Monday, January 12, 2015

CHA January 2015

The Craft and Hobby Association Mega Show is going on right now in Anaheim. A lot of scrapbookers look forward to this time of year when lots of fresh, new product is revealed.
Truthfully, I am not as involved or interested in it as I have been in the past for several reasons.

1. My private collection - I have enough scrapbook product to start my own little store, and I want to spend 2015 using up as much as I can. I have a small budget set aside to spend on a few new items throughout the year. Cause lets be honest, it's fun to have new supplies to work with every now and then. :)

2. Giving up the whole scrapbook design team thing has actually been a good for me. I don't miss the pressure or need to have the "latest and greatest" product. There is a kind of competitive need to "keep up" when you are applying for teams or submitting to publications and I am really glad to have left that behind.
Don't get me wrong! I loved my design teams. They were all great and I met some incredible people as a result. But I am enjoying scrapbooking in a whole different way now.

3. Life is busy with other things. I just don't spend as much time at my desktop computer surfing the internet for what is coming out.

Having said all that, I do want to share a few items that have caught my eye and that I wouldn't mind adding to my collection! The Paper Vine site has been very helpful by putting all the new releases in one place.
So here in no particular order is my wish list from CHA.

1. Rise and Shine by Amy Tangerine and American Crafts
Those gold word Thickers are on my list, as well as the letter stickers on the bottom.
And I love the epoxy stickers top left! So, so cute!

2. Citrus Bliss - by Pink Paislee

Something about these are fun to me, but I am still on the fence about hitting buy. Maybe it's the colors or the fact that I'm not totally sure that I would use most of it. :)

3. Journey by Crate Paper
I want some pieces of this line to use in an album I am putting together for my parents from their road trip to see Mount Rushmore. I think it would be perfect!

4. Craft Market by Crate Paper

I really love their ephemera packs and this one is no exception! There are some stickers and alphabets from this line that I am digging, too.

And the last line is by one of my favorite companies...
5. Saturday Mornings by October Afternoon

 As a child of the 70's and 80's who loved her Saturday morning cartoons, this line is perfect to me! :)

And that is it! That is all that has caught my eye this time around. But I can honestly say it is probably a good thing. ;)


  1. I have been following friends that are there on FB this time around and I am liking a lot of the new goodies this year ... but like you, I have enough now to have my own store, so I will be using up my stash this year :)

  2. Ooo, those are all wonderful! I plan to destash more of my own supplies this year, I did pretty good with that in 2014.
    Happy scrapping!

  3. I am following friends who are there and I have some samples on show too so I guess I am little more excited this year than in previous ones! I think I may be bankrupt soon, if I buy everything that I want / need.... Anne xx

  4. These are some great picks, Mary Jo! I am so with you on using up more of my current stash and refreshing occasionally with some thoughtful purchases. :)

  5. Great collection choices, Mary Jo. Honestly, I don't have much on my "must have" list yet either except for Simple Stories I Am. A lot of it is looking the same to me.

  6. I am so there with you Mary Jo..I have a ton of supplies, life is way too busy and I gave up being published for the same reasons, just didn't need the pressure and wanted more time to myself. I try to refrain from buying new supplies but there are always fun things to splurge on and as you say inspire us. Those are some fun picks only trouble with CHA is the time it takes to get the products once we see them.

  7. I love these picks too, Mary Jo! That Citrus Bliss collection from Pink Paislee is so gorgeous!!

  8. Your goal sounds the same as mine. I need to use up my stash. A lot of the new things I could actually create out of the numerous embellishments and papers I already have. I must admit though I really love the cursive alphas..especially if the bling!

  9. I like all of these!! I am not into CHA either and usually wait until this stuff ends up at Joann's ;) I love ephemera packs and find myself getting a lot of mileage out of them!!

  10. I feel the same way about CHA and things! I have the same reason sand a few more!
    Im trying to use of more of my stash too but I defiantly need to buy a new valentine collection for this year if one comes out in time so far I really like the one Ronna Farer showed on FB but I think it was only for phones?
    Love your word for this year! My nights sounds just like yours and dh is even home but he doesn't help with much of anything so he might as well not be home. I love that journey collection from Crate too!

  11. I'm always on the lookout to see what new product is coming, but I talk myself out of buying much until I have a specific project. Going to be hard this time with loving all the lines Crate Paper is releasing! :)

  12. Those look like some fun goodies :)
    I never have paid attention to CHA and the new releases.
    I think I may be the only scrapbooker that doesn't…but if a video comes in my FB feed I do click on it though, teehee.

  13. Love your product picks, especially Journey by Crate Paper. Not that I go!