Wednesday, October 29, 2014


Not feeling a lot like blogging most days.
But I do want to have one post a week at least,
so I thought I would try something for the first time.
A "Currents" post about what I am currently doing.
I've never done an official one I think and I see other bloggers do them all the time.
Especially my friend Tanya.

So here goes...

Wanting to do green smoothies at least once a day, but have only done two this week. Boo.

to be in bed by 11pm most nights. Especially school nights. 

In addition to U2's new album, a big mix of oldies like classic 70's rock and newer stuff from the Arctic Monkeys and Alt J on Spotify. I love Spotify!


I love the Voice! I am loving Gwen Steffani and Pharrell joining as new coaches. And as much as I have never been a huge Taylor Swift fan, I am pretty impressed with her as the guest mentor to all the coaches. She has actually been pretty fun to watch. And Evan is still watching with me which is pretty fun, too. :)


volunteering and subbing at the kid's school when I can. I help teach art every other week in Erin's first grade classroom and we had a blast this past Tuesday. Another parent and I taught a lesson using the book "Swimmy" by Leo Lionni. They learned to do a watercolor wash background with colors of their choosing. And then experimented with tearing and cutting of paper and foam sheets to make their story. Lots of fish, jelly fish, big blue whales (see picture bottom right) and even a red shark with sharp teeth (top left) So much creativity in one room was fun to see! I also get to help with reading and math work.

I've been waiting a long time for this one! I have read all of the other books in the series, and have never loved and been so frustrated by a character in a book as Becky Bloomwood Brandon. But I absolutely can't stop reading them. She is just a train wreck, but with a good heart.

to make homework as fun as possible with the help of refrigerator magnets. Erin actually came up with the idea for her math. I gave her the magnets to use on the table, but she moved it all to the refrigerator.

to do this challenge...
in November instead of October like on the blog. And I don't think I need 31 days since some of the daily tasks don't apply to us. No mud room or newspapers here. And I have actually done a few of the spaces and items already in October without knowing they were on the list.

my summer 2013 Pocket album. I am finally working on it again and making progress. No real photos to share yet, but it's this one...
I have the first three weeks complete and am typing all the journaling right now. Week four is started but not finished. I am really like how it is turning out and think it will be fun for the kids to look back on our summer activities in one album.
forward to Halloween. We have some great, scary plans in the work for the Trick or Treaters who come by our house. Hope to get some good photos that night to share. 

my family with all of my heart. Feeling truly blessed right now. :)

you have a great weekend!


  1. Great idea for a blog post. Sounds like you are doing a lot of fun things!

  2. Loving what you are up to!! We love the Voice too!! Sad to hear that Gwen won't be back next season .. cause Christina is :( Boo!! But ... Pharrel will be!! YAY! :)

  3. Great Currently list!
    Blog as you feel it. No pressure!

  4. Great list, Mary Jo, I think writing it all out helps to put into perspective how much there is to be grateful for!

  5. What a fun project for art class with Erin! I'm suppose to help out with future art classes at school too I think they have the 1st one for me to help with in Nov. The only way I can help is when warranty isn't here.
    Love your album its looking awesome! Look forward seeing the finished product!

  6. I LOVE this post!! It sounds like you are filling your days with meaningful projects and with those who matter most! That's what it's all about, right? :) You've again inspired me, one of the things I love about you, and this community of amazing blogger friends!! :) And thank you for the shout-out, it means so much to me!! :) Have a fantastic Halloween, I can't wait to see the crazy pics and the kids costumes!!

  7. I've read all of those books too and just saw there was a new one out the other day!!

  8. You are a very busy girl! Love your page and so cute about your dd. I love the Voice but trouble with me is I never can follow to the end so I just give up trying to watch all those shows, but it's nice to hear Taylor Swift was a great guest mentor.

  9. Great snapshot of your life. This is a definitely easier task than the Ali Edwards' week in the life thing, and still shows a bit of your everyday that doesn't necessarily make it onto scrapbook pages. ;)

  10. Great post...always fun to catch up! Not feeling a lot like blogging either as we seem to be so busy getting ready to move. I am feeling my age with this move as I used to sail through moving!

    Not so much 60, it is exhausting...teehee Feeling my age, that is for sure.

    The costumes look wonderful. We had 140 kids and the costumes were all fabulous!
    Took photos but forgot to write a post! Erin and Ethan look great...they must have had so much fun!

  11. Cute PL page, and I'll have to check out that purge challenge blog.

  12. Currently is a great way to get everyone caught up with what is going on in your world without having to thing to terribly hard....I like it. May have to give it a try!