Friday, September 12, 2014

Oh Happy Day!

Or should I say "Beautiful Day"!
U2 finally has a new album out! Finally.
We've been waiting a long time here in the Rhoda house. :)
And yes, we got it for free from iTunes. I love that so many friends and family called, emailed and texted to let me know! But we already had it.
I would like to give it a few weeks before giving my official review.
I need time to really listen to the songs, but I will say favorite one so far is Every Breaking Wave.

This on-line article from Rolling Stone actually made me see the album in a better light.
Songs of Innocence
At first I was a little underwhelmed by the songs, but then again I have such high expectations. After five years and all of that time working on it in studios how can I not!
But from what I read in the article, the album title, "Songs of Innocence," is perfect for what they are conveying. These songs are all a throwback to their youth and where they came from. It's pretty cool when you think of it.

As I listen to the new songs again and again, I find myself as usual loving three or four, really liking a few, and then just tolerating one or two. It's how I am with every album. Well, except Achtung, Baby. Probably one of their best ever! Yes, I know Joshua Tree is worshiped and idolized by many and I do love it, but Achtung did not have one single song I didn't love. That's an anomaly for me. (lol)

And as for Florida pics, they are on hold a bit. Mike put all of his photos from his camera on a flash drive for me, so I am waiting to get that from him so I can sort through them all at once. :)

I will be back Monday with a layout.
Have a great weekend!


  1. I know how you love your music, especially U2 :) do you think you'll make a layout about this?

    1. I think I need to. I have a blog post I'm toying with doing next week that actually may be better material :)

  2. I immediately thought of you when I heard!!!!

  3. I thought of you when the album came out. I didn't know that they were putting it on our phones for free. Until a student came in wanting to know who this "new U2 band" was. All I could think was "Mary Jo would be appalled at you!" I was in shock that this was their intro to U2!

    I'm like you - I always love a few songs, like a few songs, and tolerate one or two on every album!