Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Right Now...

I am pretty busy.
I subbed in a first grade classroom at my childrens school yesterday.
I am finding myself spending more and more time there.
Slowly easing my way back into the world of teaching, but not ready to jump in full time yet.
Or even part time.
As long as Mike is traveling so much, I think I need to be available at home as much as possible.
It's just what works for our family right now.

The kids are actually feeling better although Evan's seasonal allergies are probably the worst they have ever been. We are trying to get him in to see an allergist as soon as possible to finally get him some relief!
But we did make some time to go to the Pumpkin Patch on Sunday.
First we picked apples...
and then we headed to the patch. The weather was absolutely perfect. Sunny and 70's!
Evan, my pumpkin perfectionist, just had to give Mike and Erin advice on how to pick the perfect pumpkin. You can see Erin tuning him out and Mike listening.
Then when we got home...
it was time to decorate. We are almost ready for Halloween. Just a few jack o lanterns to carve, a costume to buy for Erin, as well as the Halloween candy and we are good to go!

And that was our weekend for the most part. :)

These are all phone photos by the way. In the past I have brought the big DSLR along for pumpkin patch trips, but just really didn't feel like it this year. I think my phone did ok though!

In scrapbooking, I had posts on the Paper Issues blog here and here. yesterday. A post in the morning and then another one in the afternoon. As promised, I featured a layout by Evie who commented on my blog last week and linked up a Halloween layout for our current issue.

If you celebrate, how are your Halloween plans going? Have you created any projects for Halloween recently?


  1. Fun that you all got to make it to a pumpkin patch, I think we're going to miss that this year. I had thoughts of making Minion pumpkins, but we'll see...

  2. The pumpkin patch visit looks like fun and I love all of your Halloween yard decorations....what fun!!! How long is your coupon code good for on Paper Issues? Have a great day!

    1. The code is good as long as I am on the team! :)

  3. Loveeeeeeee the photos!! Looks like a fabby weekend!!!

  4. Ahh, Halloween.... Sadly here in the UK not many people like or celebrate it, unlike me - I love it! I am currently making a Halloween Configurations Book with the very talented Richele Christensen and loving it and I am trying to blog as many Halloween posts as I think I can get away with this month! Love the way you have decorated your garden with all those fabulous pumpkins Mary Jo! Hugs, Anne x

  5. I LOVE the pumpkin patch and will miss going to the Michigan orchards. I really miss the fall colors. Your pics are awesome!!!

  6. Looks like fun, Mary Jo!! We visited the Pumpkin Patch too, this past weekend!!

  7. Perfect fall weather for a Pumpkin outing, looks like you guys are so ready for HW and alas I have done nothing..sigh maybe next weekend.

  8. Halloween gets the short stick around here, since we are on a small cul-de-sac, near the end of a dead end road...and most of the kids in the neighborhood are grown! I think we got only one trick-or-treater last year.

  9. Great photos from the weekend! I think your phone did just fine :) anymore that's all I take with me, it's just easier. I've been working on projects for the girls, but I realized last night I had not put up the Halloween decorations yet!

  10. I'm a bit slow at getting out my Halloween decs. this year, but your lovely photos have given me inspiration to get started!!! :) Evie

  11. Looks like a gorgeous day and yes, your phone camera did great! I still need to get some Halloween stuff out. I half decorated a week ago and just haven't gotten back to it. I better soon or Halloween will have passed me by!

  12. Looks like you guys had a wonderful time at the pumpkin patch.
    Love the decorating :)
    We just finished with our Thanksgiving here in Canada, and I never decorate for Halloween until its over :)

  13. Love your pictures!! IKWYM Im only blogging twice a week right now. Glad all is going well for you while you are subbing. Love all your fun decorations!!
    We got our pumpkins today it was supposed to be last week but the school rescheduled the PP visit. I have 2 wood pumpkins on the table the other pumpkins we will carve or decorate on Friday night. We have a couple spider webs with glow in the dark spiders on the deck.

  14. I'm glad to hear the kids are feeling better!

    The pumpkin patch and decorating looks like so much fun! The inside of our house is decorated, and I've got a wreath up, but we fell down on the pumpkin front. We are hoping to get some to carve this weekend though.

    That is great that you are able to sub sometimes! Subbing is part of my plan for when we have kids as well...one day :)