Friday, October 11, 2013

Halloween Door Hangers (as seen in Crafting Ireland magazine)

When going through my Halloween projects for the current Paper Issues "Halloween" issue, I realized I had never shared my Halloween door hangers from last year. I had shown a peek when that issue of the magazine came out last fall, but that's it.

Our family loves decorating for Halloween. But sometimes those decorations can get pretty expensive! In the past, I have enjoyed using recycled materials and my scrapbook supplies to make some inexpensive decorations for our house.

For this project, I am recycling some cardboard that came in one of my scrapbook packages. The cardboard made great bases for my door hangers.
I decided to make four different hangers, so I cut the cardboard into 4 6x6 squares. I thought we could keep one and then share the other four with our neighbors.
I covered each base with a piece of Halloween themed patterned paper. I believe I used a Pink Paislee line for these.
My next step was to embellish each square using all sorts product. This was the fun part! :) I like to do a lot of layering on pieces like this.

Here is a close up.
After each square was done, I grabbed some twine and my heavy duty hole punch. That is basically all I use my Cropadile for. Punching holes :)
To keep my holes even, I used a ruler to line them up. But you can always just eye ball it if you feel comfortable doing that.
Once I punched the holes, I threaded each end of a piece of twine through the front of each hole and tied large knots in the back. I recommend using a piece of tape to secure the knots so they won't slip through.
I would recommend putting mod podge over the patterned paper and flatter elements before adding the other items.

Nice and simple! Like little mini layouts :)
Blog friends - I will be making the rounds visiting blogs either today or sometime this weekend. Had quite a night last night. Erin has been sick off and on since Monday night and I think a trip in to the doctor may be on the agenda today. Plus, Evan had the mother of all nose bleeds last night. He gets them occasionally due to allergies, but this was the worst ever. It lasted at least a half hour! I came close to calling the doctor, but thankfully it stopped.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!


  1. oh I love these hangers!!! awesome and way cute

  2. Adorable door hangers! Hope you and your family have a much more relaxing weekend ahead of you!

  3. These are fabulous!!! I am loving the colors!!!

  4. I sure am gonna try these, we are in the thick of homemade halloween decorations for the home. Girls are going to love it. Coincidently, I just posted about my fall themed wreath for the door.

  5. those are wonderful! good job!!

  6. These are so cute and what a great idea to add a little "spooky" around the house to get into the spirit! Hope your kiddos are doing better and have a great weekend!

  7. Really fun Mary Jo!! And perfect for Halloween decor!

  8. Love your wall hanging so very pretty!
    Sorry about Evan nose bleed and hope Erin is feeling better!

  9. These are awesome. I haven't made a home dec piece in a long time, but this has me inspired to start looking at my stash for something I want to make. Thanks for sharing! :)

  10. Your Halloween wall art is adorable.
    I think I may have to make some, love them.
    There is nothing worse than our child being sick. Scary about the nose bleed lasting so long :(
    I hope you find out why Erin hasn't been feeling well.

  11. These are awesome, Mary Jo! Just like little mini layouts, like you said. :)

  12. Hope the kids are okay! Love these door hangers, great idea!

  13. Sorry the kiddos are sick! Love the Halloween craft. I pretty much only use my Cropadile for hole punching too. :)

  14. These are beautiful and such a good idea, TFS!! So cute hung up! I hope everyone feels better soon! :) Evie

  15. These came out sooo cute!! Love them and the details you put into them. Great idea! They are expensive.

    So sorry about the kids, hope everyone is better. I have to say, Emma too has had her first nose bleed. It was last week and then again last night. We keep the humidifier going. Going to the doctor for her 5-year check up, so will make sure okay. Hope everyone is getting better!

  16. I hope the kids are feeling better now.

    Your door hangers are great! I really love this idea, and it would be perfect for so many holidays!