Thursday, March 28, 2013

I Remember :)

As promised, a layout with the new Amy Tangerine "Yes, Please" line :)
I loved view masters when I was a kid, and so glad to find one for Evan & Erin! A cool toy from my childhood that my kids thought was just as cool. Evan always said he felt like he was in the actual scene.

I started out with this paper for my base...
and then built on it from there! I liked the watercolor flowers that reminded me of the flowers on Erin's shirt. I also added lots of layering with paper and paper strips, a wood veneer embellishment and card, word and phrase stickers matted with one on pop dots for a little more dimension, and some of my favorite Thickers!

I am a sucker for toys and other product from my youth. I even have a board on Pinterest dedicated 
to items from my childhood.
You can see a link to the actual board *Here*! 
Lots of good memories there thanks to Pinterest and now a new Facebook page called 80's Kids Rule!
Because I am definitely a child of the 80's. 
I can't believe all of the things I have forgotten, but all I needed was a little push :)

This is one of the main reason why I love scrapbooking. To capture those fun memories for my kids!
I have a few design team assignments to work on in the next week or so. 
But then after that, I am going to be doing a page for Evan using these Instagram Photos...

 And I plan on using my new Paper Bakery kit to do it!


  1. This is such a pretty, pretty page, Mary Jo! You really worked that background paper. My new favorite of yours. :)

  2. I loved the view master!!!! This lo is FABULOUS!!! LOVING the colors and the layers!!

  3. Lovely, lovely page! Great idea for a Pinterest board. I didn't know kids still played with View Masters, I remember loving mine.

  4. Gorgeous Layout!!!!!! Love It!!!

  5. Nice, bright, fun filled layout...I am 59 and even remember viewmaster and what fun they were!

  6. I think that layout is so bright and cheery. Love that collection

  7. That collection just arrived this week at my house :-) Love the gorgeous layout you made with it.
    And your pinterest board rocks, I'm an 80's child too!

  8. Love that line and love what you did, beautiful!! How cool, the Pinterest and FB! Love Vintage toys!

  9. What beautiful papers and I love the way the LO came out! I loved my viewmaster as well!!!

  10. I love your layout. I clicked on your blog this morning, then clicked out to visit your Pinterest board. Oh, so many childhood memories. Loved my viewmaster too.

  11. Love how you worked that paper - so pretty!

  12. Love it Mary Jo!! Such a cute use of the Yes, Please collection!! Love the layering and the design of your page!

  13. This is such a great page. Love all the layering. and the photo of course.
    I just checked out the 80's FB, there are a few things I forgot.
    Most of the toys my younger siblings had, but the movies and music....awesome :)

  14. I absolutely LOVE your layout!!! It's so wonderful! Love the design and colours and really loving the subject matter - viewmasters are so much fun! Such a cool toy! LOVE!!! :)

  15. Okay, sorry, I got distracted and liked almost everything on that board! And now I can't stop singing the Tiki Room song!

    I really love your layout though! It is beautiful, and what a fun topic! AJ and I are sitting here reminiscing about the viewer now :) Thanks for such a fun trip down memory lane this morning!

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  17. Pretty LO!!
    Love the design!
    Love the view master!! Ellie had one too!
    Love that you have a pinterest that you share some of your favorite toys such a fun idea!

  18. Oh, such an adorable layout. I love the layers and the bright colors and the cute photo! I have a bunch of Christmas photos of us opening cool 80's toys. One day, I want to do a mini album documenting all the fun things we played with. I need to check out your Pinterest board to make sure I'm not missing something! :)