Friday, January 16, 2015

Fitness Friday!

So checking in!
You can refer back to *This Post* to see my goals.
I have decided to focus on one of these goals a week as I ease into the new year.
This doesn't mean that I am not aware and trying to follow the other goals.
It's just that I find if I concentrate on one thing at a time starting out, I tend to be more successful.
So I am starting off by focusing on exercise the first full week of January.
For January 4th-10th my goal was 5-6 days of exercise.
And guess what. I only made four days which I was ok with.
It also made me really think on Sunday when I was planning on taking the day off, that I wanted to fit in a workout to make up for that missing day. And I did. :)

I have also realized that the reason I have skipped around on the Turbo Fire schedule is that it is not practical. Some weeks she has a 40 minute stretch workout two times within three days. I like to mix it up more. So I am rotating
cardio and strength
But I am not limiting myself to just that. If I want to add an extra of something or combine a stretch and cardio, I will. Whatever I can do to keep it interesting and prevent injury.

Also to shake it up a bit, I am mixing in free workouts on YouTube by Jessica Smith TV with my TurboFire. Jessica Smith has some fun, free workouts she shares and I can put them up on our big screen in the basement as well. The workouts can be pretty challenging and I really break a sweat. She has over 500 to choose from which gives me a lot of variety so I am not getting bored. I started these back in December and really like her strength training workouts.

For January 11th-17th, no fast food has been my goal this along with continuing to exercise 5-6 days. This means I am making a point of not grabbing a quick meal when out running errands. In the past, I have chosen things like Qdoba or a roast beef sandwich for protein from Arby's. Not doing even that.

I did have my Dr. Pepper for the week and it was good. But I slipped and had a root beer as well one night. Since it is not a goal I am focusing on yet, I am letting that one go. :)

Next week, my goal (in addition to the previous two) will be vitamins. For some reason this week I have been forgetting to take my vitamins. It just hit me today as I was reviewing my goal list. What is up with that? Anyway, I think that needs to be my next focus. Daily Vitamins.

And because I like photos in my blog posts, here is a little of what has been happening here!
Erin is selling Girl Scout cookies! I remember doing that back in the day. :)

She also had her first violin lesson which she loved!

Evan (who doesn't like photos) is close to finishing up his Service Project for religion at school. He has been working a few hours a week at a preschool after school. His age group is 2-3 year olds which was the age I worked with when I taught preschool. I love sneaking in the last few minutes of his scheduled time and watching him interact with the kids. He is so good with the younger kids.

On a different note,
January is usually a tough month for me for some reason, but this year seems different.
I am not generally a "cold weather person", and that hasn't changed. But this year it seems sunnier.
Maybe that is what is helping. And having really good friends and family and my positive, peaceful attitude.
Plus, when you get a gift like this from your husband and kids...
it tends to make you feel happy inside. Mike had this key chain made for my through a shop on Etsy. The lyrics are from a song called Lovely Day which I of course love. And it's such a nice reminder to look down and see it along with the names of those I love. :)
Have a lovely weekend!


  1. Loving the photos and good job on working on your goals this week!! And loving the key chain!!!!!

  2. You're doing great with you're goals!! Erin looks so cute :) and awesome job Evan!! Love the keychain too! It has been sunnier here this month and now warming up too!!

  3. Sounds like you're doing well on your goals. Awesome! As far as the vitamin thing goes, the way I remember to take mine is to take it at the same time my son takes his (right before breakfast). We make a game of trying to put the vitamin tablets in our mouths at the exact same time. :)

    Have a great weekend, Mary Jo!

  4. Great post. I like the idea of focusing on one thing at a time. It's a great idea. Make that one thing a habit and then add the next. I'm bad about vitamins too. I just forget.

  5. Great post, Mary Jo! I think it's easier to focus on one goal at a time. It's not so overwhelming. Like I always say to my hubby when he says he has to clean the basement - you don't have to clean the whole thing at one time. Set a goal of 15 minutes a day or week or whatever and before you know it, it will be done. :)

  6. Sweet little key chain! Good for you for figuring out how to custom your workouts!