Wednesday, May 16, 2012


It's Wednesday, so I will be linking up to Julia's blog and sharing what is currently happening in my craft space. Love to see so many different places and spaces!
I took a break from my mother-in-law's Ireland album, to work on a sketch challenge (which I actually just completed). But you can see both layouts in progress here, and I am getting so close to finishing her album. I completed four pages recently and have started a fifth.
Several people have asked me over the years if I have thought about making scrapbooks for money. But honestly, I just don't think that is my thing. I like to do them as gifts, but I am such a perfectionist when it comes to pages. And doubly so when someone is paying me, because I want everything to be just right!
It's a lot of work to put an album together, and I am a lot harder on myself when it's not just for my family or personal use. 
So, no. I don't see myself becoming a scrapbooker for hire any time soon :)

Right now, I am actually busy with a lot of school activities and celebrations for the kids. Last week was Teacher Appreciation day. And thanks to Pinterest, I made my own version of this...

But mine looked like this...

I actually included a small baggie with four giant marshmallows, one regular size Hershey chocolate bar, and found a box of six small packs of graham crackers. I think there were 6-8 crackers in each individual pack. That was a lot of fun to give the teachers. :)

In addition, to the S'mores treat, I volunteered to pick up the classroom gift of flowers for Evan's teacher. Of course while we were picking them out, Erin saw some that she wanted to get her classroom teacher. I couldn't say no to that :)

So between that, a field trip for Evan today, an end of the year celebration coming up for Erin, end of the year teacher gifts and so on, the school year is definitely winding down to a close! It's been a good year, but I am definitely looking forward to summer.
Are you looking forward to summer? :)


  1. I think it's good to take a break when you're working on a big project like the one for your mother-in-law. Those teacher appreciation gifts are just adorable! What a great idea! Love that Erin wanted to get flowers too :) I totally hear you on finishing up end of year stuff too. Our summer is filling up already though... I just want to make it last! I LOVE summer!

  2. Thanks for the peek! Fun layout in the making. I'm the same way - I don't think I could scrap for hire. I love to do albums for gifts but wouldn't want to scrapbook other's photos. Creative output is subjective and I'd want to do pages the way I want and wouldn't do well with suggestions from a client as to how they should look. Sounds like you are super busy with year end stuff! Adorable photo of Erin with such happy flowers! :)

  3. I like to take a break from big projects, or repetitive projects, too. It's a nice refreshing change. I love your take on the teacher appreciation gift. So much fun! I couldn't go pages for hire either, although I've done some as gifts for family. I need to have a connection of sorts to my photos and their stories. :)

  4. I'm definitely looking forward to summer but we're having such a beautiful Spring in Michigan for a change that I don't want it to end! Love your crafty nook with the corner windows, such fantastic light.

    Brenda 110

  5. lots of fun going on on your desk!! and how cute are those teacher bags!! what a fun idea!!

  6. Your craft space looks exciting! I am looking forward to summer! We were moving to a new home last summer so I didn't have the time to enjoy the summer so much. I'm going to make up for it this year! :)

  7. I like your version the best. Yes I am so glad for this school year to come to a close...#100
    Never say no to flowers..

  8. Great teacher gifts. I tried scrapping-for-hire but people are really picky, don't understand the costs of products and certainly don't understand why they have to pay for your time on top of it.

  9. I'm so jealous of the windows and the natural light you have in your craft area. Beautiful colors on your sketch challenge layout. We are lokking forward to summer, even though we've decided to school year round. #130

  10. Thank you for honoring your teachers! My husband didn't even know it WAS teacher appreciate week! He didn't get a single thank you...not even from the school admin! He teaches middle school, so I expect less from the parents, but I thought the school would at least give them a thank you note or something! Your desk looks great!

  11. Oh my goodness, you have been busy! I don't blame you, it is so much involved and getting things just right, I don't know about doing this for money. I don't think I would get any of my own work done! I love your craft open!

    And thank you so much about the is a very good relief!

  12. You've been so busy! I agree about the albums - I think it takes away the enjoyment when you have to make something 'under pressure' - it's nice to do a little at a time when it suits you.
    Bernice (145)

  13. I loved your take on the "Smores" gifts. As for making albums for $, I have done it before but I don't like doing it either. I don't mind making them for gifts, but getting people to pay you for just the supplies you put into one is horrible. They never think the things you "buy" for their album to make it look like one of yours is as expensive as it really is. Love Penny

  14. you have been busy! I totally relate to taking breaks! when I am working on a big project, I do it "every other" style. So, one LO on said big project and then one random LO. keeps it fresh :)

  15. Love your teacher gifts so fun and such a great idea!!
    IKWYM I couldn not be paid wether and I could not work in a scrap store to teach that is just not my thing. I only like to scrap book for me, dt work or challenges only. That keeps me busy enough! We are super busy with end of the school actvities too! This week Ellie had a art contest, and bike rodeo on Friday, Next wek she has splash day one day, awards another day and then the last day of school out at noon. Last week we had teacher appreciation too. Im not sure about Summer yet Im ready for vaction the 2nd week of June but not sure about summer yet to busy with house projects.
    Look forward to seeing your sketch challenges!

  16. I love the smores bags! I'm sure the teachers loved them!

  17. Those smores treat bags look so great :)
    Our schools don't get out until late June.

  18. Ooh! What I wouldn't give for one of those s'mores baggies! They look yummy.

    Thanks for the peek.

    Zoe #36

  19. A clever and different idea for teacher gifts, I'm sure they will be appreciated.
    I have only ever made one scrapbook (for my sister's golden wedding anniversary - a surprise) and it took me months so I can understand why you don't want to do it commercially. To me, scrapbooking is a very personal thing and money doesn't come into it.

    Thanks for visiting me.
    Ann B

  20. There's a lot of goodness on your desk! Your teachers treats are cute as can be, as is the sweet pic of your daughter. I always enjoy your posts. :)

  21. Oh wow! If I had that view from my desk I'd probably not get much done! And what fun teacher gifts! I was my son's homeschool teacher for 5 years and I'm sure he never thought of goodies for me... LOL!
    Thanks for visiting my desk.
    Carol 132

  22. I always look forward to summer! I work at a school (college) and while I don't have summers off, it is a much slower, more sane time. The students who take summer school are much less needy and troublesome. Plus, I live in Southern Arizona and the town empties out-easier shopping and driving-and all that wonderful glorious HEAT! I've been asked to make cards for hire before but that is no more appealing than the scrapbook for hire to you. I think that would take something that is fun and turn it into a chore. Love the s'mores teachers' gifts, such a neat idea.

  23. Those Teacher appreciation gift are just perfect, what a great idea. love the view from your window, it looks just as inviting to play in front of as mine. Very neat and tidy.

    Happy crafting.
    Eliza #19

  24. No, you're right. Doing the albums for money would add stress and completely remove the 'love' element from the making, which ultimately would stop it being fun.