Thursday, May 22, 2014

Throwback Thursday

Today I thought I would share the first layout I did for my first design team which was at For Keep's Sake scrapbook store here in town. The product I was given wasn't really my style, but I made it work!
I can't believe it has been nine years since I made this layout! And my style has definitely changed I would say. But I still love this one. The photo is of my grandma Ruth and is one of my favorites of her. Here is the story:

Grandma Ruthie,

When I was younger, I loved to look through the brown wooden keepsake box that held all of your “treasures”. So many photos, programs, medals, coins and letters - lots of letters! At my young age I didn't truly understand what those things meant.

Then came my college years when I was able to live with you and we became “roommates”. When we became close. We got to know each other so well and shared so many special moments. That keepsake box took on a whole new meaning for me. It gave me a peek into what your life was like as a girl and young woman like me. Hearing your stories of the “old days” made me realize that you had special times and memories long before my dad came along and definitely long before your grandchildren.

And now that box is one of my most precious possessions because it is mine now. You died on August 23, 2005. Just this year. I am having a hard time with this. I just miss you so much. So when I came across that box, I held it to me tighter than anything. Except maybe the yellow patchwork quilt that still smelled of your home. Looking through that box again as a woman of thirty-four. As a wife. As a mother. I finally realize how truly special those memories are. What a blessed life you led and I am so happy to have known you for thirty-four years and to have been a part of it. I love you, Grandma Ruthie.

Your granddaughter,
Mary Jo

October 21, 2005 

I truly am glad I scrapbook, because one of the things I find hard to remember sometimes is the exact date we lost her. And it is written here on this page in my journaling so I won't ever really forget. I miss her so much, but my memories of her and these letters are so comforting.
So I try to capture as many memories as I can on my pages to share with my family because it's so easy to forget the little details.

Hope you have a great weekend!


  1. What a beautiful memory to capture! LOVING this TBT!!!!!

  2. Definitely a precious keepsake, Mary Jo, so lovely!

  3. This is just the point of why everyone should scrapbook (yes, me included!), to preserve those memories, both happy and sad. The lovely thing about scrapbooking like this, is that it never dates either. I love this layout and the wonderful words you wrote too. Anne xx

  4. This is an amazing layout Mary Jo. I love the story you told here, and that you have your grandmother's box of special memories. I'm so so glad that you have the box and the layout.

  5. Such a wonderful, beautiful, touching layout!! :)

  6. very pretty...I agree, our styles really do change, don't they?

  7. What a special way to remember your grandmother!
    I did that too for a Lo of my special grandmother who died in 2004 and she was my favorite and we also had a special friendship.
    I miss her her too!
    I found some old letters and cards she mailed me and I was reading through some of them a few weeks ago. I'm so thankful I kept them so I can read them and reflect back to our memories we had.
    Glad that you have that special box as a keepsake. Love your journaling.

  8. You have really touched my heart with your journaling.
    Such a lovely layout and such special memories.
    That is why we scrapbook, to keep our and our families memories alive.

  9. What a beautiful layout and wonderful journaling!

  10. What a wonderful layout! Great idea for TBT ~ I might "steal it". LOL