Thursday, March 21, 2013

Last of the Florida Pages (for now)

First I want to start off by sharing a photo...
Erin lost her first tooth on Monday! That is her tooth necklace she received from her teacher to hold her tooth until she got home. She was so, so proud and excited.And I guess you can tell from the photo that Evan was pretty excited for her as well. :)

I only have a few pages left to share from my Florida trip album. The other two posts with pages can be found Here and Here!
And then you will just have to wait until I finish some more :)
These are from the start of Day 2.
Some photos from breakfast the next morning. Before we sat down, Evan wanted to head back down to the little lake for a bit though.

Then some photos for the boat ride over to the parks.
Page eighteen from the crop. This is as far as I got :)
I am happy with how it is turning out though and can't wait to work on a few more pages from Day two.

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I will be back next week. Have a great weekend!


  1. Loosing your first tooth is a big deal!!
    Its so sweet that her brother was happy for her.

  2. It's wonderful that Evan can share in Erin's excitement! I hope the Tooth Fairy made a stop at your house to congratulate her. :) I love how your album is coming along. Can't wait to see more!

  3. How sweet about her first tooth!! Such a cutie pie pic!! And love love love your mini!! Looks fabby!!

  4. Such an adorable picture, you can tell how excited she is and I love that Evan was just as excited too! Your album is looking great!

  5. Ah, congrats to Erin! Fun milestone! Love your Florida pages and the Everyday Eclectic mixed in. Your album looks fantastic. :)

  6. Great job on the layouts - I love the second grouping you showed the most!

  7. Loving all the blocking you have on your layouts! Great work!

  8. Loving your layouts and the tooth story is so sweet

  9. That is such a sweet photo of Erin and Evan! How exciting!!! Emma can't wait to lose her first so she can get money from the tooth fairy!

    LOVE the album! You did do much. Will be a great keepsake. I need to start planning the Disney album.

  10. What a great photo capturing the excitement of the moment!
    The pages look great! I love that style of album.

  11. Awesome work Mary Jo!! Love the fun mix of the EP lines!!

  12. That is just the cutest photo!!! You are rockin out this album too!

  13. Awww how sweet that Evan is excited for his little sister :)
    Great layouts again, you are rockin' this album.

  14. That photo is adorable, what a great layout that will be! Love your album, really makes my long for warmer weather.

  15. Aw! Congratulations Erin! That is adorable that her teacher gave her a tooth necklace!

    Your Florida layouts are so wonderful. It looks like such a fun trip!

  16. Loving your Florida album!!
    Really love how you created the pages!!
    How fun for Erin to loose her 1st tooth!
    That will be a fun page to scrap!
    Have fun on your Spring Break trip!!

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