Monday, November 10, 2014

A Little Help From Pinterest

Man, I love Pinterest! I really do go back to older pins and use them.
This past week I actually tried two pins from my Food board.
Open-Faced Buffalo Chicken Sandwiches
This recipe was from the Clean Eating website, and I really liked it. I think Mike did, too, and Evan even admitted he liked the chicken.
I will admit that I changed it from whole grain buns to ciabatta rolls and made them full sandwiches.
I only ate half a sandwich which was plenty for me.
One thing I would change. I was short on time so only marinated for the 30 minutes. It does recommend marinating for a full day if possible. I think that would be even better.

Shredded Beef Tacos
I liked this one, Mike not so much.
Evan didn't try it all. But Erin ate some so that was good.
I probably won't fix it again though since it wasn't a hit with anyone but me. I like a lot of Mexican type food though.

I also pinned this as well
U2 plays the Tonight Show for one week!
Starting next Monday. Cannot wait! They will be the musical guest every night and we are so looking forward to it. :)

Another recent pin
This sketch off the Studio Calico blog.
It's simple and I think my style.
It's the next layout I am going to try even though I am working on my Summer Pocket page album still from 2013.

And this last pin is an older pin, but I have never shared it.

I want a space very similar to this in our bedroom when we finally get around to redoing it. We still have the basement bathroom and a few other things to finish. But someday, right?

Thank you Pinterest! :)


  1. Both those dishes look tasty, Mary Jo, glad at least one is a keeper!

  2. Those dishes look delish!! And CANNOT wait for U2!!!

  3. I'm right there with you!! I love Pinterest too!! I'm constantly looking things up over there!!

  4. It's HARD to find foods that please everyone in the family! Here too!
    I probably have several lifetimes worth of "someday" pins. ;)

  5. Those tacos look so yummy!! We love anything Mexican here!
    Love the bedroom inspired photo and love that one with Bono Too!
    Love that sketch cant wait to see what you do with it!!

  6. Those recipes sound great, Mary Jo! I'd love a cozy spot like that in my bedroom too. :)

  7. Funny but I don't have a pintrest account and despite their hardest from blocking me I keep gawking..I love to see all the pins though. I really like that last pin just looks sooo comfy!

    I also confess I am a recipe collector. Trying new foods is always exciting and sometimes you find one that is a winner and others you just say eh..not worth repeating.

  8. I just love Pinterest!! :) I was late to the party, but I've made up for lost time! :) Since finding out that I have to cut gluten out, I've found so many tips and recipes there for that! :)

  9. Both the recipes look delicious...especially the tacos, I bet that I would have loved them! Way to go on going back and searching for older pins.....I think that so many of us pin and forget.