Thursday, December 5, 2013

Right Now...

In Scrapbooking:
working on some sketch challenges and still using my October kit from the Paper Bakery. Although my November kits came and I am looking forward to using those soon.
I received the main kit...

and the Capture 365 kit. I am not a "Project Life" type scrapper, but I do like to use pocket pages among my regular scrapbook albums. And I think the kits have some really cool exclusives. Love the flair and the wood veneer "naughty or nice" card.

So most of my scrapbooking being done right now is using my kits.

Also, I had a post go up yesterday over at the Craft Your Nest blog.
I featured a few of my blog friends who linked up over at Paper Issues for the "It's Beginning to Look a lot Like Christmas" issue. :)

In Television:
My favorite shows right now are
 1. The Voice - LOVE this show. I am not always big on watching singing shows. In fact, this is the only one I watch. But I think the coaches make it interesting. And this season has some serious talent! For once, I would be happy with any one of the top six winning. My only complaint is that I get behind because it's 3 hours of tv a week. That is a lot! I am only almost caught up because I was sick and watched while I folded laundry and did some sewing. Thankfully I don't mind knowing who is eliminated ahead of time :)

2. Sleepy Hollow - What can I say about this show? I wasn't sure at first if it was going to hold me, because it totally wasn't what I expected. But it has! I think this article I read on-line explains why it is such a success "What Every TV Show Can Learn From Sleepy Hollow" I am really picky about what I watch on tv because I only have so much tv time. I am only two episodes behind in this show and that is saying something!

3. Glee - I hate to say it, but I think I am holding on to this one because of habit. Really episodes are hit or miss with me. And frankly, I think I like the New York crowd better than the group back at the high school. It just seems so forced at times. And I really miss Finn :(

Those are the three main shows right now I record on my DVR and watch alone. In and out of the rotation depending on the season are So You Think You Can Dance and (my guilty secret...shhhh!) America's Next Top Model. :) Plus I love lots of shows on HGTV.

Now together Mike and I watch "How I Met Your Mother" and "Big Bang Theory". I will not watch those without him <3 br=""> And since this post is long enough for now, I think I will save favorite music and books for another post.
Have a great weekend!


  1. That kit looks delish!!! And we are The Voice fans too!!!!!!!

  2. love the kit! and i love that 365 one- lots of fun goodies

  3. Great looking kits! My husband and I are Big Bang fans, too.

  4. I might have to get that November kit, love the colors! We're TBBT fans too! :)

  5. Those kits look fabulous and I can't wait to see what you create!

  6. Gorgeous kits! Love the gold doilies! We watch How I Met Your Mother too, together :)

  7. Those kits look awesome! I'm in love with those gold doilies!!! Have fun with it! :) Evie

  8. We love The Voice too!
    We watch a lot of British TV...right now we are watching Broadchurch which is a murder mystery spanning a whole season.
    Your kit is amazing. I love the star theme as well as the chalkboard looking page. I have never belonged to a kit club although I used to scrapbook using the Counterfit Kit Challenge. It was fun to build a kit from my stash!
    Writing that post about limitations was hard. All my life I was the Mum who volunteered, had all the kiddies at my house, di extras all the time. And now I do have limitations from my is so hard to come to terms with. DH is retired now and does more than half the cooking and housework now.

    Maybe not to my standards but I have gradually learned that it does not matter. No one has arrived in white gloves to check the tops of the pictures and I do a deep clean or pay someone to do it a couple times a year, and try to look the other way in between. lol

    you sound like you are having the same luck as me with colds...Iève had one since it on the plane on the way home from England! I am looking forward to 2014 and think I will call it the year of healthy living!!!

  9. These look like great kits, Mary Jo! Can't wait to see your finished sketch-based page. :)

  10. Looks like you have some fun projects in the works. And those are some fun kits - lot's of yummy goodies! :)

  11. Love those kits, looking forward to seeing your layouts and projects :)
    I haven't watched any of these shows..but my daughter loves the Voice.

  12. Fun kits! Look forward to seeing your projects!
    We love the voice too and we are watching blacklist and survivor. The BL wont be back on until mid jan.

  13. Those kits look gorgeous! And you know I love Sleepy Hollow! I am loving Big Bang theory too.

  14. Oh my gosh! Love the new look on the blog!

    The Paper Bakery kit looks awesome! I've always wanted to join their kit club (and play along with their awesome sketches) but I can't commit to the cost right now. Or, I won't. I am paying Weight Watchers monthly right now, and one of my "reward" ideas for when I hit + maintain my goal weight and get to stop paying is to replace that cost with a kit club!