Monday, January 6, 2014

Top 10 of 2013

So before I get started I just want to share that this post accomplishes two things.
I am finally getting around to choosing my top ten favorite scrapbook layouts of last year.
And two, I get to tell you about a fun project I am about to embark on with some great crafty friends.
Several years ago, my friend Suzanne, created a blog that she shared with several of us.
It was a great place to visit, share ideas, support each other and just have fun!
As the years have passed though, we kind of went our separate ways as our kids grew, interests changed and life became extra busy. Although many of us stayed in touch through our blogs, email, and then Facebook.

Recently Elizabeth contacted everyone to see if we would be interested in starting a new project with her. Basically we are using lists to help document our year. Me being a queen list maker decided to join in. And it's also just a really great excuse to reconnect with friends!
It's going to be a pretty casual effort. No real guidelines, although most of us are going to try to post one list (in any format we choose on any topic) per week.
And you are welcome to join in if you would like. Feel free to use this badge

if you want to be a list maker as well. And link me in my comments when you do make a post so I can see your list.

For my first list, I am going to share my list of layouts I am most proud of in 2013. Just a PSA, not all of my lists will be scrapbook related though :)

I think this is my favorite layout of 2013. I used a sketch that I found on the Pretty Little Studio blog for this page. But the photo is one that will always be a favorite as well. :)

This was not the first year that I chose a word to focus on. But it is the first year I chose to do a layout about it. And it was such a fun layout to put together! Plus, I really did try to inject a little more humor into my lifestyle this past year because I kept this word in the back of my mind. I will have a post soon about the word I am choosing for 2014.

So one of my favorite memories of the past year was doing a Favorite Things exchange with some of the very women who are in the Lists with Friends group. I used bits and pieces of what they sent me. (yes, that heart is cut from beautiful fabric sent by one of my friends) It was so much fun!

This is the title page for a Florida Trip album we took so long ago already. But I was finally able to work on it at a Scrapbook Getaway this past winter. I finished 17 pages in one weekend for this album. You can see more of the pages on posts *here*, *here*, and *here*.

This is a page I created using one of the photos from that Florida album for Crafting Ireland magazine. I had lots of fun putting it together like a puzzle almost! :)

This was such a simple page, but with a photo I love. I just really wanted the focus to be the photo. :)

Another page for Crafting Ireland magazine that made the cover! Such a peaceful and relaxing page to me and reminds me of that moment on the beach.

This is a page I created using a sketch from Creative Scrappers. One that I definitely made my own and a little out of the box for me. I definitely experimented a bit on this page :)

And I think this another of my absolute favorite pages this year. I created it using product from Chic Tags given to me for a design team project by Paper Issues. Even though the line was school themed, I realized it could be used for more than that. And all of the great book elements made me thing of the library. And I am happy with how my journaling and storytelling has developed the past two years. I think I owe a lot of that to my time as a Design Team member for Scrapbooking From the Inside Out.
And I was so excited to see my friend Shalini inspired to do her own take on her happy place as a result.

And I don't usually do Christmas pages, but I do love this one. It was a great page to share with the family!

Oh and just wanted to share this photo as well!
This is what happens in my town when 6-10 inches of snow is expected. I stopped into the grocery store to get something for dinner on Saturday night. Let's just say it was a little crazy and we tend to overreact here when snow of any kind is in the forecast.

And here are a few photos from Sunday...
This is one of the pavilions in the park across the street from our house. We walked through the park to Panera with our friends who live a few doors down. While we were there they actually closed up shop! But it was a fun adventure walking there and back in the falling snow.

And a picture of Mike and I bundled up and ready for the trek.
Thankfully he didn't end up having to drive out of town last night. Today would have been his first day back to work since the day after Christmas. It's been so great having him home so many days in a row! And today was the kids first day back at school, but of course it was cancelled. Too much snow and temps too cold.

Sorry this post ended up being so much longer than I planned with the snow storm. But it is big news around these parts! :)

Thanks for stopping by today and checking out my first "List" and the big Snow Storm of 2014 photos.
I am looking forward to sharing so much over the next year, as well as being inspired by all of you!


  1. That list project sounds like FUN!! I can't wait to see what you bring to it! And LOVING your FAVES for 2013 ...those are just FABULOUS!!! And loving the snow photos! I miss the snow!!!!

  2. Just love your style, Mary Jo, truly wonderful layouts! Your Lists with Friends sounds like a lot of fun and a great way to stay connected with some fellow crafty friends. Have fun, and I look forward to seeing where the project takes you. Stay warm!

