Thursday, July 25, 2013


I feel like scrapbooking and sometimes I don't. Or just can't for whatever reason.
Sometimes I feel like blogging, but right now I really don't.

We have so much going on this summer and I am finding it hard to fit blogging and scrapbooking in.
And that is ok!

I am actually going to scrapbook with a friend of mine at Archiver's on Sunday where I am going to work on my assignments for Crafting Ireland magazine. So I am really looking forward to that!
But otherwise, I am just taking it day by day with the kids.

So far this summer we have been to the pool a lot, Six Flags amusement and water park several times, the Zoo, the Botanical Gardens, a chocolate factory tour, the Train Museum, the movies, Incredible Pizza, the newly renovated public library downtown and the new Lego store.
We have had numerous play dates with friends and cousins, gymnastics, a camp for Evan, schoolwork for summer and OT appointments.
We have seen fireworks and focused a lot of time on exercising together with bike rides, runs and sports.
We have made home made play dough and engaged in lots of art.
We are just going, going, going!

Coming up we have hiking and the pool with friends, uniform and back to school shopping, Erin's sixth birthday celebrations (yes that is plural!) and more!

So all of that is a roundabout way of saying except for maybe once next week and once when the new issue of Crafting Ireland comes out,  I just don't have time for blogging until the kids are back in school. I think the break will be good for me! And hopefully I will come back inspired and ready with some fresh blog posts including my summer project life. Maybe a good blog plan, too, will help. Most posts I just kind of go with the flow. I want to figure out what direction my blog will take.

And because I feel all blog posts need a photo or two...
Evan and his dad taking a tour of a new bridge that Mike's company is building over the Mississippi river. Evan was thrilled to be given this opportunity! And to have some special time with his dad. :)
My girl working hard at her gymnastics! It isn't easy that is for sure. And I think she really wants to go back to dance class this fall instead. But it was so good for her this summer to try it out again!

Hope you enjoy the rest of your summer and that you will check back in with me when I do post again!


  1. Yes, it's been a busy summer here too...but I am still dreading fall. We ALL appreciate our freedom when school is out.

  2. You have been BUSY!! I was thinking the other day how little time I have these days to scrapbook ... I'm looking forward to having some time by myself in the next day or so to get caught up! :)

  3. I completely understand how you feel.....I am constantly feeling like a million projects are pulling me in different directions and invariably something suffers. Good for you for taking a breather from the blog and I will , of course, be eagerly anticipating your return and can't wait to see the progress on your PL Summer Edition. Enjoy your break!

  4. Oh, how I remember those times...busy, busy busy!!!
    But in the blink of an eye they will be grown and you will be doing it all over again with your Grandkids...helping out when you can!

    Your kids will never forget their summers with you and the memories you are creating.

    I am going to absent from commenting for a while. I am not bringing a laptop on vacation and I do not have one of the fancy will schedule posts and catch up visiting when I get back.

    See ya again in the fall!

  5. Take all the time you need, I will be here when you are ready.
    Your kids are so young and the summer is so short, enjoy them both while you can.
    I think we have had maybe 4 days of summer here, not nice weather :(

  6. Sometimes you just need a break, especially when it doesn't feel fun right now! Enjoy your summer and your break! I'll be looking forward to when you come back :)

  7. MJ IKWYM! Good for you to take a break! I'm only blogging 3 times a week. Summers are just to busy! Our Summer sound very much like yours with going places but twice a week we stay home so we can rest and do thing like crafts or swim, movie ect. I have to stay home at least once or twice to keep up with the house in case we have any showings. We find out on Friday or Sat if the contract we signed with the buyers are finalized. Very cool Evan was able to spend some time with his dad and see the bridge up close Im sure he loved that. I took Ellie to see the house the other day what it looks like with the 2x4 up but no dry wall she was impressed. Glad all of you are enjoying your Summer!

  8. I hear you, Mary Jo. Summer is moving at such a fast pace here too. My mojo has taken a vacation and I just feel like I can't keep up with family activities, scrapping and blogging.

  9. Totally get it!! :) Enjoy the rest of your summer and loving the photos!!

  10. I'm right there with you Mary Jo! I cannot believe it's July 27th. We have been so busy here and the summer has flown by so far. The girls start school back on the 14th and we picked up school supplies today. I've been keeping up with Project Life and getting a few projects done here and there though. Looking forward to your future posts :)

  11. Breaks can be a good thing, Mary Jo! I've been skipping posts I had planned myself as I'm trying to get things done, preparing for my new adventures this week. Sounds like you are having a great summer and spending time and making memories with your kids is the most important thing! :)

  12. You have been super busy! It is hard to scrapbook memories and make memories. A balancing act I have not mastered. Hang in and do what you need.