Thursday, July 18, 2013

You Make My Heart Sing!

One of my projects for Crafting Ireland magazine is currently being featured on their blog Here.
I have a small tutorial on the blog as well on how I created the sentiment and watercolor effect if you are interested :)

And now for a few photos:
Last post I mentioned how much Evan ended up liking his camp. I snapped a few photos with my camera phone from the open house presentation for parents on the last day.
Here he is sharing his final project. For not wanting to speak in front of the parents, he did a great job explaining his process and why he used his materials.
And an Instagram shot of Evan giving a little mini presentation to Erin :)

This week so far we have been busy. On Monday, I took Erin to her occupational therapy appointment. While waiting I snapped this photo of myself...
I usually don't like photos of myself. I always notice what is "wrong". But with my sunglasses on you can't see the bags under my eyes :) And I felt pretty peaceful in the swinging chair there. It feels good to relax and let things go sometimes. Because most of the time I feel like this...

I mean seriously, there are a zillion projects I would love to work on. But it can be so overwhelming sometimes to the point that I just want to shut down and not do any of it. I will say that today, in between doing things with the kids and making meals, I finally got my bedroom closet cleaned out and organized. That is one project that has been hanging over me! One closet down, two to go :)

And yesterday, I pulled out my old home made play dough recipe from my teaching days to make with the kids. I had four here instead of just my two, so we needed something fun to do after gymnastics and lunch.
Not quite fully done in this photo, but it turned out perfect! I haven't made a batch in ages, so I am glad it worked. And it was a really pretty blue. Even the older kids enjoyed playing for awhile. Plus, it smells so much better than the store bought kind, and is really super fast and easy to make.
You just need:
1 c. flour
1/2 c. salt
1 tsp cream of tartar
1 tbs oil
1 c. water
food coloring

1. I combine the first three ingredients in a bowl and make a little well in the center.
Then I mix the water and oil in a small bowl before adding it to the dry ingredients stirring well.

2. You can add food coloring, jello powder or spices (such as ginger, pumpkin, etc...) I like to make "gingerbread" or "pumpkin pie" play dough in the fall and winter. Watermelon jello powder or any flavor adds a nice smell in the summer. If you add spices or the powder. I recommend doing that when you are mixing the dry ingredients.

3. After all the ingredients are mixed, put it in a saucepan and cook over medium heat stirring frequently until it holds together and is no longer sticky.

It's a great recipe!
And I hope you have a great weekend!


  1. That is awesome! :) Love the pic (I also like pics of me with sunglasses, LOL)! ;)

  2. Love love love your card!! Awesome colors! LOVING the photos too ... I think that one of you looks amazing!!!!

  3. Way to go Evan!!!!! Looks like he did a great job on his project. Your card is beautiful and I LOVE the is always exciting to capture one that makes you happy! :)

  4. Well done to Evan, and a beautiful shot of you...can't go wrong with play dough I only made it myself the first time a code of weeks ago and couldn't believe how easy it is to make.

  5. Beautiful card I left you some love over there!
    Love the tutorial and love using the water colors pencils!
    Love your new picture of you!
    I sometimes feel like that too so I know the feeling. How fun to make the homemade play dough I remember making that years ago too, we have not made any in a few years. :)

  6. Great card...will check out the tutorial later...rushing to go out and help DH with conditioning the roof on our 5th wheel. It is only a couple of years old but as it can get into the low 40s here in Aug that can be really hot on a rubber roof! We use the conditioner just before Aug to preserve it each year. He is the climber and swipêr and I am the go fer!!!

    I love your new are a pretty lady at all times but especially in this photo!

  7. I love your self-portrait - you look great. :)

  8. First of all ~ I LOVE this picture of you!!! I always like pics of myself with sunglasses on, too. LOL

    I'll bet you were SO proud of Evan ~ I'm happy that his camp experience turned out so well!!

  9. Cute card Mary Jo!! Love the water color effect on the sentiment!

  10. Love your card! The watercolor letter are cool and I love the scallop border. And what a fab photo of you! :)

  11. I love the card. The water color effect is so pretty!

    I'm so glad Evan ended up enjoying his camp. He looks so confident giving his presentations!

    That ecard is great. I do that all the time. Things get overwhelming and I just shut down! But doesn't it feel so great when you finally get one of the things crossed of that list?!

    Thank you for the play dough recipe. I'll need to save that for school, I'm sure I can find a science unit that I can work play dough into!

  12. I remember making that play doh for my daughters class.
    I love that photo of you. I can not take selfies, I always look older then I think I am, teehee.