Friday, November 21, 2014

Five on Friday

1. Feeling a little anxious about the upcoming grand jury announcement regarding Officer Darren Wilson and how it will affect St. Louis and Ferguson which is only about 20 minutes from our home. My grandma's house used to be in Berkley which is right next door to Ferguson and I spent a lot of time in both places while in college.
It also is frustrating hearing all the junk being said in the media.
People are so quick to judge depending on their experiences, beliefs and agendas. Which I suppose is normal. But frankly, hearing people spout off whatever without really knowing the story or finding out facts is getting old.

2. Evan was pretty sick with a bad cold this week so he missed four days of school. That is a lot in junior high as far as school work goes. But despite feeling sick, he managed to get some of the work brought home for him done each day. I felt so bad for him because he was pretty miserable though. Thankfully, my mother in law was able to stay with him on Monday when I had a substitute teaching job. The other three days, I was able to be with him. And so glad he is feeling so much better today!

3. Currently reading this book...

and am liking it. It's a series of older short stories by the author that were published after her death.
It's a quick and easy read and set in Ireland. Three pluses for me right there. :)

4. Some fun photos posted to Facebook this week...
for throwback Thursday (my sister, brother and I November, 1979) Lots of 70's orange here and a Shaun Cassidy tshirt. Definitely dating myself. :)

Some more of my son's amazing artwork. This is The House of Usher for his Literature project.
My daughter trying to brush her naturally curly hair straight. Well at least it's getting her hair brushed. She hates when I comb out her hair at night.

5. Finally, my scrapbook office...
is a ginormous mess again as I clean, purge and organize. And we are talking a major purge. I am putting together several priority mail boxes to giveaway and a few to sell. That will be coming up in the next week or two. I just need to clear some out so I don't feel so overwhelmed!

And so disappointed that U2 had to cancel their week on The Tonight Show due to Bono being injured. Glad he is ok though! But man, I was looking forward to it. Hope they reschedule.

And I hope you have a great weekend.


  1. I used to love Maeve's novels. Haven't read one in a ling time!

  2. Glad your son is feeling better, Mary Jo, hope you all have a great weekend!

  3. I would love to get into your craft space and look through all your goodies-
    I am not sure why but when ever i go to my friends I love to just look
    at their treasures & it defiantly looks like you have treasures - I love the papers I see

  4. I would love to come and help you purge and organize your room…its so much more fun than doing mine, ;)
    I hope Evan feels better real soon.
    Who didn't love Shaun and David Cassidy ;)

  5. Oh poor Evan, hope he is feeling much better now - his drawing is superb! My GD is just the same about her curly hair... I love it! I always love seeing your crafty space - my desk looks quite similar at the moment.... Anne xx

  6. Praying for all in the St Louis area!!!! I hope Evan is on the mend, poor guy. Happy purging..I need to do the same.

  7. Sending prayers for your town while they go through the trial ... I am hoping it doesn't turn into Rodney King scenario :( Also glad he is feeling better!!!! LOVING the photos ... I am making Christmas gifts again this year and they are exploded all over my table! LOL!!!!

  8. So much going on, Mary Jo. Good luck with your scrap room clean out. For me it's such a good feeling to get things cleaned out and pared down so I'm not overwhelmed by a whole bunch. I just find it easier to scrap with less.

  9. It IS hard to miss so many days of school at that age! I hope he catches up easily. Glad you posted the book as it reminds me of a Binchy book that I got from Paperback Swap this summer...A Week in Winter. Obviously, summer wasn't the time to read it, so I put it on the shelf. Maybe on a cold winter day...

  10. We've been wondering about the indictment too. Crazy the way this whole thing has blown up. Hope you guys stay afe and everyone else in the area and that any demonstrations once the announcement is made are peaceful. I might have to check that book out!! I'm always looking for a good read :) glad Evan is feeling better too!!

  11. Hope all went well with the trail. I didnt see anything on the news about it but maybe it wasn't posted yet?
    Glad Evan is feeling better. IKWYM! I'm reorganizing and purging some of my items too. Im getting another little desk for my area so I have more desk space to create with. Love Evans picture he is so talented!
    I understand about the hair issue Ellie wants her blonde to come back so in the Summer shes gets blonder and she gets frustrated when it getting darker again. I told her when she gets a little older I will allow her to get a few highlights but only a few. She misses her blonde hair!

  12. I've been thinking about you with the announcement in St. Louis. I hope, which ever way the announcement goes, that people stay peaceful and safe.

    Poor Evan being sick for so long! I hope he is feeling better. His picture is amazing!

    When I was Erin's age, I wanted my naturally curly hair to be straight too. But I wouldn't trade it in now for anything! Of course, I also haven't brushed my hair in about a decade and a half...I just comb it with a wide tooth comb in the shower while the conditioner is in, that takes out the knots, but doesn't make it all crazy like brushed curly hair can get. And it doesn't hurt as much to brush it then, I just start at the bottom and work my way up getting out the knots as I go.

    I love all the crafty stuff in your space. I'm purging right now too. Where do you sell your things?

  13. LOL on the Shaun Cassidy Tee..and your office looks like mine.
    Your son has some amazing talent.

  14. OMGoodness ... I'm just now getting around to reading blogs I've missed, and I was thinking about you last night! I certainly hope everything is OK with you and all your family during this crazy mess!!
    I love the Shaun Cassidy shirt!! I had that poster on my wall, which was covered in lip gloss kisses and crayon & marker love notes, LOL!! So funny!! :) Thanks for the memories!
    Hope Evan is feeling better, he is so talented!! And Erin is so cute with her hairbrush - another reminder of my childhood! My sister and I both had hair so long we could sit on it! :) When I started kindergarten, mom took us for Dorothy Hamill "short-n-sassy" bowl cuts. It was terrible! We both grew our hair back out, LOL! :)
    Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  15. Hope you & your family are safe, we have friends in St Louis that are posting pics :(
    Evan really is talented, wow!
    Love your scrap space, those windows!!