Monday, December 23, 2013

Shiny and New!

The new issue goes up today at Paper Issues.
We are talking "Shiny and New". Plus there is a fun sketch that you can try as well.
I haven't used the sketch yet, but it's printed and ready to go. I am hoping to create a layout using it in the days after Christmas.
But to be eligible for the $20 gift card to the Paper Issues store, you can link up projects using the sketch, the theme "Shiny and New" or both! I think when I work on the sketch, I plan to do a New Year's theme of some type. Still thinking on it.

As for other projects I am linking up to this them, I am choosing...

This was a page I did for Crafting Ireland magazine about the changes in our lives after Erin was born.
Didn't quite turn out how I had pictured in my mind, but I love the photo! Do you ever have that happen? You envision a layout, but it doesn't quite come together that way. It happens to me quite a bit (lol)

This is an older page, from 2007. As I lay there in the hospital snuggling my brand new baby girl, I knew couldn't get better than this. :)
And of course my latest and newest layout with it's shiny gold doily! :)

That is what I have come up with so far.
How about you? Do you have any "Shiny and New" projects you would like to link up over at Paper Issues? If so, you can link up *Here*!


  1. The layout with newborn Erin is just precious! I was not a scrapbooker when my little guy was miss having layouts like this!

  2. Love love love love these!!!! Just gorgeous!! And loving the bloggy's new look!!

  3. Darling layouts, especially the first one! It definitely happens every now and again that a layout doesn't come together as planned. :)

  4. These layouts are awesome. I love that shiny gold doily with all the paper strips. Merry Christmas! :)

  5. I love the tree from 1971. Those were the trees of my childhood too. Trees don't look like that anymore - they are all so cultured and shaped.

  6. I love your take on "brand new" I would have thought New Year, love the baby/new family etc.

  7. These are all awesome, Mary Jo, and so perfect for the PI theme!

  8. Aw, all these pages are really special. Such cute baby photos!!! Also neat to see photos from your childhood.

    Happy (almost) New Year, Mary Jo!

  9. Sweet memories and beautiful layouts! And that Christmas one is gorgeous!

  10. Lovely! I had to take a double-take on the older photo...different living room and that could've been my parents at first glance. Really captures that era.

  11. What a fabulous layout. I just bought these papers too! My LSS has had a huge 50% off Christmas sale. I bought the lines I really love and this is one of them. They usually go to about 755 off eventually but i did not want to chance that it was sold by then!

    Some healthy living ghanges for me too. I have gained back almost all that weight I lost before my surgery. Back on the excersize plan (walking and aquafit) and more pushing myself away from the table. Think I am going to focus on nurturing a healthy lifestyle and use this time of change to limit spent with emotional vampires as well. lol

    I have been invited to join some new papercraft groups and will be focusing on spending time with like minded people. My old group had a lot of depressed, unmotivated, negative personalities and that can get overwhelming at a 12 hour crop!

    looking forward to following along with your projects in 2014!

  12. I love all of these layouts. Especially the one with you all in the hospital with Erin. That is adorable!