Thursday, June 12, 2014


Thanks to my blog friends for your encouraging comments regarding blogging from my last post.
One of the things I love most about blogging is the support and people I have gotten to know. :)
Summer is just such a busy time so I will post as time allows. Maybe not a set schedule, but I will post.

I can't believe we are already almost through the second week of summer vacation.
Erin has been at a little camp that she loves with a neighbor friend this week.
In fact, she loves it there so much she actually let them do her hair!
She had a fancy braid put in by one of the girls. For someone who doesn't like me messing with her hair for more than ten seconds, that is a pretty big accomplishment ;)

So this week, Evan and I have been hanging a little on our own.
And one of the main things we have been accomplishing is exercise!
On Monday, I went for a three mile run alone.
But on Tuesday we went for a one hour walk through the park together.
Then yesterday we went out to Powder valley nature reserve and walked the trails for an hour and a half.
Believe me, I am enjoying the fact that he wants to spend time with me and talk up a storm! I know as he gets older this may occur less, but for now it's great! :)
Today he has a friend over so I am going to try and get some cleaning done!

As far as scrapbooking, I haven't done any really. But I am getting my Craft Your Nest giveaway package ready to mail out to the  winner who was announced *Here*. It was Kelly G.
I haven't heard from her yet though, so if I don't within a week I will most likely choose another winner. Stay tuned. :)

On Sunday, I did bring home this pile of photos from my parents house...

It is a mix of my grade and high school day photos and older family photos. I love the one on top of my grandparents with my mom as a baby. I need to scan and save it before giving it back to them.
But there are more. They have boxes and boxes of photos. And those terrible magnetic albums. I pulled a few pictures from the albums already, but there are so many that still need to be "rescued".
I am thinking of scrapbooking quite a few though.

And I did think of a few more photos to link up to the Paper Issues "Food For Thought" issue...

 Eating out on vacation...
more eating out...

and a much older page about Evan buying pumpkins at the farmer's market :)

I actually did two pages about it at the time. A single and a double. I put one in the family album and one in his personal album. Two different ways to tell the story. :)
Anyway, if you have some old or new projects that would fit the theme, the post to link up is *Here*.

And for those of you who are big October Afternoon fans, the new Public Library line is in the store now!
For this book fanatic, it is one of my favorite lines by them to date! You can see it in the shop *Here*! And if you use code MARYJO, you can get 20% off your order!

Anyway, for the rest of the week, just looking forward to more summer fun and Mike being home for the weekend to celebrate Father's Day.
Hope you have a great weekend!


  1. What a pretty braid! :) I wish I could do neat things like that with my hair (or had a friend at work that could, LOL)! Keep up the good work enjoying your summer!!! :)

  2. Erin's hair looks adorable! I am so clueless when it comes to hair and makeup. Alexa has basically been on her own and makes the most amazing hairdos and buns for dance class. I'm glad you decided to keep up your blog, at your own pace. I enjoy visiting. :)

  3. I love Erin's hair, the braid is wonderful. Love the sound of your walk through the nature trail - as I cannot walk far these days, I so envy you that one!

    I always love looking at your layouts, they are always constructed so beautifully and tell such lovely stories. Whoever invented those magnetic photo holders has a lot to answer for too!! Anne xx

  4. Sounds like your having a great Summer so far, Mary Jo!!

  5. Great layouts as always! I love the first one to bits!

    Those old photos are going to bring you some fun, fun, fun. Love the one on the top of the is so precious! (as is Erin's braid!)

  6. Her hair looks so cute like that!! Funny ... I am sitting here with a braid similar to hers in my hair right now! LOL!! LOVING the lo's ... my son would LOVE the NASCAR grill ... he is a #88 and #3 FREAK!!!!!

  7. Sounds like your summer is off to a wonderful start, Mary Jo, I'm sure it'll pass by too quickly! :) Fantastic layouts as always!

  8. What a great start to the summer!! Speaking of cleaning, I just started following a new schedule this week and it's been fabulous! Focusing on one room a day and the girls are helping out so it goes that much faster. I love the new OA line too!!

  9. Love the picture of Erin! WTG on the exercise. We have been exercising more too but I still need to do more. Love all of your LO's and love the designs!! Especially the Breakfast one with Erin-Gorgeous LO!!
    Thats a fun new collection fro OA I might have to get that for when school starts but I wont buy it yet maybe later.

  10. What a treasure those old photos are.
    I don't have, and neither does anyone in my family, have many photos of past generations or of me as a youngster.
    I know everyone says that our children will stop spending time with us, but my daughters still want to spend time with me…hugs I have to beg for though, teehee.

  11. Happy Summer! :) Seeing Erin with that braid reminds me that when I was little, I hated having my Mom fuss with my hair but I would sit for hours with my cousin and let her comb and brush and braid and curl my hair. So funny! And what a fabulous stash of old photos. Have fun playing with them. :)

  12. I love Erin's hair braid! I wish I knew how to do something like that - I'll have to play around this summer and see if I can learn!

    And its great that you and Evan are getting to spend time together and talk. And exercise while you're talking too!

    I've been wanting to get my parents' photos and start organizing them. My mom has her photos in magnetic albums too and now that I know how terrible they are, it freaks me out when I think about them there in her closet!

    I love the food themed layouts. Especially the farmer's market ones. I love that you told the same story two ways for two different albums!