Monday, February 10, 2014

How Does This Happen?!

this is the state of my scrap space right now!
Seriously, needs to be cleaned up so I can work on a layout for Paper Issues.
But I have been in the middle of a huge project. My daughter's closet in her room which has up until now been half used for scrap supplies/photo storage and half dumping ground for stuff that I just don't know where to put right now.
I want this closet to be more for her than me since it is in her room, so I started working on it week before last.
And yes it's the same closet I tried to clean out over a year ago, got half way and then it became a dumping ground again.
We live in an older home and our bedroom closets are huge! This is what you see as you walk through the door to the closet. A small video stand on the left which will be gone soon. And two cabinets straight ahead, both holding scrapbook stuff and files. But the top one is almost cleaned out.
I would like to remove that cabinet completely eventually. And the top of that cabinet is cleaned off. It was piled to the ceiling with stuff which is now either in that trash bag to the right or placed elsewhere.
Now picture this area just filled and piled high with stuff. That is how it looked a week ago. No visible floor space at all! But I got a lot of it moved out. Some will go back in but more organized and with a purpose. I would love to get that CD/video shelf out and pack up our cd's, because Erin needs an area in there to hang clothes.
And, Ai yi yi! This side still needs lots of help. I am getting there though. I just want to clear off those taller built in shelves for Erin's stuff. At least the top three shelves. I may still need the bottom one for photo boxes.

So you see that is one major project! And some of that stuff has been piled in my scrap office. Another pile is in my bedroom. I predict this will take me until the end of February to complete. But I need to get in some scrapbook time as well.

In other news, we had some more snow this weekend (surprise!)

A friend posted this on my Facebook page and I thought it was hilarious and sadly so true for us here!

Also, Evan and I went to the Mother/Son dance at his school. The only picture I have is not super great quality wise, but it's a memory that I want to have. And of course I can't share it here because he would prefer not ;)

Otherwise, it's been a typical weekend.
A little harder for me last night watching Mike head out of town again for his usual work week.
Sunday nights are seriously my least favorite of the week.
Feeling a little blue without him and missing him today.
But that closet project should keep me busy, right ;)

Also, don't forget that a $20 gift card from Paper Issues is being given away. Just link up your projects that fit the theme "Fill 'er Up" *here* to be entered for a chance to win!


  1. That closet looks like it will be keeping you busy!! I hope you can get it the way you want it soon :)

  2. good luck cleaning! i love cleaning and organizing my scrap room. I am about to redo my stamps and marker storage. I am trying to get all my commitments done for feb and the first week of march and then i will have about a week break to get it all done!
    good luck

  3. Sorry you have such a big task ahead of you Mary Jo, hope that it comes together quickly! I'm sure that mother/son dance has a special place in your heart! :)

  4. Wow that is some task you have ahead Mary Jo, but to be honest it looks a bit like my craft room on a good day! I hope you get the job done and are happy with the result. Anne xx

  5. If I had a bunch of extra place in my duplex, I fear that is exactly what would Good luck...I bet you will get it tackled!!!!

  6. Busy life!! Loved the picture of you and Evan at the dance. Good luck organizing ~ I hate to tell you, but it really never ends. Bwahahahaha

  7. Oh my gosh! That closet is HUGE!

    It looks great though, you are doing wonderfully getting it clean though. I'm sure you will have it all clean and organized in no time, you sound so motivated about it!

    My scrap desk looks the same as yours right now. I figure no reason to clean it since its all getting boxed up on Thursday!

    It sounds like you had a great weekend - even with all of the snow! I'd take some snow if anyone can figure out how to send it to Louisiana!

    I'm sorry you are feeling blue with Mike leaving. Having him leave every week sounds like no fun at all. But you do have a big project to keep your mind off of it for a little bit :)

  8. Love the size of the closet! My husband would trash everything. LOL he is terrible. Such great space. Good luck cleaning and organizing. Can't wait to see you PI LO. And so glad the mother/son dance went well. He is growing up it sounds!

  9. I've been on a HUGE re-organizing/cleaning kick around here. That 14 week plan has really been helping me out. I think you've made some great progress and you'll have it looking perfect in no time! I'm not sure which has been worse this year, the snow, or these frigid temps. This has been one of the more colder years that I can remember in a long time! Will Evan let you scrap the pic and then share it?? Hang in there, I know it's rough when they're gone. Mike use to travel every week too and would come home on Thursday night, which was my most favorite day of the week :)

    1. I don't know that Evan will let me scrap and share. I will have to see :)

      Oh and Thursday night is definitely a favorite here!

  10. Our closets are always such a mess...glad to know we aren't the only ones!! HA! Good luck getting everything organized, Mary Jo!

  11. IKWYM MJ! With unpacking and organizing a closet this past weekend and my big organization next project will be the master closet. For now though I want to unpack a couple more boxes before I tackle that. WTG! tackling that big project sounds like you have made a lot of progress. I don't know about you but these kind of projects take me awhile to finish. They are just time consuming.

  12. I know what you are facing as I spent the month of January purging my house and gargae. 20 huge rubbermaid containers went to the thrift shop!

    Now I am reorganizing the space that was freed up. I am almost finished...just owrking in the scrapbook room and then i will be done...might post some photos once finished.

    Your are almost there...not too much left. Way to go, girl!

    Off to clean up gletter!!! lol

  13. Reorganizing always seems to mean...well, more reorganizing. It's never ending, but the end result sure is nice. You'll get there and you'll be thrilled with it! :)

  14. Looks like you got your work cut out for you, but it also looks like you are making some head way so that is awesome!!! It reminds me of a couple of closets in our house that I would prefer not to think about, lol!! Have fun ;) Evie

  15. Good luck with your organizing! It seems like a never ending challenge, doesn't it? :)

  16. Wow that closet is as big as my scrap room ;)
    Don't you just love when you are making progress on an area that desperately needs it.
    I did a video on my laundry room, but have yet to edit it yet ;)
    You are doing great with your closet clean up :)