Friday, August 10, 2012

Five on Friday!

1. What can I say? I was so impressed  by our Women's Gymnastics team at the Olympics this year. What an amazing group of young women! Very professional and they represented our country so well.
I have to admit, I cried each time a girl won a medal. Especially Gabby and Aly's gold medals. I saw all of the competitions except the women's final. That was on Erin's actual birthday and we were out at Six Flags amusement park with a few friends and family. Unfortunately I forgot to set the DVR for that night. But I have never enjoyed the women's gymnastics competition more!

2. Erin has been wanting to create layouts lately. So I have given her some extra photos, scraps of paper and her own box of scrap supplies. Here is one of her creations.
And here is another. I think it's my favorite. Although I do love how she is practicing her handwriting on the top layout. And she wrote all of our names :) But this blue one she chose letter stickers to write her name and the number three because that is how old she was in these photos. I love how she framed her title :)
And here she is at work :)

3. Lots of bike riding this summer as a whole family or sometimes just me and the kids. I took a few photos one day when the kids were riding up and down our street. Although Evan can go around the block on his own now.
I love this photo of Evan :)
And as my friend Kelly likes to fondly say, "you are in so much trouble with this one!" This was a temper tantrum brewing, but I think we were able to head it off :)

4. Thanks to several of his friends, Evan has discovered a new favorite computer game called Minecraft. He loves the Creative play more than Survival mode for sure. And I think that is because he loves designing the buildings. He loved his Architecture for Kids class he took this summer and I am on the look out for similar classes!

5. And Back to School shopping is done! The kids don't start for two and a half more weeks, but I didn't want to be rushing around at the last minute. Erin and I made a trip to the uniform store to get her fitted for her new little Kindergarten jumpers. Can I just say adorable?! I cannot wait to take photos on her first day. Although it is a little bittersweet for me :)

So I am just going to enjoy the last few weeks of summer because I know it is going to go by fast! :)


  1. Cute photos and way to go Erin! Fabulous! Talented just like her mama!

  2. So fun to have a scrapping buddy in Erin. Alexa has always loved to play with my supplies too. :)

  3. You are a busy, busy family. That's so much fun though! I LOVE all of your pictures and good for Erin wanting to start scrapbooking!!!

  4. Fabulous pages that little scrapper created!! How fun to have a partner in crime! LOL!! Have a great weekend!

  5. I love Erin's layouts-how cute. My boys (even the 3 year old) are totally addicted to Minecraft! They play it constantly-in Creative mode. So fun to see someone else mention it! :)

  6. Oh, that is so awesome that your daughter is scrapping! LOVE IT!

  7. Sadly I can't see all the photos as the internet here at the cottage isn't the best.
    But the photo of your daughter scrapbooking brings a smile to my face.
    My girls also loved to design. Hubby even bought them a program to design their own homes and such when they were younger.

  8. Gorgeous pages and photos my kids have recently discovered mine craft and build all sorts of wonderful places with it :)

  9. I really enjoyed watching the gymnastics this year too!
    I missed the team medal show because dh was taping the rest of th the shoes and it got taped over.
    Love Erin scrap LO's!! She is really doing an amazing job!!
    We are trying to enjoy the last two weeks of Summer too! I wish it would slow down!!

  10. Your kids are so cute! I love spending the summer doing things with mine - i'm just about at the end of it, they are almost outgrown spending time with their Mum!
    I love that you are documenting your time in photos and layouts, wish I could get mine to stand still for photos!!

  11. Erin's layouts are great! That is so fun that she wants to create her own layouts!

    I hope you have a great rest of the summer! I can't believe how quickly it is ending. I go back to work tomorrow! It just flew by!