Thursday, June 20, 2013

Summer Project Life 2013

I finally made the decision to officially begin Project Life. But like I said in earlier posts, just a summer version for now. I think for me this could be the "December Daily" of Summer!
So far we are three weeks in and I have photos printed up for week one.
Definitely learning as I go here. I have decided from now on to print photos up two weeks at a time and order them on line. My first order was pricey for just one week getting them through a local place.
Here is my title page...
It's kind of tricky to photograph PL pages with the glare on page protectors. But I did manage to get a decent shot. I created the cards on the top left and bottom right from scratch using patterned paper and a variety of stickers.
I created the journal card as well. And actually had a mishap when inking the edges of the grid paper. I had already typed my journaling and then got a big smear of ink at the top. Instead of starting all over again, I created a border using the B side of the grid paper. :) Problem solved!
I have collected three different Summer lines over the years by Simple Stories and plan on finally using them for this project. Each line will go with a different month. For June I am using their newest release I {Heart} Summer.
The other two collections are...
100 Days of Summer and...
Summer Fresh. 
I think they will work out perfectly for this album. And I am looking forward to having a completed album of our summer activities all in one place! 

Like I said, I am learning as I go. I originally thought only one page spreads for each week. But now I am thinking it will be a mix of one and two page spreads. I guess we will see :)
Are you working on or have you done Project Life?

And summer Monday exercise with Evan continued this week with a bike ride together.
We finally went to pick up my bike where it had been stored for the winter. So between bike rides and runs, I think we have a good Monday morning routine going. I am actually thinking of adding in Thursdays for the two of us as well. :)

Hope you have a great weekend!
I will see you on Monday!


  1. Love your title page, Mary Jo. This will be so fun to look back on.

  2. Loving your summer PL page!! Looks AWESOME!!! And loving the collections you chose too!! And sweet photo of Evan!! LOVE IT!!!

  3. Adorable page and I love that you are doing a summer version! I have not taken the plunge yet!

  4. I think a summer version of PL is a great idea...and your homemade cards are FABULOUS! I did a Christmas time version, mixed in with my "regular" layouts, and plan to do the same for our vacation week when I know I'll have an overload of photos and never enough time to scrap them all.

  5. Really lovely layout Mary Jo and all those papers are just gorgeous! Hugs, Anne x

  6. The papers are going to be wonderful for your Summer album. And that layout is truly to die for!!!! Once you get a few more pages done you should really submit them to Becky Higgins blog, with a short recap of what you are will be such a wonderful recap of your summer!!!!

  7. So far, so good!! :) Love the collections you've picked, too!

  8. This looks fantastic! I've really gotten to where I love simple stories lines, they're so versatile, for many projects. I like that you're using a different line for each month too! I use to print my photos once a month, but would work on the journaling cards each week, so when the photos arrived I just had to slip them into the page protector. After I found out how much I loved PL, that's when I invested in the Selphy. It's come in handy for school projects too ;)

  9. You definitely learn as you go. I wasn't crazy about it at first. And at times, I would rather do a LO instead of PL but it gets stuff done. They both do and that's what matters.

    Gorgeous spread Mary Jo!!

  10. Great PL page! Congrats on taking the leap to PL for the summer.Perfect collection to use!

  11. Looks great Mary Jo!! I am not brave enough to try any of the PL stuff!! :)

  12. I have to say I LOVE LOVE your pages. Do you get how I LOVE your pages :)
    I did my own version of PL and it was simple. Really no embellishments. I am still planning on catching up (actually starting) it again for this year and am planning on leaving some pockets to play in ;)

  13. I love the idea of doing PL for the summer! We take the most pictures this time of year, so it makes perfect sense. I'm thought of doing something but each month, probably not every week.

  14. LOVE this! Can't wait to see more. I adored the 100 days of summer collection (I'm still hoarding some of it!) and Simple Stories is a great way to wade into the PL pool. :)

  15. beautiful cover page!

    One day I hope to give Project Life a go.

    And, no, I am not going to Taylor Swift with Sophie - her aunt is taking her :)

  16. Love your PL pages!!
    I have the 100 days of Summer collection from SS! I don't have the entre collection but a few of the pages I have and what I have I really like that collection! I think it is awesome that you are creating one for the Summer! I need to do that one year!

  17. Love how this is coming together!

  18. I love that you created your own PL cards for your album. They look summery and cheerful.

  19. Your project life page is look awesome! I really love how you made the two cards for it!

    Doing a summer Project Life-December Daily album is such a fabulous idea!!!

    Evan looks like he is having a great time on the bike ride! Riding bikes is such a fun way to exercise and get out in the summer - I need to do it more! Hahaha