Monday, October 15, 2012

Happy Monday!

1) My fourth layout using the October Journey kit at Scrapbooking From the Inside Out.
This is a photo of my mom and I from Easter three years ago. Which showes me that I don't have near enough photos with my mom and I as adults. But this layout also shows how much I really love my mom. And what a journey our relationship has been to get to where we are as now :)
Now I Know why when I was little you sometimes just wanted to sit on the side of the pool and relax on vacations while dad played with us. And why you needed time to yourself and would shoo us outside to play.
Being a mom is not easy. It's not a job you can really take a break from. Ever! Even when I am not with the kids, I think of them a lot.
Now that I am a mom, I feel this tremendous love for Evan and Erin, and as a result I have felt closer to you. Especially in the last few years when I think of how you must have felt when I was Evan and Erin's age.
I see how much Evan and Erin love you and how you love them. You do so much for us without wanting anything in return. It has been quite a journey to get to this point. And there are still times we disagree or even fight. But I hope you know how much I appreciate and love you, Mom.

This layout is also being featured along with layouts by the other design team members and a challenge for a chance to win the current kit on the Creating Keepsakes blog here. Deadline is this Wednesday the 17th.

2. I also have a chance for you to win a little package of alphabet goodies on the Craft Your Nest blog and some links to a few fun, free Halloween printables here. Plus Cheryl has another chance for you to win a prize as well on this post.

3. A few posts ago, I shared a photo of the stacked stone wall my husband had finished as part of our basement remodel. Today I wanted to show you the paint color I finally chose for the wall above the wainscoting.
It is a darker gray than we originally planned on, but it looks sharp down there against the white! Kind of hard to tell in this phone photo, but you get the idea, right? :) Another great idea from Pinterest.

4. And as for the car situation, I think we have narrowed our choices down to the Ford Edge

or the Ford Explorer.

As the driver of a mini van for the past seven years, I am used to having all of that great space. Plus room to drive at least seven people. But if we go with the Edge, we will lose at least two seats. Kind of a bummer. But the Explorer seems too big to me, and uses more gas. So still on the fence there. If anyone drives one of these vehicles, or knows someone who does and has a review, I would be curious to see what you think!

I'll be back on Wednesday for what is probably my last official "What's On Your Workspace Wednesday".


  1. Oh no...why do you have to have ti be your last official WOYWW..I will miss you there!

    I follow you anyways but hope all is OK with you!
    Lovely layout about your Mum.

  2. You hit the nail right on the head with your journaling on this beautiful page, Mary Jo. There have been so many times I wish I could thank my mom or apologize because I now realize how hard parenting can be. Your paint color looks great against the white and pulls the gray tones from the stone work.

  3. what an incredible layout! your journaling is just so spot on!!

  4. **cue the water works** I'm not a mom, except to my furry kids, but I have the same feelings. WONDERFUL journalling, and beautiful layout!

  5. Love all those strips and layering. Like all the journaling you did too.

  6. This is a lovely page! I love the stacked paper background and the great photo. I don't have many photos of me with my Mom either - it's a good reminder. :) Good luck with the car buying! I drive a small car so I'm no help.

  7. Love the pretty strips of paper backing your photo and journaling block! Beautiful sentiments that I can relate to!

  8. Beautiful layout! As for the card decision...we both drive Mini Coopers, so I can't help with those big monstrosities! LOL!

  9. Awesome layout, love the journaling and I totally agree! That paint color is amazing!!! I love the grey! We just bought an Edge in July and I love it. We were looking at the Explorer for the same reason, 7 seats, but it just felt way too huge. The Edge is perfect for the four of us, plenty of room for the girls, and all of their stuff, and lots of room for them to grow :)

  10. I love the layout about you and your mom! The paper strips are really pretty with the background paper and the image. My mom and I also don't have a lot of pictures together - this is a good reminder to get some the next time I am home (at Christmas!)

    Both of those cars are very cool. We are in the market too, but for a compact or sedan, so I won't be much help with the bigger cars! But we are waiting until we get to Baton Rouge, because its just so much less expensive there - so its just 6 more months of living with one car...

  11. Great page!!!

    I loved my Explorer but I love my Expedition too. My husband has the Escape and loves it but its not as roomy as the other two. Good luck making a decision!

  12. Lovely page!! We got rid of our big cars and went with little ones once we didn't have to carpool kids and friends around so I'm no help!

  13. That is a beautiful layout, photo and journaling. Thanks for sharing!
    Good luck with your vehicle selection.
    And the stone wall? WOW! Love it!
    Have a super week.

  14. Fab layout-love how you used the strips. Awesome job on the basement, love that stone wall. Tough choice on the cars. I am paranoid (because other crazy drivers have caused us much harm) so I stick with my Surburban--as much metal around me and my family as possible.

  15. First off your layout is so special. It isn't until we are older and have our own children to we understand what our mothers were like as adults, not just mothers.
    Love your wall. Could you tell me the grey colour you used on your wall. I am trying to find the perfect grey for my laundry room.
    I would go with the Ford explorer. My SIL has one and loves it, she did a lot of research on it before she bought it.

  16. Mary Jo, this is the most wonderful journaling. I know what you mean because I'm living it now like you are too. We're with the kids all the time and sometimes you just want to go set and rest for 30 minutes and my husband thinks I must be over there brooding about something, but no, it's having a minute to set and think. That interesting journaling from a parent to a child or vice versa.
    THe wall color is perfect with the white and rocks. What a lovely space you've got.

  17. Your lo is beautiful!! I loveeeeeeee the colors and loving all the paper strips you used in the background!! Thanks for visiting my bloggy... I appreciate it!!!

  18. Well I have no experience with driving 7. But I love think I would feel the same. The explorer is a big vehicle.

    Treasure the time with your Mom. Please take more pictures, and try to get video. Once they are gone, you scramble for anything with their signature, voice, what they looked like at a certain age. I had no idea my Mom had passed away when I deleted the last voice mail message. And you have so much to be thankful for having that support system. Emma has no grandparents on both sides of family, you are very blessed. Treasure it.

    And this will be a priceless LO! Gorgeous and beautiful!