. I agree with you! Initially, I didn't have a lot of crafty friends. However, I feel like joining online groups have opened a whole new world for me. I have met lots of crafters in IRL, others I've only talked to via email or over the phone...some I may never meet because they live on the other side of the globe. But just knowing that I've made that connection, makes the world a little smaller =) Glad you have that with your friends as well!

  18. I couldn't agree with you more.
    I have met some wonderful women and a few men, that not only share their passion of being creative, but have come to call them friends. I would never have believed I could make such sweet friends with people I have never met.
    Good luck with to your friend on her book. She should be so proud.

  19. I'm so envious of your great windows! I would love to create in that environment.

    I am a casual Facebook user, but I definitely love the way the internet has brought so many people into my life.

  20. Love those photos, how lovely to read of your internet journey and friends. I've 'met' so many lovely ladies through the virtual world too. Take care & enjoy this WOYWW offerings! Zo xx 75

  21. What a lovely post. I'm sure your Mother-in-law will love her album!

  22. Lovely aspect to your desk so you can watch the world go by. Scrapbook look good wish I could see more - BJ#18

  23. My children call my computer friends my imaginary friends . . .


  24. What a wonderful inspiring post!!
    I agree with out our technology alot of us would have not met and be able to keep in touch as easily!! Glad you have met the ladies on the nice website and you all still keep in touch!

    Have a blessed weekend!

  25. Isn't the internet amazing, linking so many people together in wonderful ways. Look at Julia's site for example, I wouldn't be here now if it wasn't for her, you and me via the net. Thanks for sharing. I certainley don't have time to visit IRL people and this helps me in more ways than one.

    Eliza #19

  26. I love how technology has lead to such great communities!

    The book you are making for your mother in law is wonderful, I hope you finish it by Mother's Day :)

  27. Looks like you have a lovely view from your windows! Sorry for my late woyww visit, been away, and came back to no email and worse still , no blog! Have a crafty week!!


  28. Thanks for joining in, Mary Jo! I couldn't agree more. I love that I have this pocket of scrapbooking friends, especially since I don't even scrapbook! I also have my Over the Rhine friends, and my young clergy women friends. Several were in Chicago and it was extraordinary to be able to move here and already know people. And, I'm excited that my oldest internet friend - a girl from the Over the Rhine listserv whom I've "known" since 2000- is moving here this summer! I've never met her and can't wait. :)