Thursday, February 6, 2014

Scrapping on a Snow Day!

So we got several inches of snow on Tuesday night and woke up to this...
and no school for the kids. That is two days they missed this week already! Monday school was closed due to one of the buildings being flooded by backed up drains!
One friend had to work, so her two boys came down to hang out with us.
Then two more friends came down to play.
4 boys + 2 girls = a full house!
But we had fun.
The boys played Legos and a jet game, while we girls...
scrapbooked! I pulled out my February Swag bag from Paper Issues and a ton of other items I thought would work to make Valentine's Day cards. Then the three of us started creating.
When we were done, it looked a little more like this...
 with some extra stuff thrown in the mix. But we had fun!

Now I am not typically a card maker. I wouldn't say it's my strength. And I have a really hard time photographing my cards! But here is what I came up with.

I finished three. The I love you post it note on the first card, everything but the blue background paper on the second card and the typewriter, love notes sticker, sequins, and pink fresh heart on the third card all came from my Swag bag.

I made this card for Mike. We are planning to send him a little package for Valentine's Day at his out of town job site even though he will thankfully be here on the actual day. Erin and I both made cards and we are sending him some candy as well. Just a little "I love you" package :)

And even though the February swag bags are sold out, Cassie put together leftover pieces from the previous swag bags to make "Doggie bags" which are only $5.00! You can see them *Here*.
Each bag is totally different and you can also use my code MARYJO to get an extra 20% off!
The March swag bags will be available in the next few weeks, so I will keep you posted!

Hope you are staying warm where you are if your weather is anything like ours :)


  1. such cute and adorable cards!!! gotta love snow days

  2. Sounds like a perfect day to me!!! LOVING those cards!! They are gorgeous!!!!!!

  3. Such sweet cards, Mary Jo, and it looks like a lot of fun goodies you girls got to play with! The weather has definitely been harsher than usual and I'm over it! :)

  4. I think your cards turned out great!!!! I am not a huge fan of making cards either....don't know why. We are getting a light dusting of snow this morning....nothing crazy, but the windchill is in the single digits. Super cold for here, but nothing compared to what a lot of the country is facing. Stay warm!!!!

  5. Ii just love that sentiment 'I have issues', it is brilliant. I do love making cards and I think yours are wonderful. Wish we had a bit of snow, rather than rain, rain and more rain......... Anne xx

  6. These are great cards! I really love that you girls all hung out and scrapbooked! Snow days are the best scrapping days :)

  7. Beautiful cards!! Love that mini kit!
    Sounds like the kids are enjoying the days of from school for the snow day!

  8. We totally lucked out and missed the whole storm! Kids had school on Monday and that was it! They are even out today! I love the before and after pics, I bet the girls had so much fun!! Awesome job on your cards :) (so ready for spring!)

  9. Great job on the cards! Some of our schools have been out all week. A snow day to create sounds awesome! :)

  10. The only good thing about snow would be a snow day to scrapbook! Great cards! Gotta love a fun embellishment kit. :) Have a great weekend.

  11. Pretty snow! I bet the kids didn't mind being off and having company! Beautiful cards

  12. Sounds like you had a full house and a lot of fun, Mary Jo! Love how you used the Swag Bags to make these pretty cards (and you shared too, LOL!) :)

  13. Your cards are so cute. I really love the first one.
    I like your before and after photos of the card making fun :)
    I wish we had your snow...we have 6 ft snow banks here lol.

  14. Your cards are adorable, Mary Jo!!

  15. These really are adorable and so is the story of your day crafting and playing together.

    Bet everyone had a lot of fun!