Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Beautiful Moments

A layout just because :)
Actually, as I was going through the photos that I talked about on This Post to take to a crop this weekend, I decided to scrap this one!

Me, seven months pregnant, in Florida.
This was one of the happiest moments in my life. We had just arrived at our hotel in Florida and I was seven months pregnant with our baby girl. It was our last trip together as a family of three and we definitely enjoyed ourselves. As for this photo, I felt such a sense of peace and happiness. And for the first time in a long time, I didn't mind having my picture taken. I felt beautiful, and I don't usually feel that way. I will never forget this trip or moment in my life!

I truly think being on the design team at Scrapbooking From the Inside Out helped me be just a little braver with my journaling and expressing my true feelings. I don't know that I would have necessarily done a page like this a few years ago :)

I wanted to keep the vibe of the page soft and a little muted, so the photo would be the focus.
The butterflies were actually created using a mask and some mists.
I actually traced the Studio Calico butterfly masks to create my own mask.
I then placed my homemade mask where I wanted the butterflies to appear. I covered up the rest of my cardstock so it wouldn't accidentally get spritzed, and sprayed my inking tool pad. I then dabbed at the butterfly cutouts to create the images on the top left, and then also added a big one to the bottom right corner. The mist has a pretty gold sparkle to it once it dries in person which is hard to see on the computer screen. :)

Today I am still recovering from a very busy weekend with a huge party celebrating my mother-in-law's 70th birthday. Lots of family in town and people to visit with and see. It was lots of fun, but I am feeling a little drained at the same time :)

Plus we had a huge snow and ice storm come through Thursday! So two snow days for the kids leading up to an extremely packed weekend, was a lot! :) We had fun though and even enjoyed some play time out in the snow on Friday. Expecting more snow this week, but not of the same caliber.
How is the weather by you?


  1. This is such a beautiful page, Mary Jo! I love your masked butterflies. So perfect for this page and photo. :) The weather here is still cold and snowy. I'm definitely ready for spring. LOL!

  2. awesome page- love the butterflies!!

  3. Such a gorgeous page!! I loveeeeeeeee the soft colors, the butterflies and love love love the journaling!! Glad you had a good weekend too!

  4. Gorgeous page. Love the butterflies. This is a great memory as you tie it to your growing family

  5. Such an awesome layout, you did a beautiful job. I like how you used the SC masks to make your own! Hopefully you'll get some rest and relaxation this week! We got hit last week with about 10" maybe and it's snowing as we speak, with close to the same amount... Is the storm going to weaken as it heads east?

    1. Definitely going to weaken. We are getting mostly rain with maybe some light snow. Minor if any accumulation.

  6. This is gorgeous, so soft and beautiful AND the photo!! I love the handmade mask and misting...perfect touch.

    Hope the weather doesn't get too bad! Stay safe.

  7. Beautiful page Mary Jo!! Love how you kept the colors soft, to keep the focus on the photo! And using the SC butterflies to create your mask was such a great idea!

  8. First, this is such a lovely layout. We just celebrated my MIL's 80th birthday, so I know what you've been through! And right now we just got another taste of winter weather. Gotta admit, I'm ready for spring.

  9. This is such a special layout. Love your journaling.
    It is so soft and pretty.

    As for our weather, today has been pretty mild...4C I can handle that ;)

  10. Love how you created your own mask! Gorgeous page. Nice to see that you have photos being pregnant. Thinking back, I bet I have very very few. Maybe a couple from a baby shower. And once we purposefully took a photo right before leaving for the hospital. sigh...those pre-digital days!

  11. GORGEOUS, love the soft tones you used!

  12. This turned out beautiful! Such a lovely memory from your time here in the sunshine state! :) We had lots of rain the past couple days - the rest of the country gets snow and ice and we get rain. But we needed rain so it's OK!

  13. I love the layout! The colors are gorgeous, and the journaling is wonderful!

    That sounds like a fun but busy weekend!

    We have had a bit of snow, but not enough to cancel school completely. On Tuesdays, our students always get out at 2:10, and the teachers stay until 3:30, but because it snowed we got to leave at 2:10 too. That was fun!

  14. Beautiful layout, photo and journaling. Such a sweet memory for you!

  15. Gorgeous LO!
    Love the design and the colors.
    Love that picture of you and the journaling.
    Glad that was such a special trip for the 3 of you! Thanks for the CYN post!