Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Paper Issues: Tiptoe Through the Tulips!

So glad the new challenge at Paper Issues (Tiptoe Through the Tulips) can be considered Spring related!
I am ready for warm days, flowers blooming and light or no jackets required. :)
Welcome, March!

Here are a few pages I will probably link up...

This layout is the first one I thought of  when I heard this was going to be the theme. I made this a few years back for a design team assignment for ScrapGal with a tutorial on how to make those little pinwheels.

Another page I did around that time about these pretty flowers one of my neighbors had planted.
This one is actually a scraplift I had done using a layout from a member at ScrapGal.

I love doing pages about our local Botanical Gardens. Plus this one uses flower print paper.

And the last one for today...
I thought this was kind of fun also from a few years back. I was on the swing in the backyard when I snapped this photo, and feeling pretty happy about my new shoes. I actually used a tag from my shoes for this page.

So here is the story - visit this post *Here* and link up your pages using one or more of the following items...anything Spring related (especially flowers whether it be just in photos or product). Also going with Tip toe, you could use feet, anything quiet related, sleep, etc...
We are pretty open and flexible to interpretation :)
One lucky person will win a $20 gift card to the store just for linking up a project.
And there is a lot of great new product coming in which you can see in the "All New" section *Here*.
Don't forget to use code MARYJO to get 20% off your total order!

As for my Scrapbook Weekend Getaway...it was so much fun! We did have a huge winter storm watch Saturday night into Sunday, but we didn't let that stop us. :) And my friend Mary and I made it home just fine on Sunday.
Here is the one photo my friend Sue took of Becky, myself and Mary...
Looking a little tired, but I was pretty good going to bed by 12:30 both nights. Some of the ladies stayed up until 2 and 3 in the morning!

The only thing I worked on during the crop was my 2013 Summer Project life. I shared the title page back last June in this post *Here*. We didn't arrive until around 6:30 pm on Friday night. And after eating dinner and checking into our room, we really didn't settle down to our scrap space until around 8pm.
I spent most of the next 4 hours or so organizing my photos and journaling. Matching words with photos and weeks.
The next day I was ready to go and managed to get through the first four weeks. Since I do Project Life my own way, the first week has several pages including a few smaller inserts. But then the next three weeks were two to four pages each.
I am going to try and get a few photos of some of my pages to share here soon.
I have to say that I like the PL format, but wouldn't want to do it all year long. Summer is just long enough for me. And now Evan is saying he wants me to do it again for the family this upcoming summer! We will see. I want to get Summer of 2013 done first before jumping in again. :)
But I did feel like I accomplished a lot this weekend.

And just because one of my favorite shows in the world is The Golden Girls...
My friend Becky shared that with me at the crop this weekend. I thought it was hilarious. Looks just like them. :)

So lots of happiness here the past few days. And since the weather was so bad on Sunday night, Mike did not drive down to Joplin. I had an extra day with him! He did have to work here from home, but I felt pretty happy just having him here with me all day while we each did our thing. I am not used to having him here on Mondays. It really is the little things that make me happy. :)

Back soon with some Project Life pages.


  1. Love love love your lo's!! LOVING the pinwheels on the first one!!! And glad you had a good time on your scrappy weekend!!!!!!!

  2. what awesome layouts! i so can't wait for spring and to see the flowers bloom and grow

  3. Such pretty layouts, Mary Jo, I especially like the Springtime and Botanical Gardens layouts! So glad you enjoyed yourself at the crop, hope to see what you got done! :)

  4. Your layouts are always an absolute delight, I really love the pinwheels. Also love the lego ladies, such good fun. We have a lovely Spring-like day here, snowdrops and daffodils are coming out, but not doubt the frost will get them...... sadly. Anne xx

  5. Beautiful layouts!! I esp. love Botanical Gardens with the grid format and butterfly details!! Sounds like you had a fun scrappy getaway you lucky gal!!!! :) Evie

  6. Sounds like a fun trip! Can't wait to see your pages. I love the ribbon pinwheels above. So cute! Spring has arrived in FL. All the trees are blooming, the azaleas are blooming, the grass is going green again. So I have faith it will get to MO soon! :)

  7. Love all the pages, but the first one by far is my favorite!! I love what you did, and I love tulips, so ... had to be my fave, LOL! :) And, I love the Golden Girls, soooo funny! :)

  8. What great layouts you have to submit for "Tiptoe through the Tulips"! I love the shot you took of your feet from the swing....it turned out great! I love it when the kiddos want you to scrap something...especially the boys...they can be a rough crowd! So glad that you had fun at your crop. I love them and wish I could go 4 or 5 weekends a year!

  9. Gorgeous pages to link up, Mary Jo!!

  10. Your spring pages are so inspiring! Definitely ready for some spring weather!! Sounds like a wonderful weekend!! And an extra day with Mike too!! Loving the Lego's pic, Sophia's purse is too funny!!

  11. LOVE your spring pages and so glad you had fun at your crop.

  12. Oh my gosh - Golden Girl legos!!! That is awesome!

    I'm glad you had a good time at your crop and that Mike had an extra day at home! It really is the little things.

    Your spring pages are awesome! I love them all - they are making me want to get outside and plant some flowers. You know, if it wasn't 35 degrees and raining...

    Love your cons too. I have the same pink low tops! Converse are my favorite shoes, I've been wearing them since high school and I don't even want to know how many pairs I have (seriously, I unpacked them yesterday, started counting and went, oh no, I do not want to know this number, and just put them all in the converse basket in my closet!)

  13. Loving your spring pages, Mary Jo! They make me believe it's coming. I just don't know when. LOL!

  14. Thos flower and garden photos are making long for spring to finally arrive in Vancouver! We have just had the last of our ice and snow melt yesterday and are destined to have 3 soggy weeks of rain. Nothing new in our part of the woods.
    But we are gardeners and are longing to get out in the garden. DH put in a french drain late last fall and we need to overseed that area...our lawn is a pretty sorry state right now!

    Your layouts are fab...need to get cracking on with some of mine..seem to keeo getting sidetracked with cards!

  15. Happy you got so much completed and had such a great time at your weekend crop :)
    Your layouts are wonderful…I am so looking forward to spring…it can't come soon enough.

  16. Love the pinwheels! Gorgeous pages...and a perfect pick-me-up while waiting for spring to show up for real!

  17. Pretty Lo's love them all!! Glad you had a awesome time at the retreat and glad Mike was able to be home for an extra day. sorry abut the surgery will be praying for him

  18. Beautiful pages Mary Jo! Makes me ready for Spring. So glad you had fun with friends!