Monday, January 27, 2014

Where to Begin?

First of all, I just want to thank everyone for such great and supportive comments on my last post!
And I had a few questions from some of you as well that I will be happy to answer in a bit.

I was floored to see that the little Valentine's Day mini I shared here last post was featured and got over 300 likes on the Paper Issues instagram feed!
It kind of made my day :)

These are the actual tags I used

They have the holes pre-punched, so all I really had to do was stitch. So simple really. The two tag is in there as well as several other really cute ones.

And for Barb - my printer is an HP Photosmart 7510. Now that I have figured out some of the settings, I will say it's a good printer except for wireless issues. And reading other reviews on line, it seems like a common problem unfortunately. I probably would not buy this printer again.

I have gotten zero scrapbooking done since I finished the mini album, but am hoping to get a page or two done this week between cleaning out Erin's closet and other must do's!
I received my February Swag Bag (embellishment kit) from Paper Issues in the mail this weekend.

Erin and I plan on using it to create some Valentine's Day cards for family and friends with it. I am also hoping there is some left over to make a scrapbook layout as well. But Erin was so excited when we opened it, that I have my doubts ;)
Unfortunately, February is sold out already! I heard they went fast. But you can see more info about the kits *Here*. Those on the sub list get their kits for sure. Otherwise, only a few go on sale individually each month. And at $9.99 they are a bargain. With my friends and family discount using code MARYJO you can get another 20% off that or any other purchase any time!

One more thing. I am having the worst time trying to leave comments for those of you with Google +
Sometimes I can comment and sometimes I can't. So know that if you leave a comment here, I am at least reading your blog even if I can't comment! Sorry about that.

I hope you have a wonderful Monday!


  1. your mini was awesome! congrats
    this kit looks awesome

  2. I have had the same problem with Google+ peeps ... I am hoping Google/Blogger doesn't force us all to convert to it ....and YAY for getting some many likes on your mini .... TOTALLY DESERVING!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Maybe you'll need a picture of you and Erin making Valentine's with the kit, it might be the only way those fun embellishments make it into your album! :)

  4. So glad your little album got so much attention, Mary Jo! It's awesome!

  5. Congratulations on the 305 likes, that is brilliant but your tags were so beautiful, it is not really surprising. I am just smiling at the thought of Erin getting stuck into that beautiful kit - hope you both have fun! Hugs, Anne x

  6. That's SO awesome Mary Jo!!! Congratulations!!!

  7. I so so love your mini album! Congratulations on getting so many likes! That is fabulous :)

    I hope you and Erin have a wonderful time creating with that beautiful kit!!!

  8. Love this mini album. Such a cute idea with the tags. I have similar feelings about the "calls". I participated once upon a time and got all hyped up and then was so deflated when the actual call never came. I hope that the mfgs are watching and looking and that one day you'll get that awesome surprise. :)

  9. Love those tags and your swag bag! Can't wait to see your cards. I was working on some last night and I think valentine's cards are my favorite! I have issues with Google + too... :(

  10. Love that your mini got so much attention,,,,very well deserved!!!! I got my goodie envelope the other day....such cute things...thank you so very much!!!!!

  11. Very cool! It is such a beautiful project, and obviously so many of us connected with it - congrats!!!! :)

  12. Not surprised at all. So happy for you.

    And I don't get google at all.

  13. How exciting :)
    That kit looks like a whole lot of fun :)
    I find it hard on google+ to reply as sometimes I have to go to their "about" and then scroll down to find the link to their blog…not as easy.

  14. WOW! What a cool tag kit that the holes are already pre punched very cool!
    Well deserved you rocked that tag album! They are fun i did one a couple years ago but it was a little bigger I think it was by 7 gypsies and it had some pockets too!
    Love that swag kit!!