Thursday, October 31, 2013

Big News for Crafting Ireland Magazine

As you may know, I have been on the Crafting Ireland magazine design team for almost a year and a half. And I have to say that I have loved being apart of their venture! Timi and Nicole have been fabulous to work for.
Last week though they announced that they will no longer be producing the magazine. :(
I totally get how time consuming it must be, and support there decision 100%.
But I will say that I am sad there won't be any more new issues after Issue 20 which comes out on November 1st.

On the brighter side, they are going to continue featuring tutorials on the blog. So I am thankful that they will still be around inspiring us from one of my favorite countries in the world!
You can see the announcement on their blog *Here.*
And the Facebook page is *here.*
So if you are on facebook, can you go give them a like? They really have some great projects featured frequently.

In other news, we had a pet burial recently.
I forgot to share that Mike and I finally gave in and allowed Evan and Erin to get a pet. Nothing to high maintenance - Hermit Crabs. Evan decided that he wanted a hermit crab. He had his heart set on it after seeing them at the mall. So of course Erin had to get one as well.

They named them Matthew and Flower.
Well unfortunately after only a few weeks, Erin's hermit crab Flower died. We buried her in the backyard and Evan made a little tombstone out of an old brick for her. Rainbow was his fish from back before Erin was born. And I made the mistake of flushing Rainbow and not burying him. (Won't do that again.)
Anyway, one of the reasons I have dragged my feet on getting a pet, is I know how much work they are. Especially for moms ;) But also, I tend to get attached and then when they die it is just so hard on me.
And darned if I wasn't getting attached to this little hermit crab. Who would have thought, right?
But I did. And now she is gone, and I am feeling just a little sad about it.
Erin, not so much. I think Evan was more upset at the loss of her hermit crab than she was.
Anyway, hopefully Matthew will last a lot longer.

Hope you have a great weekend.
I have a feeling we might be looking for a new hermit crab since ironically despite their name, they really don't like being alone. :)

And one last thing...

Happy Halloween!


  1. So sad about Flower, but I'm glad Erin is handling it well.

  2. Sorry for the loss of Flower, even the littlest pets can take up a big place in a family. Hope everyone has a safe and fun Halloween!

  3. Happy Halloween Mary Jo!!! Sorry to hear about Flower and the magazine. I'm glad they will still be doing tutorials though. :) Evie

  4. Happy Halloween!!

    I'm sorry about Flower.

    Heading over to facebook to like Crafting Ireland right now! I really liked their magazine, and am sad to see it go. But I'm glad they will have tutorials on facebook still!

  5. Great to hear they will keep the tutorials...sad to hear of the closing.

    That Halloween photo is it yours? Show us more!!!

  6. I never knew this magazine existed! I'll definitely check out their blog though. So sorry to hear about Flower and Rainbow.

  7. Sad about the magazine but great that you will still continue on the blog! :)

  8. Too bad about the magazine and about your poor little crabs :(

  9. Sorry about the magazine...I went and "liked" their fb page.
    Sorry about your loss..that is a reason I don't want to get another pet. Rose was so special to us...but as Wayne and the girls have allergies I don't think we will be getting anymore furry friends.
    Love the Halloween display ;)

  10. Poor flower :( And sorry to hear about the mag too :(

  11. Well that stinks :( I'll go check them out on FB though!! So sorry for your loss, we do get attached, even if it's a hermit crab ;)

  12. Bummers about the magazine it's always sad to see lss and publications go. And losing any pet is never easy but while they are here they do bring us so much joy and there is extra love to share. Hopefully the next hermit crab will last a little longer.

  13. That is why I don't want anymore pets. I know Archie is getting older and the day will come. Losing my first cat tore my heart out. We have agreed to fish. She is getting them for Christmas.

    So sad when you get attached. <3 I love the tombstones.

    And always love your Halloween decorations.

  14. So sorry to hear about the mag. I can't imagine how time consuming it must be to put together that kind of thing. I sure give them credit for doing it as long as they did. And sorry about the pets too. Love the decorated bricks. That is too sweet.

  15. Sorry to hear all your sad news. I definitely sympathize with you. On a lighter note, I hope that your family had a good Halloween.

  16. So sorry about the loss of the flower hermit crab pet.
    Love the tombstones Evan made.
    Sorry about the magazine.
    IKWYM we are getting Ellie for her Bday in Dec a robot dog yes it does everything except go to the bathroom. It barks, I think it rolls its pretty cool!
    Its called zoomer we bought it at target! With moving again soon and unpacking and getting settled we need to wait a few month probably maybe this summer to get her a pet besides her cat which is an outside cat. She wants a dog, ferret or guinea pig or rabbit.

  17. Sorry about Erin's pet hermit crab. Sad to see the magazine go too. :(