  3. what a wonderful roundup full of gorgeous work! Love to see it al and congrats on your new venture with your friends... sounds super fun!

  4. This list project sounds awesome! I'm excited to see it and would love to play along. And, you live by Tower Grove Park?! I used to live on Shenandoah while I was in grad school! I love that park and miss it so much.

    1. I do! Only a couple blocks from Shenandoah :) we moved here in 2002 the year my son was born.

  5. Those were all great! The Favorite Things exchange was one of my favorites in 2013 as well!

  6. Great list and wonderful layouts!! I love your storm pictures too!! Maybe all the 'A Listers' can do a favorite things exchange at some point in the year! Love that you saved Nadine's note!!!

  7. The layouts are fabulous....I think there were half that I had not seen before! And those snow pictures are gorgeous!!!!! It was 17 here this morning which for TX is pretty darn cold, but thankfully it is totally dry and sunshining here., Honestly, I wouldn't mind a Winter Wonderland here.

  8. I am so glad you are still scrapbooking : ) The favorite things exchange last year was such a highlight. Also, I'm super jealous of your snow.

  9. Love your layouts and I love this idea! I'm in...check out my first list over on my personal blog:
    We were supposed to get that same snowstorm-our groceries were crazy on Saturday but the system hit just west of us and all we got was a whole lot of rain. LOL. Super cold here today though (like wind chill of -30 cold.)
    I almost wish we had a ton of snow to insulate us. :)

  10. I have thoroughly enjoyed looking through your favourites, I love the first one particularly! Hope your list project goes well, it does sound like fun. We clear the shelves, close schools and work from home when it snows too but we usually only get half an inch! Hope I have not tempted providence by saying that now........ Keep warm and safe my friend. Hugs, Anne x

  11. What beautiful layouts. Don't you feel so accomplished looking through all of them? I love them all! I'm intrigued by the lists, but do I just post a list on my blog? How long does it have to be? And it can be about anything? We only got about 3-4 inches, but got the cold temps. -30 windchill today. Will be glad tomorrow when it's much warmer! The same thing happens here when they predict snow like that. What the heck Missouri? Haha!

  12. I am a big fan of your layouts!

  13. Great choices Mary Jo!! Some of my favorites are Humor, The Library and your Christmas layout!! And I love your snow photos!! So pretty!!

  14. Love all of your projects!! Very beautiful & creative!!
    Love the snow pictures! I don't miss the snow after living in IL for 18 years but I like to visit it.
    Sounds like a fun challenge with your friends!
    Yes, I remember when scrapgal closed suddenly! :(

  15. What wonderful prjects. I can not even try to pick a fave as they are all fabulous! You have a lovely style and it shows through your layouts!
    Love the all bundled up picture! That looks like a lot of snow!

    Thanks for the kind comments about my daughters card. \hopefully it is glamorous enoughd. She is very much a glmaour girl so I am now worried I should have made it more elegant!

  16. The list challenge sounds like fun. I love lists (and the wonderful review of your work from '13)!

  17. This is a fantastic idea! I would totally do this, except I just resolved to do less blogging, LOL! :) If my "right now Wednesday" posts count, I will totally join in! :) And, I LOVE the #1 layout. I missed seeing this, and it is wonderful and just precious!!!

  18. This list project sounds awesome! I looooove lists!

    Seeing all of your favorite projects was awesome. I think that my favorite the one that you also listed as your favorite. The colors are wonderful, and the picture is just beautiful - she looks so happy to be seeing her Mimi!

  19. Love seeing your favorite layouts from the year. Think my favorite is the library page, loved it when you posted it, love it now!!! :) This list idea is awesome. I did some lists for a time but got away from it. Love the idea of documenting some of 2014 with lists. I may just join in. :)

  20. Love.... And I can hear your voice now too!

  21. Oh my goodness. You are a FANTASTIC scrapbooker!
    These projects have me itching to inspiring!

  22. Great list of favorites! And, I love that you talked a little bit about each one. :) Hope you survived the snow and cold!!

  23. TFS your wonderful layouts!! Your work is awesome!!!!! :) Evie

  24. These are all beautiful!

  25. Each and every one of your layouts is so inspiring.
    There are a few favourites of mine. "The Eyes say it All" That is such a sweet photo of your daughter.
    "This is Heaven" That photo is so inviting with our over 5 ft snowbanks. "The Library" as the library is a magical place :)
    I like the idea of your weekly lists..I will have to check it out :)