Thursday, June 27, 2013

A Few More Thoughts on Project Life

On my last post I mentioned my hope to actually have some time to scrapbook this week. I was actually able to work on my first week of Summer Project Life and have learned a few things.
 (Photo to make my point snapped at night with bad lighting)
1. Too many photos...or an abundance of photos for the first week. I think that I am actually going to end up having three pages not including the three-up insert. We did a lot that first week and I have so many photos! Besides the photos in the picture, I have a small stack to the left.

2. I need an extra style of page protectors. One that includes both horizontal *and* vertical slots for 4x6 photos. As you can see above I have a horizontal protector on the left, a vertical one on the right and the insert in the middle.
What I really need are these...
(Photo from
that include both. So I added them to my cart. 
And then I saw this variety pack...
which has the style I want and a few other cool sizes and shapes! So into my cart they went. 
And now Project Life is on hold while I wait for my new page protectors. :) Which is fine because I have plenty to keep me busy including the planning and documenting of Project Life for now.

But since it is only a Summer Project Life, I don't feel in danger of "falling behind" at all. So I am going to push it to the side and work on some of the sketches using my new June Paper Bakery kit that just came in the mail.
Fun right? :) I know I will have plenty of time to scrapbook on Saturday because it is a special day. But more on that Monday.

And just a few fun photos from yesterday...

While Erin and her friend were at gymnastics, I wandered around the corner and up the street to a little independent bookstore. It is so rare to find a gem like this. A bookstore that just says "Books" on the awning. :)
And I picked up this book...
The premise seems really interesting and cool, but the reviews are definitely mixed. People either loved it or hated it! We will see which way I fall when I finish.
And as for books, this is my summer to be read pile so far...
Nothing better then a pile of books just waiting to be read. :)

And the last bit I want to share. I have a giveaway up on the Craft Your Nest blog. We are looking for more likes for our Facebook page. But I also love my blog friends, so whether or not you "like" our page (because I know not everyone is on Facebook or needs another page to like) if you just pop by and leave a comment, I will enter you in the giveaway. If you like the page, that will be two entries. And if you share the page, you get three. :)
Goodies include some new Elle's Studio including a stamp set, enamel dots and some cool retro journal cards that I have duplicates of from American Crafts.
So come on by and say "hi!"
And I hope everyone has a great weekend!


  1. Looks like you have plenty to keep you busy! :)

  2. Fun new kit to play with! I love the variety of page protectors in the PL line. I think I have some of all of them. They look really cool inside the album too as you flip the page and see the variety. :) So far, all but one of my summer books have been read on my Kindle. But I do still buy books here and there and that bookstore looks cool! :)

  3. your pl is going to be awesome! i am still waiting on my june kit!! i keep stalking the post girl!! hopefully today!

    i have had the same mary higgins clark novel on my ipad for the last month and i get about i chapter a day :(!

  4. I am pretty sure I all ready like their page ... but I will double check :) Loving your book selections!! And that is one of the main reasons I am so afraid of PL ... I am not sure exactly what I would need and what would work for me ... I have just BARELY gotten into a Dec. Daily!! LOL!!

  5. Enjoyed reading your thoughts on PL, always interesting to learn how people are making it work for them.

  6. I am hoping that I can make the variety packs work for me. I bought one of the kits from HSN and it came with a variety pack...some people prefer to use a certain design. I am tackling the Cabo book on Saturday at an all day crop and I hope to have a lot to share next week....surely 12 hours of PL will garner me some great Your summer book list looks great....I have got to read Bossypants...Tina Fey is the best!

  7. Doing a summer project life is a great idea! I havent done one myself jut thinking about all the pics is overwhelming to me! lol! But this would be manageable!I love finding little gems like that bookstore good for you! I hope you are having a wonderful summer MJ!(hugs)

  8. Lots of good tips. And what fun reading you will be doing this summer! :)

  9. Looks like a great kit, let us know how the book is :)

  10. I worked at an independent book store before I got married, best job I had. I am an avid reader and book lover. I can get lost for hours in a book store :)
    Like how your summer PL is coming along so far :)

  11. Such a fun idea to do a summer themed Project Life. I think you will have a lot of fun with that. Great way for the kids to get involved too!

    I will pop over but not link to facebook as I never read facebook...I do have an account but never go on!

  12. Ha ha-I see at least 3 books from my summer to read list in your pile-love the Sweethaven series and most books by Elaine Viets! :)
    I worked at an independent book store for about 6 years while I was in HS and college. Sadly it's closed now. Loved that job so much.
    I love the idea of a summer project life-yours is looking great!

  13. LOVE what you're going to do with Project Life!! I mentioned on Craft Your Nest today that you had "challenged me" to do it also.

    LOVE your summer reading list. Mine is all in my Kindle now. LOL

  14. I was the same way with project life and photos. I'm so use to taking lots of photos of an event to make sure i have a good one to scrap and I had to change my thinking :) That kit looks like so much fun!!!

  15. Look forward to seeing how you create with your new page protectors for PL!
    Looks like a fun kit cant wait to see what you do with that kit!
    Look like a very fun & coll book store-how fun!!

  16. I don't know if you knew how much I was not liking PL when I first started. I had LOTS of photos and used ALL of them. I really had to find my own groove. So about middle of last years when I went to doing a summary. But for summer album and including them, I totally get! Now I have learned to make more LOs and / or mini albums with those tons of photos.

    I like the different style pockets too...but for simplicity I do stay to one.

    Hope you have a great day today :)

  17. love reading your thoughts on PL! And - can't wait to see how it all comes together :)